The shocking number of former Trump staffers who say he’s unfit to serve a second term

More than 30 former Trump officials and advisors are speaking out against his leadership and character, yet former President Donald Trump’s supporters seem to ignore the warnings. CNN political commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served as White House Communications Director, tells Reality Check’s John Avlon what the dangers of a second Trump presidency could be.

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  1. Please, unless they are willing to take responsibility for their enabling, not interested in the attempt to distance. Period.

  2. I have no faith in any staffer or policymaker that didn’t see this from day one. Grifters, the whole lot of them.

    1. @Theodore Sweger That it is wrong for DJT to be preocyupied by the idea HE has To be proving he is a Billionaire : “are you a Billionaire ?” .

    2. @Theodore Sweger and DJT will say : “Let s go MortiMare , we R back on Wall Street …” … indeed ….

  3. So all these people are holding conference calls trying to figure out how to keep him from running again. Hmmm… I have an Idea. How about holding him accountable and charging him with the many crimes he has committed. It really is NOT that hard.

  4. The problem is, those Trump supporters just don’t want to hear anything negative about him and simply will not listen to anything the guests on your show have to say. They’ll claim they’re lying, they’ll make up any number of irrational excuses that it’s all untrue, because they want to, in some odd way need to, believe that. They are willingly, one could even say adamantly, divorced from realityt and it’s very frightening.

    1. @M HallOh, and you know where I rank adults who still believe Donald Trump to this day? Flat Earthers

  5. What kinda man would boycott his own daughter’s wedding out of loyalty to a person like Donald Trump smh

    1. @Whirlwind Production – (follow my growth journey) I don’t agree with religious nuts but take a stand? Why? People are free to worship. Now if they’d stay out of politics or lose their exempt status, that I can get behind. You’re rhetoric can get people hurt.

  6. Why have these staffers waited so long to come forward? Why have they put the people of the USofA and those of us in the rest of the free world through these horrendous years of trumpism? They surely do not all have book deals or a job to protect. America used to be about standing up for what is right, we want that America back!

    1. The truth is, real ethics are rare. Having been built on Christianity, which is only about loopholes and work arounds, the country is filled with shallow, cruel, and toxic people. That’s what happens when church and state get combined, like in the USA.

    1. Trump has shown nothing but greatness. Everything he ever did was a success. He is a genius with great knowledge and wisdom. His leadership skills are second to none. He saved millions of lives during his presidency. He was anointed by God to lead the American nation and has shown with his behaviour to be worthy of his calling.

  7. For the life of me I will never understand how people thought a reality TV ” Star “, Who willingly paints himself Orange mind you. With 6 bankruptcies and zero understanding of the geo political world we live in would some how make the United States better by electing him.

    Never underestimate the power of stupidity I suppose.

    1. @Fool’s Foil I find it fascinating that Trump supporters think other people are the delusional ones. I wonder when you all are going to wake up. Everyone that tells you the truth you accuse of being liars. Anyone that goes against Trump in any way you consider wrong. There’s no help for you if your assessment of whether or not something is right depends on whether or not you like what they’re saying.

  8. What is more shocking is that they stuck by him during his first term enabling him to get to this point.

    1. @PeaceLoveHarmony I don’t know how the outcome could have been worse. He WAS surrounded by those kinds of folks.

  9. The thought of trump being able to “fire” anyone he wants for any reason and install who he wants… that is terrifying . But people still want to elect him

    1. Just take a look at the people who still support trump, most of them are not on the bright side.

  10. Take these staffers “epiphanies” with a grain of salt. Bill “candy” Barr has already said that if Trump is the republican nominee in 2024 he will still vote for him over a democrat.

  11. In Germany we have a word for what Donald Trump has done: “Hochverrat” I just wonder why he was not being taken straight to prison after leaving office.

  12. The shocking part is that millions would vote for this goon again and people would gladly work for him. He should be in jail.

  13. I knew all this when he was coming down the escalator. When you’ve been up close and personal with sociopaths, you just know. Too bad there are so many slow learners in the country.

    1. Remember the episode where the Simpson’s showed the exact same scene on the escalators of Trump years before it happened??😂

  14. “Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong” ~Richard Armour, unverified

  15. I wish everyone would watch all the Jan 6 hearings and read the full Mueller report. This isn’t about putting down people that voted for Trump. It’s understandable they were tired of politicians in general. I am as well, on both sides. But we truly are at a fork in the road and if we go the wrong way, doubtful we will be a free country moving forward.

  16. I think the point that she said when we look at our political opponents more unfavorably than countries who out right hate us speaks volumes on how messed up our politics are at the moment

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