The Debate: Do more guns make us safer?

CNN’s Pamela Brown moderates The Debate between CNN’s Scott Jennings and Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts who discuss the impact gun rights have on safety in the United States.
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    1. @Miklmikl Mtrcycl Certain demographics yes. But look at my town. We haven’t had a murder since 1956;

    2. @Stormy Natero that’s right. We didn’t have fighter jets, tanks, artillery, ships, helicopters, or anything remotely sophisticated as an AK 47. My mistake.

    1. @Strange Wayfaring Stranger looked to me like he left on his own. Was he in a wheelchair that I didn’t notice?

    1. You can have regulations if nobody enforce them and guns are flooding from other states regulations on paper worth 0

  1. Central America has the highest gun violence in the world and we have a wide open southern border. Americans really need their guns now.

    1. ? Tip do you know anything about .
      Solveirgnty ? Like the fact no country on Earth would invade a Armed Nuclear country ? Fact .

  2. The War of 1812 when you beat the British is why the USA values guns, The guns at that period I can guess were in short supply and without the gun you would have never beat the British, You were out gunned and lets be honest if Britain back then was not fighting the French and was focused on the USA, You would be Canada now.

    Their is a reason why conservatives wave around the national flag because they love the USA and if you would have ran out of supplies, guns being a big factor, you would have lost.

    The Democrats want you to be Canada. I have no problem with that… if you hate your flag so much.

    1. @Trial by Wombat The War of 1812 (18 June 1812 – 17 February 1815) was a conflict fought by the United States of America and its indigenous allies against the United Kingdom and its allies in British North America. that’s what i am talking about ….

    2. @UCsIoqBhDp3lsO02oayRy3aQ Also you spelled combat wrong… see how annoying that is… who cares…

  3. its not the guns…its the people. And as far as I understand the government is trying to educate people or make them more awate of the responsebility that comes with owning/carrying a gun. Too many dont seem to understand theres more to guns then being cool and using them whenever they like

  4. We need some healing in this spirit of the country because there is way too much anger and division going on. We have to remember these horrific events and learn from them in which really is a cold world as corruption underlyingly has always been the business of this world instead of humble entireties underlyingly being the business of the world the whole time in all actuality.
    I hope we don’t lose our real emotions with this anger and division of this country just because of white supremacy which is a cancer on our nation that Trump amplified. We must also identify the problem of people acquiring guns from the dark web which as I have heard from.
    The potential of advanced ways for humanity is what we need to do I suppose.

  5. Getting rid of the second amendment is equivalent to saying that to fight Russia we should get rid of our nuclear weapons.

  6. The crap that comes from the news pisses ppl off. News ppl report “ppl are pissed off” and ppl get more pissed & shoot who the news says is “the enemy”. More crap to report on. And it gets worse, more shootings. More stories more shootings. When will CNN report on themselves? FOX?

  7. For goodness sake America.
    The sheer scale of your ‘problems’ is utterly mind-blowing.
    Guns .. no guns ..
    “TOO LATE” the otter cried!!

  8. While theoretically a gun could make you feel safer it stands to reason that if ownership is not limited to sane law abiding citizens one could easily be out gunned. With no formal training in law enforcement you are risking becoming a criminal just to carry a gun around. You will be investigated and possibly arrested if you shoot someone. Your permit to carry is not a license to kill.

  9. The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to bear arms but it does not state the type of weapons you have the right to bear. Do you have a right to own a Nuclear weapon? The problem is the 2nd Amendment is a flawed amendment that should have been updated as technology advances. In 1791 the hand gun was NOT invented yet and the only rifle was the Flintlock. A 10 person force with AR-15s could probably beat back the British army in that period.

  10. the guy on the left didn’t answer a SINGLE question he always changes the subject and brings up a talking point of his own. first question was “do you think more guns means more safety” it’s a yes or no question and he didn’t say yes or no he talks about individual rights, the 2nd question was “why do we need so many guns” and he just blamed the buffalo shooting on something else and the 3rd question was “why haven’t armed security guards prevented the shootings if more guns are more safe” and then he just blames the shootings on individuals

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