Why Saving Democracy Doesn’t Have Two Sides | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC

Why Saving Democracy Doesn’t Have Two Sides | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC 1


    1. @La india María Exactly! It’s clear to anyone who has been paying attention. They can’t win the game, so they are trying to change the rules. If they would put this much energy into coming up with policies that help the country, America would still be the envy of the world.

    2. secure elections, like we did for years and years, funny how we elected a guy like Trump and now its time to change the election rules, time to stop the count at midnight, time to stop republicans from witnessing the count, 100 million of us know it was fraud.

    3. Pressure Biden and your senators to pass For The People. Meanwhile, assume it’s not going to pass and join a local voting rights group to figure out how to get around the new restrictions so people can vote. You can phone bank or text from home, door knock, help mail voting information to the people most affected and donate money. Any time, talent or treasure will be welcomed

    4. odell daniel You mean 75 million. Now I understand why Trumpists have such problems understanding math.

      Edit: Actually, 75 million voted for Trump, and far fewer think the election was fraudulent. You’re lucky if it’s 30 million still buying that BS.

  1. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Democrats and Republicans. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. @Brian Jones Meanwhile, after hundreds of audits and a group of people begging for panda’s so they can prove the “fraud”. You’d think Republicans would stop lying. But seeing as you’re part of a cult.

    2. @Joshua Sweetvale haha Reagan’s best speech in how he
      Was ashamed to learn about the filth his party had become an embaresment

  2. Call it what you will whether it’s a repeat of early 1930s Nazi Germany or simply an attempt at a nationwide coup but this madness absolutely has to stop otherwise before you know it we are going to be just like modern day Russia to where a head of state stays in his position until death.

    1. @Kalama Kealoha great thought but I seriously doubt it’ll happen unfortunately but there’s always the internet community 🤓. Share 👍

    2. I don’t care what Or who you are
      But we are headed for straight 3 world country Biden one was a great person but has sold us out to save his son and his family .. as any one else would save their own . Ppl better turn tv off and get educated we are giving our freedom away China and Russia is not far behind us and they are not our friends why do others want to come here because once it was a great place but sadly it’s about to get owned ppl need to turn off tv and find ur history books library . Gov first president till now all the hidden truth u need then decide who’s what

  3. This is so worrisome and downright scary. After all these years, centuries, a two bit, cheap reality TV “star” is bringing America to its knees. Who needs foreign threats when the enemy is within? America you are sinking fester than the Titanic if you don’t wake up *NOW*

    1. @Michael Russell .. hey pal I’m not Democrat those are the cross burners.. that’s why I all love to give them boys all that welfare so they’ll stay in one area.. keep their dads out of their homes so they won’t have any voices politically or economically.. that’s why you all vote for more abortions to keep the minorities down.. so don’t talk to me about being Jim Crow..

    2. @tubruton you mean the democratic cult whom is totalitarian and just waiting to make us its slave you will have poor and elite rich no middle
      The Dems fbi and judges communist /cartels / own hunter and Harris husband represent CCP companies turn tv off and get educated in history books

    3. what’s really concerning and downright horrific is not enough people stand up and fight for their rights to me that is horrific and down right stupid so how about getting off your dead butt

  4. If this happened in other countries, America would send troops to save democracy.

    1. @Rip Sumrall really so there is no representation of the people, really, who votes in the representatives, geese, plastic potatoes
      How can people live such delusional lives
      It IS a democracy, we the people choose the representatives, all the people, not just men, or men with property
      Unlike what Republicans want

    2. Just imagine what things would be like if the economy was weak and everyone was struggling?

    3. Most countries in the world dictatorships or have a very limited democracy. Is the US invading Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan? no.

  5. Thank you Mehdi!!! Help us save our democracy!!! Don’t stop reporting the cheating of Republicans and the fecklessness of Democrats in our elections!

  6. Because it was and has been a one party system, finally collapsing. Exciting times !

  7. The price of freedom….
    Eternal vigilance….

    1. it lowers America bigtime to a point where other nation could argue it has lost its moral high ground standing….what a pity coz of one guy’s pride and lie

    1. Sadly, this is often how a corrupt party gets power in countries. The Nazis are the biggest, but far from the only example of it in history.

  8. If this happened in another country, you can be sure America would rush in give them the “freedom” treatment.

    1. That doesn’t even make sense. I would applaud the United States for stepping in to try to stop voter suppression and lies about an election in another country. The United States has done that and will continue to do that. You’re somehow mixing up mistaken Republican attempts to supposedly install democracy when really oil was the reason, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. Make sure you assign the blame where it’s due, squarely squarely in George W Bush’s lap. And our election was just fine, wasn’t it, the only problem is that the Republican party… again, the Republicans… are lying about the election and also trying to put in place voter suppression laws. Put the blame where it belongs, don’t make it sound as if the United States itself is the problem, or as if Democrats have anything to do with the bull$hit.

  9. America has been rotting from the roots for decades, we are now just seeing the visible signs of democracy failing.

  10. Brilliant work as usual, Mehdi!

    This should be required viewing in high school civics classes. If they still have them.

    1. They’ve been outta schools since the 90s, in my experience and many people I’ve met too. It’s one of the main reasons this stuff is happening.

  11. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

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