1. ​@Kelley L Funny, I would’ve thought you wanted to disprove my point, not do all the work for me by painting a false narrative.

    2. Robert Deniro is a grown man who plays pretend for a living. I’ll take Trump over Deniros co-star status. Mr great actor can’t even hold a movie with his own abilities. Hence always an a ensamble cast.

    1. @BenNuttinYahoosreel I didn’t know before that DJT’s tits were bigger than Putin’s! Does Donnie brag about that, too?

  1. Look at the bright side! At least whoever did the image used something more sophisticated than the sharpie. Make America Fake Again!

    1. Desert Ranger

      So you think he’s Making America Fake Again?
      That’s not what the Market, and the Job growth numbers shows.

    2. By the way your the pathetic fuk that still watching cnn after the whole world saw Project Veritous expose them for pushing fake news

    1. @Jerome Pizinger Whats really funny are basement dwelling cumstains like you who worship all things dumbassocrat, and think that simply misspelling the Presidents name is the ultimate in trolling

    2. @ARJUNA BROOKLYN As long as you are a proud American and willing to stand up for your rights, he doesnt care about level of education, which in your case might be 2nd grade

    1. @Alex C the world laughstocks to who? We can’t be a laughing stock if we’re simultaneously a supreme leader like you claim. You’re acting as if the world hadn’t spent the last administration calling Obama a coward and bootlicker

    2. @Wasteland nomad it’s none of your business..ill speak when I want and you can kiss my Cherokee arse .
      No man orders me around.

    1. @Wasteland nomad not sure why you guys refer to me as a leftist. I am not a Dem. If its because I dont respect the lying Fraud in Chief, well, if he was a Democrat I would still not respect him. Fact is, Trump and co violated 52 U.S.C. Section 30121… blackletter law…. no question. Support Trump/GOP and you support corruption. No exception, no excuse, nothing to do w Hillary or Obama or Biden or Never Trumpers…. you are a fascist supporting a corrupt fraud.

    1. .halo saver
      I bet melania wishes it wasn’t a joke !.lol she’s stuck with the real one…bet she isn’t laughing !

    2. What is sad about it?? Trump cant have a little fun now and then?? The man did more in 3 years than Obama ever dreamed of!!! Obama never spent time with the troops on Thanksgiving day!! Trump sacrificed his family to be with the troops.

  2. Everyone in the United States knows that trump never had a body like this, even in his younger days !!!
    So funny

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