The GOP Is Trying To Erase Liz Cheney. She Won’t Go Away So Easily. | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

MSNBC's Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill on the ongoing power struggle between Reps. Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy. He discusses the timing, the major players involved, and why removing her title won't silence her as a politician the way the GOP may hope.

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The GOP Is Trying To Erase Liz Cheney. She Won't Go Away So Easily. | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Let’s see if the GOP makes the vote public and open to really see who stands where on all this….

    1. Not going to happen. It can only be found out by reasonable deduction providing you know who will be voting ,and see whose left of the votees, after the Vote !

    2. @Susan Hewitt trump nation is growing and growing everyday 😎πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    3. @Democrats are Stupid Yes, growing increasingly irrelevant. Liz is as straight a Republican as it gets, just look at her voting-record, yet she’s being cancelled for refusing to worship the Golden Calf. Republican-voters still vote for their party, but not all of them vote for Trump, get over it & move-on !

    4. @richardincm democrats cant get over trump they are terrified of him and i love it πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    5. @Democrats are Stupid I’m happy for you. Meanwhile why is it OK to cancel a straight-voting Republican senator like Liz Cheney ?

  2. In a nutshell……..if u don’t kiss the ring, u out!! Pathetic, they should all be evicted out of office!!

    1. All these tds, MK Ultra individuals are like “we hate Trump” and then drunk dial him at 2am.

    2. @Steven Turner pretty sure that applies to the GOP who can’t get over the fact he lost them the house white house and senate

    3. Till the King Geoffrey who hid behind Melania’s Skirt is Held Accountable for any of his many Crimes!!

    1. She’s terrible and so are the people in her own party attacking her. I hope the Republicans cause as much self harm to their party as possible. It’s a dying party anyways, just let it die.

    2. @Chris of STARS a dying party ; the booze ran out it seems No more partying Time to part

    3. This warmonger woman hat Trump because of Trump ordered to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and end the endless wars in Middle East.

  3. Dumplicans dont want anyone with principles, ethics, morals, integrity. Instead they want a wanna be dictator who is delusional, a traitor, a conman. Interesting choice.

    1. @The White Rabbit Trumpists like yourself don’t think for themselves. I haven’t seen one of you come up with an original thought yet.

    2. @The White Rabbit So, U see it? U see how tRump lied about the election results? U see how he fired up the crowd and told them to go stop the certification? U see how he empowered White Supremacists? U see how he has fractured the Republican Party? U see how he lied about the pandemic and did nothing while hundreds of thousands of people died? U see how many days he golfed while President? U see how he pitted Republican against Republican? U see how he conned money out of his supporters then tricked them into repeated payments? FINALLY!!! a tRumpster who sees the Grifter for who he is… So, why are U still a tRumpster? And what does that say about U?

    1. @Pauline Stephens That pit that they tried to dig for Obama and Hillary, they are going to fall in it. It’s coming for everyone of them that didn’t play by the rules. #45 should have been impeached…BOTH TIMES.

  4. Whenever I watch myself becoming sympathetic to Cheney or Kinzinger or some of the other sensible republicans I remember that no republican at all voted for Biden`s plans. GOP is dead, once and for all, they only haven`t realized that sorry fact.

    1. The majority of the people will remind them very soon.It’s a case of shape up or ship out.

    2. makes her motivations to want to stop the next riot suspect, now say that three times real fast!!

  5. “We hate cancel culture”! What?!? Liz Cheney is saying stuff we don’t like!? CANCEL HER!!! Lol how pathetic

    1. @xxxxmimi The same false equivalence narrative, the Republicans, “manage to be even worse than Democrats” like there’s a comparison with one mounting an insurrection on our very capital? You’re not an independent, you’re a moron!

    2. @xxxxmimiReally ? You must know that center right and center left politics is being destroyed by Far Right Fktards more than any other group, along with Russia and China.
      Politic’s is the Art of Compromise for the greater good of a nation… The GOP is now a party of NO national Goals or Principles, except to divide people and look after the VERY RICH.
      This Republic is based upon democracy, freedom of choice and liberty – if you lower the educational standards enough and dumb down civil discourse to a us against them level, you finally get a trump as president.
      What was the last piece of positive, unifying, nation building legislation a GOP congress or President promulgated which didn’t involve a Negative to the long term good of the people ?
      The democrat’s are far from prefect, and corruption is real, but they’re MANY times better than the other party, who now are all in with voter suppression, mining national parks, making friends with Russia, NO tax for the rich and the politic’s of Fear.

    3. @T GOP Admins since the sixties had 126 indictments, 113 convictions and 39 prison time. Dems have 7 indictments, 3 conviction and 1 prison time. This is not including the trump era which brings Republicans to even more higher corruption status.

    4. @Gee Mcgraff Wow, I didn’t know the exact numbers, thanks for posting. Yeah with Trump who knows how many more will be added, ( not counting those he already pardoned), not to mention two of his own personal lawyers with one serving time already, no president has that criminal distinction. There’s no more corrupt administration in this nation’s history, …times ten! Real justice would look like Trump in prison himself.

    5. @T Just because you say so, doesnt make it so. You can call me names all you like but You have to try to be a bit more objective here β€” It is Trump that incited the insurrection, Trump knows his ignorant followers will go as far as he commands. Although these GOP politicians were Trump enablers, I highly doubt that they would’ve gone as far as insurrecting the capitol – That being said, in terms of voter supression, trying to corrupt and rig clean/fair election β€” Democrats do exactly the same thing β€” As the 2016 leaked DNC emails showed, they tried their best to rig the election for Hillary to get nominated over Bernie Sanders. In terms of working for the rich, pro-corporation – most Democratic politicians are also beholdened to their wealthy and corporate donors. Trump was able to garner huge following from his Republican base but there already was a Republican party long before Trump came into picture. Just like there is a significant portion of Democrats who support Bernie Sanders but the Democratic party doesnt necessarily represent Bernie Sanders. That being said, it is very unfortunate that the GOP has become so Trumpian but I suspect and hope that this will eventually fade away (but the Republican party will still be there) β€” Thats why I say in general, (not just looking at Trump era) Democrats are lesser of the two evil. Instead of resorting to name-calling, try to have a logical conversation β€” Your behavior isnt being much different from Trump supporters.

  6. So the GQP, is all about fighting against “Cancel Culture” is cancelling Cheney because she won’t go along with their election lies. πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    1. @Andrew you just keep believing what your tv tells to you believe including faux news. Lol.

    1. Agreed. Reminds me of how scorpions will, if they have nothing else to sting, will sting themselves to death.

    2. @Nuclear Christian See Aesop’s fable of the Fox and a Scorpion trying to cross the river.

    1. @andrea Perry True enough and if you remember Kevin McCarthy and Flimsy Graham both said that T-rump was responsible for the insurrection and I hope all true blue Americans realize that Liz Cheney is the real McCoy and we need to write letters and make phone calls telling her we support her!

    2. @Gee Mcgraff Nah, bernie here is just trash waiting on the curb to be disposed of, the truck will be along soon!

    1. That is how it happens in Communist and Authoritative regimes. Unfortunately, I truly believe the current GOP leaders are OK with this. That makes me scared and sad!

    2. In a big corporate is the same way . You stand up for being truthful and honest. They will all gain up and get rid of you. Republican party is repugnant, she is a diamond πŸ’Ž in the ruff…. but her honesty pay off in a long way , she will get all blessings .

  7. I wish I could hear what would John McCain say about how the Republican party is so broken.

  8. Every one of those traitors needs to be forcibly removed from office and locked up for their part in the insurrection.

    1. @Willy Bones Sadly no, patriot ashli babbit was murdered that day by BLM activist and capitol cop *david bailey*

    2. @The White Rabbit They should have shot them all. Even Lindsay Graham wondered why they didn’t shoot them. Well…at least a good number will have several years in prison to contemplate their actions that day.

    3. @The White Rabbit Peaceful…do you know how many police officers were seriously injured by those doing Trump’s will on January 6th? Meanwhile “Bone Spurs” went home to watch it all on TV.

  9. So when MTG pulled all kinds of insane antics nothing happens and when Liz tells the truth about the lies , well cue mc hammers β€”it’s hammer timeβ€” !!!!!! Welcome to the new un-reality!!!

  10. I think we could settle this whole mess, simply invite DJT and the boys to go hunting …………..with her father!

    1. @WEEEGEE LANA Hunting? RIDICULOUS! Do you have any clue what dirty germ filled woods do to a strong and tough testosterone spewing manly REAL man’s mannipedi, hair and make up? It’d be easier bathing a meth-head cat. Sure.Cats smoke meth all the time. Just roll with it.

    2. Yes. Or maybe with big-time elephant killer Don Jr. I’m sure he’s picked off a few of his hunting buddies, or more likely, his paid safari servants.

  11. The GOP is threatened by truth! They rather live the lie … as have they lived their lives … and by conning people …

  12. We need more representatives like Liz!! Stand for the truth or you’ll fall for anything

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