The history of colors in British politics

The history of colors in British politics 1


Just like commercial branding, a bold color and striking logo make recognizing a political party much easier. We take a look at the origins of the colors and symbols used by the UK's main political parties.

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  1. Vannak RC Official | November 28, 2019 at 11:34 AM | Reply


  2. Colours !

  3. happy thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁

  4. Blake Hutchison | November 28, 2019 at 11:44 AM | Reply

    That voice sounded like Boris Johnson.

  5. The world has been lied to

  6. I like the slogan “people over privilege” at one point in the clip.

    • That must’ve been Jeremy Corbyn. He gets such unfair press from the Mudoch media, and Tory DailyMail. Jeremy genuinely cares about people. He’d right the wrongs of the last decade. The Tories have made peoples lives so much harder. Jeremy wants to give people 35 hours of free childcare a week. I know how much that alone would help. Free broadband ect. Increase wages. I don’t know why Boris Johnson would get any votes from anyone that isn’t a rich wealthy elite.
      He went to Eton, he was in the bullingdon club.The Bullingdon Club is an infamous exclusive and covert all-male dining club for Oxford University students. Boris and his posh mates would spend nights going around London burning £50 notes in front of homeless people.

      The woman who was the club recruiter said: “Boris was one of the big beasts of the club. He was up for anything. They treated certain types of people with absolute disdain, and referred to them as ‘plebs’ or ‘grockles’, and the police were always called ‘plod’. Their attitude was that women were there for their entertainment.”

      She said there was a “culture of excess” in the 1980s in which the activities of the Bullingdon Club felt “normalised”. “They had an air of entitlement and superiority.”

      They hate anyone that’s not them. In the columns he used to write for he’d call the children of single mothers ill raised, ignorant and illegitimate and working class men are all drunk, feckless, aimless, criminal and hopeless.

      This is the man that will likely win the General election because he’s used Brexit to his advantage.

    • White people.

    • @Laura Walker hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahwhahahah oh dear hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahwhahahah

    • @Laura Walker you heard some who heard someone……perhaps adam shitforbrains can get you to testify

  7. Pls adding subtitles , everyone can be watching such a beneficial videos☺️

  8. Niner fan. Go workers!

  9. What else I can say? The “Sino-US cold war or the WWIII” initiated by someone today.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Rudy.

  11. “The history of colonization of Britishs” .

  12. “The history of colors in British politics” = WHITE 🤣🤣🤣

    • Rabinowitz Shekelstein | November 28, 2019 at 1:24 PM | Reply

      Peace & Love The only race that can create and build things that changes society as a whole. Remember that when the demographic change happens in your country. 😂

    • England is in Europe, Africa…
      If England was in Africa, the English would be living in shacks and shitting in buckets

    • Rabinowitz Shekelstein Yet the Romans and Greeks – neither of which are strictly Caucasian peoples – ruled much of the known world. China was vastly ahead of the rest of the planet for many centuries, with internecine ruling family squabbles stifling progress more than any lack of knowledge or will. The Mayans had the world’s greatest civilization for an awful long time too, while the Egyptians seemed to have done rather well while Europeans were living in thatched huts. I could continue – lots of non-Caucasian civilizations ruled the roost for much longer than this comparatively brief period of just some 600 years or so for Western Caucasian ascendancy – a status quo that’s already faltering as China rises yet again, with India slowly dragging itself towards a parity it could attain in just 50 or so years from now. Only a fool ignores the past, and doesn’t learn from it. Hello, fool.

    • and…..perhaps they should all apologise for being white?

  13. Rabinowitz Shekelstein | November 28, 2019 at 1:12 PM | Reply

    The UK will be conquered by the Crescent Moon soon enough.

  14. Red is the color of Trump/Putin…
    Vote Blue in Nov 2020~!

  15. There’s a deviation to the usual pattern. Republicans have chosen red because they behave like communists. They my be the opposite, that is on the right extreme, but the power structure is the same in both systems. That’s why they chose red: they behave like communists. And Democrats are the capitalist party, blue.

  16. Richard Christie | November 28, 2019 at 2:56 PM | Reply

    The British history is of colours, not colors.

  17. Those gosh dern limeys!!!

  18. NO PINK ?

  19. white sox pride | November 28, 2019 at 4:35 PM | Reply

    So basically the Illuminati….

  20. Unknown The Artist | November 28, 2019 at 6:08 PM | Reply

    Here’s some history my greatest great great uncle was John Adams the 2 nd president and his son the 6 th president called my God given right

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