‘The People v. The Klan’: How one mother took down the KKK | An exclusive conversation


    1. @Flying Savage exactly ! they’re infiltrating and ruining everything. they have no interest in uniting or creating or building. they’re only out to destroy

    2. Their president’s son is a literal crack addict – but aunt jemima, mr potato head, dr suess and valid IDs to vote are the REAL problems here 🤦🙄

    3. @Joboygbp Edwards exactly right, but they still had their “white privilege”, i guess *sarcasm*- along with cannon hinnant and victoria rose smith. people on the left are clueless

    4. @Nita Ross It’s only one way racism I guess. I wish there was no such thing as race. Just the person who did the crime or committed the act is guilty. Not an entire race or police force. 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

    1. @ROB112 H8U That’s true they’ll always be slime balls. I just love to torment the CNN idiot youtube channel with my thousands of character posting accounts because I’m sick and tired of these disgusting people constantly instigating death, violence and destruction then sit back blame everyone else and laugh about it. I truly HATE these people lol

    2. @Non Stop Bad Newz Yeah it sure doesn’t help having a criminal corrupt Chinese Communist Compromised senile puppet president fraudulently elected by Big Tech & trash media like CNN’S help censoring facts & information manipulating the low informed uneducated & ignorant

    3. @Matthew Craig So it doesn’t bother you Joe Biden got his start in politics working for the actual Democrat senators who wrote the deeply racist Jim Crow laws. Or the fact Joe Biden helped pass a segregationists busing bill targeting black school children integrating with white students, or wrote the Mass Incarceration crime bill that targeted minorities with lengthy prison sentences for non violent crimes. You just want to know his lifetime friend & KKK Klan recruiter Robert Byrd who he gave the eulogy for at his funeral. Well I’m disappointed his entire career in politics being known as a racist segregationist doesn’t bother you for some reason

    1. @Black Widow hahaha ha why don’t u look up how biden was friends with a former kkk leader

    1. @Giggity Goo 👈. Biden has been a known racist all his life. Just replay the Democrats primaries, Harris called him out in it. He was for bussing and a pro segregationist

  1. I’d never heard of racist postcards, seriously sick! Then off to church on a Sunday. Hmmmm, All the very best from a wee Scottish lassie.

    1. @Giggity Goo My argument was that this doesent teach us stuff that we dont already know, diving into the exact details of how a kkk tribe went down really doesent help solve anything in times like now, its keep you focused on the subject of racism. Deny it all you want, but youre literally falling for it lol Peace.

    2. @HonorsAncora I Yeah and you didn’t engage any of the questions I posed that addressed your argument, you basically restated the case. Also, “KKK tribe”? You seem to be the last person that should be acting like you already know all about these issues. Lastly, this is relevant to today and wasn’t taught to me (and definitely not you) in school: civil rights lawsuits can literally bankrupt hate groups to the point where they can money operate if they are indirectly responsible for hate crimes and murders and there’s legal and historical precedence of this happening with the KKK. I know you didn’t know that, most Americans probably don’t know that.

    1. The thing that will blow your mind is that this woman was a Republican and she was fighting the Democrats

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards I’m not watching an hour long video of someone trying to make a brutal carjacking tragedy look like a hate crime because the victims were white and the suspects were black.

    2. @Skull Boi It was 2 brutal killings, rape and sodomy. If the races were reversed it would have been on every news network for weeks and rioting everywhere. I don’t think the KKK was ever that heinous is my point.

    1. D,O,N,T,,,,,F,O,R,G,E,T,,,,,T,O,,,,,S,U,B,S,C,R,I,B,E

    2. All murder is bad but the people who killed them got there punishment who’re people don’t get in trouble for killing blacks you could kill me and get away with it

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