The One Thing Happening To Trump That’s Worse Than Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

The One Thing Happening To Trump That's Worse Than Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. @Patton Moore , Listen , I am anything but a Snowflake , bigot . You want to start calling me repetitive “Trendy Wendy” names .. Be Gone , you are not wasting my F—-king time !

    1. I did. Both my Senators are Democrats and I told both of them to stand up against the tyranny in the Democrat Party!

    2. convict convict, convict convict Trump an all those lying clown with lying for him you all thank you all are getting away with all this cover up stuff if the lord don’t get you one way he will get you another mark my world an the bible an it do not lie

    1. @Don Freebairn Read exactly…demanding “rights” of a civilized society while avoiding the responsibilities is not freedom…it is adolescence

    2. @Tech ti I mean, you’re wrong on all accounts. I suppose the red hood might be blinding you to the facts here. Probably gets a little difficult to see, huh? Did you not cut the eye holes big enough? The GOP are a bunch of fascists and literal Nazis. America proudly stomped upon them before. It is only fitting that we do so again. Why don’t you take your brown shirt and goose step back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

  1. Had Trump accepted his defeat, he wouldn’t be in such trouble now. People like him end up creating their own torment.

    1. @Rene Jean Mmmm…. not entirely. Trump DID lose the election – by a landslide, which, for him, is the height of dishonor. I’m sure he hears his Daddy’s voice in his head daily, screaming, “YOU LOSER!!!”. Torment. Hahat.

      Also Dim Bulb Don the Con is going to be spending a lot of time and money in the courts in years to come. LOTS. He has quite a few civil and criminal complaints outstanding and some of them involve possible prison time.

    2. @them0ther on contrary, the world will finally know the evil guy he is, also he loves chaos, he doesn’t know anything else but trouble and chaos.

  2. If I could stand 4 yr of a Trump in power,
    I guess I can stand a Trump being investigated, charged, arrested, fined, humiliated, sued, barred from office, imprisoned, censured, cursed, indicted, jailed, or just plain get his just comeuppance in the months, years to come. Sounds about even.

    1. @joboygbp how so? Since you dont seem to understand your supporting someone that tried to demolish democracy. But you keep pretending you know what’s going on.

    2. @ArkAthiest Cc Tell me how Trump tried to demolish democracy. Democrats want any opposing view shut down and silenced. Doesn’t that remind you of a certain group from the 30’s and 40’s from Germany? They want illegals and felons and 16 year olds to vote until the working class no longer has a say. We are becoming a Banana Republic. Look at what happened in Venezuela.

    3. @joboygbp wow try and climb out of the conspiracy hole your in. Trump literally tried to convince the population that the election was stolen. It’s you and the trump cronies that are acting like the nazi party. And the reason you have a banana republic is because the republicans have drawn the lines so that it keeps them in power. And the fact that voters in say north dakota, their votes are worth 25x what a vote in say California or texas. Yiu dont seem to have even a basic understanding of how the goverment works,

    4. @ArkAthiest Cc So you’re telling me the big E wasn’t stolen? Trump wins 18 of 19 bell whether states and 2,497 counties to Joe’s 477. Trumps rallies are SRO and Joe can’t get 30 people to show up to his. Biden gets 138,000 votes to Trumps ZERO at 4 in the morning after all the republican ballot watchers were sent home. I think Trump has a great Voter fraud case, don’t you?

    1. Oh, and that last post you sent was probably meant for someone else (?)
      Is it hard to keep your losing arguments straight?

    2. @Gafi Angoliero – 😆 nice try at trolling. But, you have to admit. You completely dismissed everything I said.

      What I want to know is did you learn anything today.

    3. @Ron Swanson did I learn anything today? Other than you being a little dim and thinking you made a point of some kind, no.
      Do you feel that you “taught” something today?

    4. @Gafi Angoliero – .
      You dismissed my arguments and that’s why you lost. no, you are doomed to go back to school

    5. @Ron Swanson you’re desperate for a win, I get it.
      Go ahead and reiterate your “winning” arguments.
      Tell me “what you know for a fact” without backing up with a single fact or any substance whatsoever so we can keep playing…

    1. @Sarah Hashish still think you’re wrong. You have to follow existing laws, not those you imagine should exist.

  3. Republicans this is your chance to distance yourself from the legacy of Donald Trump. Otherwise he will drag the party also with him to oblivion

    1. The party wasn’t much different before Trump. Trump is a symptom of the sick supremacy ideology that many Republicans hold. They can’t distance themselves from what they are. Trump just exposed them

  4. 🇺🇸 Senators, you must convict tRump the hold him acountable and so you can cut off all his taxpayer funded retirement benefits. The costly benefits issue is a huge frustration for me.  They should convict to get his greedy hands out of our treasury (which you know he will milk for more money).  Example: He unilaterally wrote a memorandum 3 months before his term expired, demanding 6 months of secret service protection for ALL his adult children and 4 or 5 WH staffers who went to Florida with him.  Imagine all the money he will cost paying for salaries and hotel rooms for this huge increase in the number of secret service personnel.  Disgusting…. he will be grifting us for years. Convict!

  5. King Liar just couldn’t do the peaceful transfer of power he said he agreed to do.
    He had to let citizens get killed over his lies

    1. Those deaths for his ego mean NOTHING to this character. Preserving his phantom beliefs and approval seeking are his blinding weakness & sickness. His best thinking is going to land him behind bars. He has no idea how to live and function anything like a normal healthy human being.

  6. The testing of the GOP is significant because it could split off just enough voters to make it a permanent minority party.

    1. It is a permanent minority party, the only way they can win is by cheating, gerrymandering, districting, voter suppression. They need to be held so accountable for their blatant sedition.

    2. @Guy North gerrymandering is the biggest problem. If districts were more natural in shape (as close to square as possible) then voting would be more normal too. Starts with getting Dems in power in statehouses.

    3. @Bri Ba; Across the board, and we must get rid of the big money. Our Democracy is some joke, people are going to have to pay attention more than ever.

  7. When your own attorneys admit you’re not only guilty of the crime which initiated the second impeachment but also admits he actually lost the election so there wasn’t any “steal” and that he’s now the “former” president must have that elaborate yellow comb over standing on end.

    But none of that matters when his accomplices, enablers and apologists, acting as “impartial jurors, ” had already announced their verdict before the trial even began.

  8. I hope he spends the rest of his days in court after court for his crime’s against The United States of America 🇺🇸

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