1. I don’t see how the shortest month of the year has anything to do with a pandemic always gotta make things about race

    1. Remember when Liz Warren called global warming racist?
      They seem to think minorities are has obsessed with race as they are.

  2. Thank you for putting this video out! I’m black and have my vaccinations. I believe in science and medicine. #BLM

    1. You can’t believe in science. You learn practice accept work science, but you can never believe. Believing doesn’t need any proof, science is based on facts and proof. No place for believes in science. Use another word !

    1. @JJ Rousseaux I knew you would get triggered by this comment. Also being a liberal male with a cat profile is about has common as it gets.

    2. Obsessed with race much? Who cares self appointed token. Keep raising your hand for that white approval.😁

    1. The movement banned from Facebook for no reason.
      And the sheep claim conservatives aren’t being censored.
      I love how sheep think they are resisting corporations when corporations promote their ideology.

    2. @Calvin Parish that and an insurrection. You’re proof once again that it is a safe assumption that anything uttered by a right-winger is a lie.

    1. The monologue was fiction. Edward Jenner created and named the very first vaccine. A vaccine requires understanding so it can be created. It is not simply noticing somebody wipe pus in a cut.

  3. Edward Jenner created the very first vaccination, he came up with the name “vaccine”. Inoculation, which is what wiping pus in a cut leads to, is not vaccination. Vaccinations are created. Vaccinations require the understanding of how immunity is conferred. Vaccinations are controlled and scientific and thus, far safer and superior to the centuries old practice of wiping cowpox pus in a open wound.
    P.S. I also disagree with the hosts hypothesis, but that’s all YouTube will allow me to say.

  4. All this black history month Hispanic history month is nothing but racism with in itself it’s not black history or Hispanic history ,it is American history.

    1. They seem to ignore the fact whites were more of a majority at the time. Therefore more previlent in the history books

  5. Who wrote this nonsense he just read? I’m tired of people trying to tie the Civil Rights Movement to anything and everything for the sake of propaganda. How about a round table discussion with the pros and cons regarding the vaccine… So people can make informed and logical decisions?

  6. Wake up & Fight holding the LOVE🤨

    winning untill the truth and the liberty

    We knows a lot about truth✌

    keep up one’s effort
    not alone😁

    I hope and believe change the WORLD✨

    never ever give up😤

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