The key figures in Donald Trump's coup attempt 1

The key figures in Donald Trump’s coup attempt


Key members of former president Donald Trump's justice department could face questioning from the house select committee investigating the insurrection. CNN's Elie Honig details the characters involve while Jessica Schneider looks at the mounting evidence against Trump and his allies.
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    1. @Chris McCaulley
      Maybe you would like to share with what you know about Vladimir Putin’s close friend Wendi Deng Murdoch’s interest in involvement with the arrangement of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump?
      Felix Soho Sater?
      Kushner 666 ny purchase and finance?
      All in the time frame of, ” Plenty of money from Russia…” – DrUMPf Jr ?
      Lot of coincidences with, “Russia if you are listening…” – DrUMPf Sr?
      Really, many people know of me?

    2. @Bass INC No clue but you are saying things known CCP internet trolls say.. so good luck with deflecting.

    3. Remember democrats always accuse their enemies of what they do.

      Democrats are guilty of sedition …

    1. Only fake news CNN is keeping January 6th alive. It’s so pathetic. They’re bias is apparent. They have no sources and is no wonder why their ratings are abysmal. They’re a disgrace to real journalism.

    1. @steveo R these people have spent the past 4-5 yrs defending a con artist by telling lies & exaggerating half truths. They treat their suspicions like facts, and are plain & simply so butt hurt by every little thing that they don’t know wtf is going on. They know that Trump & his acolytes tell them what to believe & how to react, and they will listen without using critical thinking in any way. They think that empty straw man arguement ARE critical thought. They’re a mess. Engaging them is pointless.

    2. @steveo R blm/antifa have done much much much worse for over 2 years. The one time trump supporters had a mostly peaceful protest THEN you care about violence? Get out of here you delusional brainwashed sheep

  1. The question is why is the Justice Department dragging it’s feet on this? These are serious crimes for which people need to be held accountable.

    1. @Clifton Rodgers I truly forgot about that. Yes that was the start that we know of. But I’m willing to bet there’s more that we don’t know

    2. @Traitor Joe Xiden Trump is a narcissistic mentally ill idiot who moved erratically in all kind of directions.

    3. @Jerry Schneider trump is the one who tried to steal the election. he projects… are you seriously not able to understand that by now?

  2. ‘real president’ defined: One for whom the terms conscientious, responsible & benevolent can be applied far more often than not.
    Antonym: Donald Trump

    1. @steveo R Oh I think the Hunter Biden laptop will prove a lot about the Crime family known as the Biden’s, while the Chinese defector that MI has will prove the rest,, including the SCAMdemic and how China has been taking over America without a shot. Biden/Harris and all of the Deep State are going down. Get ready. A reckoning is happening in America and around the world. Biden is toast and the polls are showing it as his numbers have dwindled down to 48% and heading off a cliff.

    2. @Hu Flung Pu Attaboy…double-down. Pretty anemic tactic though. Must be that crippling 25watts…it rarely leans in an idiots favor. Whut do yuh do fer a livin’ there Dimmy? Whut pays the mortgage etc?

    3. Y’ought to see the sheer number of puerile idiots spewing nonsense over at Fox, OAN and such. It’s _freakish._ For the most part 25watts…MAX. In many cases that’s giving more than a few of ’em some credit.The silly little reich-wing visitor we have here seems to be a fine example of that.

    1. Barr was Deep in it but realized it was the operation of foreign powers and American nazi want na bees

  3. A reminder that Ron Johnson was one of the “Moscow 8” a delegation of 8 Rep. Senators that spent July 4, 2018
    in Russia under extremely sketchy pretexts.


  5. Why haven’t they been held accountable since there evidence of a coup? The DOJ should act swiftly and hold the criminals accountable. The stable genius was so desperate to hold on to power.

    1. Because there was no coup and they are deflecting on the fact that the Democrats got caught in AZ stealing an election!

    1. Hard to do without seeming as petty and vengeful as Trump. Some prosecuted is the best we can hope for…

  6. all this “retiring if something bad happens” sounds like you’re protecting your career, not the nation.

  7. Wow, talking about trying to get ahead of a story. The truth is coming out no matter what. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

  8. In case you missed it, Gabel Stevenson won a gold medal with .2 seconds left this morning. He said he is proud to wrestle for the United States. He is black. I know, mind blown.

  9. What a joke…Trump won the 2020 election anyone who doesn’t see that is lying or completely brainwashed

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