‘The Family Is Understandably Emotional And Distraught’: Andrew Brown Jr. Family Attorney | MSNBC 1

‘The Family Is Understandably Emotional And Distraught’: Andrew Brown Jr. Family Attorney | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by Wayne Kendall, the Attorney for the Andrew Brown Jr. family to discuss how Brown’s family is coping ahead of the funeral and details of the case.

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‘The Family Is Understandably Emotional And Distraught’: Andrew Brown Jr. Family Attorney | MSNBC


    1. Still sitting in prison. She caught Covid when it spread through her facility. Meanwhile Michael Cohen and Paul Manifort got released to serve their sentences under house arrest. Reality Winner and Julian Assange should have been pardoned.

  1. What’s up with this lawyer?…he’s leaving doubt my saying “I’ve heard” ” I’ve been led to believe”

    1. So that he doesn’t get sued. If he says any of these things as a fact, and they are proven to be wrong, he can be sued for liable. He is doing his best to give us information without being punished himself.

  2. Body Cam footage should be available to the public. Transparency is critical to credibility.

  3. The Police need time to edit the bodycam before it is released… duhhh
    My guess is that there will be 30 seconds missing from each at strategic times

  4. Agree with attorney Kendall + Gov. The D.A. needs to recuse himself + an independent prosecutor be appointed.
    Politics should not be involved. Heart goes out to family.

  5. Condolences for the family but where were they when he racked up 180 pages of police record? Hmmm won’t hear that here

  6. Everyone don’t let this moment pass you make the most of it by you making the best decision of your life right now by allowing God to come into your life by you praying to God everyday for his help in every decision of your life everyday and in every situation of your life everyday for I guarantee if you do this everyday then your life will get better, you will have more peace, you will be more successful, you will have more happiness, and all your dreams will come true that’s because when you pray to God then God will make all good things possible for you and you must not forget to read the “Holy Bible” everyday and a great place for you to start in the holy Bible is (Psalms 1) and everyday after that read a chapter in Psalms till you finish all the chapters in Psalms then after that start on (Proverbs 1) then everyday after that read a chapter in Proverbs till you finish all the chapters in Proverbs and after that read every chapter of the Holy Bible until you finish it for it will change your life in the most amazing way

  7. If social media wasn’t such hot garbage and censoring and scrubbing his accounts, I would have loved to have seen his social media.

  8. Family I realize it’s hard , I can tell you God is able to carry you through this hard time ; because there is nothing to hard for God and He loves you and will keep you all,

  9. violently murdered by police & covered up.. family members have rights they deserve answers

  10. The family must have a hard time keeping a straight face after watching the Flloyd’s get twenty seven million for their deadbeat son/brother/father.

  11. Idiotic comments that the footage is being edit so it’s not being released. It is not possible to edit a video without it being evident when subject to scrutiny.
    Today’s day and age any one decently proficient can make out these edits.

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