The Legacy Of Civil Rights Icon John Lewis In The Words Of A Fellow Andrew Young | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and civil rights leader Ambassador Andrew Young remembers John Lewis and his legacy. Aired on 7/20/2020.
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The Legacy Of Civil Rights Icon John Lewis In The Words Of A Fellow Andrew Young | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Positive Spin ; the leader of the free world can tell the difference between an elephant, an alligator and a gerbil.
    Negative Spin ; why does the leader of the free world taking a test for dementia?

  2. RIP Rep Lewis. Our country will mourn your passing as your extended family. And to your loved ones, i send love and blaessings

  3. This man spent his entire life fighting for what is right. Now his fight is over. Rest in Peace. 😔

  4. I gave $86 to the Black Lives Matter Movement and The Lincoln Project in honor of Congressman Lewis. Lewis was 23 in ’63. 23 + 63 = 86 and we gotta “86” this presidency!

    1. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization… By the way John Lewis and al Sharpton had a sexual relationship for over 30 years

  5. Maybe some of the protesters should do resreach and stop destroying history, public and private propriety. There is 2 BLM organization, one encouges inappropriate action while the other encouages approriate action works with appropriate channels. Their Inppropriate action are showing no repest for their nationality.

    1. “Their [BLM’s] Inppropriate action are showing no repest for their nationality.” John Lewis was a Patriot. Champion of the Civil Rights Movement in America. He believed in America. Are you saying there is a faction of BLM that has no respect for their America?

    2. They are US citizens you racist. And they protested not because their property was being attacked. But due to attacks on their person. Which is racism and has shames the US worldwide. This fine gentleman fought all his life against that kind of injustice. You cheapen this thread by your comments.

  6. The difference between courageous Civil Rights Icon & Legendary John Lewis & cowardly Donald J tRump is stark & like night vs day!

  7. Funny how you don’t hear much about a black man until he’s dead then all you hear is what a great man he was.


  9. Human beings are suffering from illiteracy of the Religion and System of the Almighty Creator. That is why they are constantly suffering from disasters by following from their own nonsense conjectures. They think they could make our people behave like the ones in the High Heaven. All because they do not know where we came from and why we are here on earth. The Almighty told us that the reason we came here was because we were criminals up there and we did not side with our Creator and we would have always disputed this fact that was why we came here to redeem ourselves. Only few of the righteous people are going to make it and that was the reason we were created on this earth with the blessing from our Creator. Therefore, people being born here with the same personalities and characteristics that they had up there which no psychologist is able to change their behaviors. Therefore, majority of humans are wicked, arrogant, transgressor, schemers, thieves, cheaters, liars, seducers, rapists, murderers, prejudices, jealous, racists, bullies, adulterers, idol worshipers, atheists, and so on.
    “We Are All In This Together” therefore “We Are NOT Able To Change Anything”.
    Since we are not able to protect ourselves then, the only way you can be protected is following from our Creator’s Dietary Instructions Commanded in His Scientifically Proven Scripture. Then you will find yourselves in a place where no man has touched before. A perfect peace, happiness, and secure life without any accident. Make sure get out of those places of idol worship where the Almighty kicked them out already because they were false and man-made religions and just Submit to His Laws.

    1. Submit?, that sounds too right wing, and because of Evangelicals that are responsible for the worst presidential candidate in history, ain’t nobody interested in these messages because Masks are far more effective than what you’re offering.

  10. Brother Lewis was one of the most Dedicated, Honorable, Intelligent, Courageous Person, I had the pleasure of knowing. God took his Angel back from us in one of our most time of NEED! What does this mean!

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