The Future Of The Trump ‘Cult’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

NY Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich tells Lawrence O'Donnell that history shows Republicans working for, enabling and defending Donald Trump will pay a reputation price because “with time, everything will come out – it always does.” Aired on 01/09/20.
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The Future Of The Trump ‘Cult’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. This is why we need to educate ourselves on psychopaths: because their facade of “greatness” is so intricately woven through lies, bullying and diversion tactics that desperately try to divert attention away from their dysfunction. Trump’s highly styled, dyed and gelled, carefully constructed comb-over is a tangible indication of this. He’s BALD!

    1. Bob Jones The truth always comes to light, no matter what news platform, yes MSNBC and in the years to come FOX themselves, it’s futile to think otherwise, simple and plain.

  2. The republican party will be irrelevant in 30 years. And they know it. They have no reason to worry about their reputation. Which is why their reputation amounts to a pile of 💩 at this point.

    1. @Freewheelin’ Franklin It’s all smoke and mirrors with false Presidential leader Chump Trump, his corrupt cohorts and Administrative minions. They all lie to your face and tell you what you want to hear, while they commit atrocious crimes right under your nose and steal hard working tax payers’ money. Greed has corrupted the country and the contagion is spreading across our world and destroying it. Please everyone, in 2020 lets vote out all corrupt Republicans and Democrats and vote in only candidates who sincerely care for “The People” and act in benefit of all individuals in his/her charge. Clear the insidious sludge from the filthy swamp and make us great again.

    2. @David Hale FYI, it’s you’re(you are); as in “that’s where you’re wrong again.” Not “your”; as in “your house”. You ignorant hillbilly fool!.

    1. @Thomas McCracken Sorry pal but the Constitution will never become outdated. We are a Republic and equal representation is guaranteed to all. Tyranny of the majority is eliminated from our brilliant Constitution. Otherwise 51% demand servitude of the 49%. Three cities calling the shots for the entire country is not going to happen under the Constitution.

    2. @YouTube Moderator i know dude it just sucks you can get 4 million more votes and still lose cause Wyoming’s 500 hundred thousand cancel’s out N.Y. 20 million.

    3. @YouTube Moderator READ THE COMMENTS

    1. @The BladeWhich fact are you disputing? The fact that illegals are not immigrants they are illegal aliens or the fact that Soleimeni killed and maimed USA troops and was killed in Iraq not Iran?

    2. @YouTube Moderator how about this fact. Illegals come here to work and Donald hires them. No problem with that for you. And please don’t say that Donald is too dumb to see thru illiterate illegals scams and gets fooled. Is the death of one general worth ww3? See Ferdinand and ww1. Sorry for the facts.

    3. @YouTube Moderator yes, but the U.S. lied to Iraq about piece talks to get the Iran General to travel to Iraq.

  3. Everything will come out eventually. The reputation of these Republicans will “stain” their name for generations to come.

    1. They will go down in Infamy and Shame. Their memory will be scorned and ridiculed. Future generations will look upon them as evil people who were abandoned by God.

    2. David Armillie…….your comment is saying absolutely nothing to anyone who reads it. If you make a comment back it up with FACTS. I’m an Engineer with a Degree in Mathematics an BSENG and if I was to make design it has to be detailed. I am not a Republican but I do support President Trump and Americans need to realize just how important this President is to this Country right now. My job takes me to many different Countries and for the first time in many years People are excited about the Trump. Innovation, Pragmatism, Respect, Economy and much much more.

    1. Most of Trump’s supporters have high education at best 8th grade for sure. They are too illiterate to know their own lack of education. They only engage others with their flight or fright brain. There are higher functioning people and they will come to the fore after the 2020 Tsunami.

    2. The Blade they are too ignorant to know that trump despises their ilk! He gooses them at the rallies and they go away thinking he’s the ducks nuts! The truth is he wouldn’t touch one of them with a barge pole! Notice he never stays there to talk to the people – never stops to listen to them or ask them what bothers them or concerns them! No – he gooses them and leaves! And they are too blind to see it!

  4. Interesting what you say about Nixon. Under this light, hee was an Angel in comparison to Mr. Trump.

    1. @Luke Yznaga re: “ummmm” Not sure where you are going here, Luke. Could you please try to skip the attempt at being patronizing and just make your point?

    2. I think over all, Nixon had some bad traits. But in most traits , Trump was worst. The laws and culture have changed, so its hard to tell what Nixon would have done with the same circumstances. But with the evil Christian Right and Evangelicals and huge corporations around, which were NOT AROUND during Nixon’s time, I believe Trump and his lackeys are more dangerous. Get rid of the Evangelicals and their influence and you have a lot of peace. next, get rid of the corporate evil Elites.

  5. It’s NOT coming.

    Remember, Trump’s acting Attorney General was LITERALLY a…

  6. I sincerely hope the Trump cult ends the same way the Jim Jones cult did–the world would instantly be a much better place in which to live.

    1. Jeff Sida LOL. Liberalism is causing insanity. I cannot understand the Democrat party anymore and want my vote back from Obama. Democrats are communists, militant vegans, transgenders, illegals and snowflake students. Liberals need to go home to mommy and their space space and watch CNN

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