The Long Arc of Long Covid

Millions of people are now disabled because of a long Covid, leading to what some are calling a “mass disabling event.” In this episode, Audie speaks with Dr. Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, who has been diagnosing and treating patients with long Covid, to unpack this new terminology. Audie also hears from Imani Barbarin, a disability advocate, and Alexis Misko, who is struggling with long Covid, about what it means to be disabled in the United States and discusses whether long Covid could change the way we think about disability. 

Originally published January 12, 2023

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  1. What the heck is wrong with you guys over there in CNN?
    You scammers copy and pasted the Snake with legs videos without the original creator’s permission!
    That’s so not cool.

  2. The host ans guest are heroes! ❤❤❤❤ The fascist can’t take away our hope for OUR future! We can’t let them get in the way of truth and societal order.

    1. Less alone?? Get a cat my dude. Spend 6months off the internet. There, I just saved you life. Welcome

  3. I would still like to see vaccines mandated for every single American citizen and 6 month boosters for all for lifetime. Only then can we control this virus and keep safe

  4. Don le’Mon got his Hershey highway demolished from the “long arc” of covid, or was it Calvin ??

  5. Blimey!!! I bet whoever thought at CNN these so-called videos are good?? Thought that CNN+ would be great!!! Cheers

  6. Geez! Long covid now?? ? I’m still trying to survive bumbling Biden’s long dark winter!!

  7. I enjoyed this quite a lot. I do want to add the assumption of looking fit, thin, or being white also inspired doctors to assume things were just in my head. While the brain and body are connected, the widespread mistreatment of humans in the medical industry is much larger than appearance biases

  8. My brother has had long covid for about a year now he reckons its like heat stroke but with aches and pains
    Slowly getting better

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