1. The problem is that when Russia wins ANYTHING from this war, they will start the next one in the future, when they have restored their army and economy. This is why West shouldn´t stop the economic isolation of Russia, before Ukraine is liberated.

  2. Thank god this guy shut the interviewer up and continued to speak to his point. It’s so infuriating when guests get constantly interrupted and talked over when they are trying to answer the questions they were asked.

    1. @Matthew Neddeau And by the way, so that you know, the Ukrainian authorities also admit they were wrong about Crimea, and therefore they proposed in Istanbul in the negotiations to postpone the resolution of the Crimea issue for 15 years so that not the current authorities of Ukraine, not the current authorities of Russia, did anything, but only the subsequent authorities of Ukraine and Russia in 15 years to think and decide what to do with the Crimea

    2. @комиссар полиции обвиняет there’s alot of dead Russians and a good few dead civilian children with alot of destroyed infrastructure from the “Kiev fient”.
      It also took a strongly really long time for the south to stary falling after if that was “all according to the plan” from the start. It’s also strange Putin expects to install Russian oligarchy into Ukraines central government if he doesn’t plan to take it over

    3. I wonder how mere interviewers feel so big and bold to talk to the Defense Minister so challengingly. Matthew Chance, you do not have my respect. If you ask a question you respectfully listen to the answer. Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov did great putting that twit in his place. Is it too much trouble CNN to write the Defense Ministers name in the synopsis? Also very disrespectful. Also CNN do you think Americans think a British accent gives a reporter more gravitas? Not really.

  3. I genuinely am proud of the U.K. for helping but sometimes I feel we aren’t doing enough.

    The reporter is also asking very silly questions, when you question something like ‘oh you really want Crimea?’ It turns into a situation where the Ukrainians shouldn’t even be thinking about that.

    Look Donetsk oblast and Luhansk oblast is UKRAINE.
    Crimea is UKRAINE.

    Can we get passed this now?

    The minister very rightly also said 3 steps:

    1. Defend
    2. Counter attack to the borders of the 2014 frozen conflict
    3. Speak with partners in regards to the liberation of ALL the territories.

  4. The US has had so many governments that we supported that fold and run whenever we weren’t doing the fighting. We are so damn impressed with the fighting spirit and tactical competency of the Ukrainian military and the spirit of the general population. I believe that as long as Ukraine is willing to fight we will be willing to support The people of Ukraine through to Victory ✌️

    1. @Vince Zuani Germany has definitely been hesitant and slow to the punch. In my opinion they’re more worried about gas supply’s then living up to their statement after WW2, “Never Again”. But the United States has been quick to stepping up to the plate. Approving the Lend and Lease Program to Ukraine like they did means opening up the entire US military stockpile. Russia remembers all to well how important that program is and that without the US approving the Lend and Lease Program for Russia during WW2 they wouldn’t of had a chance. That and the fact that the US entered WW2 to help them. Without that they’d be speaking German right now.

  5. Love and support to Ukraine from Britain 🇺🇦❤️ sorry for what you are going through, we must continue to help more!

    1. Everything wrong with this video :
      1) Putin never declared that he was going to annexe Ukraine. He said he would liberate the persecuted ethnic Russians from the Donbas, and remove the Nazi government from Ukraine, and return Ukraine to the status of a “neutral country”.
      2) Russian forces never attacked Kiev. They surrounded it, and returned fire, but never attacked Kiev. It was a feint, and the Ukraine / Western military “experts” fell for it lock stock and barrel. While Ukraine forces rushed to defend Kiev, the main Russian forces walked into the Donbas, almost unopposed. The Russian forces then withdrew from surrounding Kiev, and went to rejoin the main force in the Donbas / Luhansk area.
      3) Ukraine forces did not “defeat” the Russian army near Kiev. The Russian army withdrew after a few days, when their objectives had been met in Donbas. At that time there were no military supplies promised, or delivered by western countries, which Mr Chance tells us was decisive.
      4) Over 90% of the offensive military aid sent to Ukraine so far has been destroyed in transit, or storage.
      5) In 2014 free and fair elections were held in Crimea regarding the peoples choice of Russian or Ukraine government. There was a massive 83% turnout. A staggering 97% voted to have Russia as their government. The Ukraine government was toppled by a CIA funded coup d’etat, and Crimea was attacked by Ukraine, causing Russia to move in to Crimea to defend the will of the people. The Ukraine government (only after the result) refused to recognise the referendum. In an act of pure revenge, the Nationalist Ukraine government began a policy of persecuting the ethnic Russians they could get to. In Donbas. Since 2014 over 14,000 ethnic Russian civilian women and children have been murdered in Donbas. Some of them tied up and burned alive. In this video, the nationalist Ukraine defence minister claims the Ukraine government will “liberate” Crimea. I bet the Crimeans can’t wait.
      6) Choose your friends carefully !

    2. @комиссар полиции обвиняет What bright spark in the kremlin thought that invading Ukraine would make it ‘neutral’? What a buncha clowns lol

    3. You guys are amazing and Ukrainians fell in love with your country and people. Streets and squares will be named after Boris Johnson and UK heroes in general. Thank you 🙏

    4. @Sergey Bebenin take care, Britain is a friend to Ukraine, I wish you all the best, I’ll never stop supporting our country helping and standing with you 🇺🇦🇬🇧

  6. SUPPORT UKRAINE IN ANY WAY YOU CAN…. their courage , resilience , patriotism are amazing. They diserve all the help

      of I forgot they’re not Europeans ,blond and blue eyes

  7. Canada supporting Ukraine all the way to the victory day!!! Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦🇨🇦🇺🇦🇨🇦🇺🇦🇨🇦💙💛

  8. Zelensky’s decision to remain in Kiev, despite the danger to him, I believe was a critical factor in the war. I frankly think his courageous decision changed the entire course of the war.

    1. @MrShalvayez She is what she is, we don’t have another one. Just stay out of Russia and that’s it, we’ll figure out how to live by ourselves.

    2. @nparsona west opposed Hitler? By giving him Czechoslovakia? By surrendering one by one in a matter of hours?? You must be kidding. If not for Russia, you would have been german slaves right now

  9. I click the like button when he said ” I will finish ” respect to ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇬🇧 I know ukraine will prevail

    1. This guy (our defense minister) has a successful career as a lawyer and partner in major law firm in Ukraine

      He will not be intimidated or interrupted by anyone

  10. This is the most important lesson in history for U.S. Foreign Policy. Support nations that will fight for their own existence, and their country. Don’t spend trillions of dollars on puppet governments (S. Vietnam) that expect the US to be their policemen.

    1. South koreas far from a puppet government and its a great ally, especially with a aggressive China trying to expand farther West with a highly aggressive North Korea next door to SK.
      South Korea is mutually beneficial, aids in maintaining free trade around the globe, and it allows us to serve our moral duty with low-no casualties

      Ukraine is worth supporting, off the moral of the situation alone and the value its defense gives combating Russian terrorism but its definitely the least sustainable option we have. We spent what we spent in almost two decades in Afghanistan in less then 4 months in Ukraine this isn’t something we can do daily

    2. We definitely could have spent much less with NATO boots on the ground. The defense probably would have been a absoute success before the first 1b was spent it definitely wouldn’t have taken trillions in stockpile

    3. Read biography of Vo Nugyen Giap by Peter MacDonald. Post WW2 alliances supporting France’s colonization of Vietnam and a great deal of political naivety and hubris played out rather poorly for the US.

    4. @Ihateeejits well about 70k afghan police/military died in the war compared to 2k american, vast majority of the fighting was afghan on afghan contrary to what yall think in the western society just ask any veteran of the war.

  11. I admire the determination of the Ukrainians but am worried that the training for and the western weapons and supplies are going there too slowly. It breaks my heart to see their cities reduced to rubble and people fleeing.

    1. UKRAINE should of joined NATO when Putin warned them he would invade before taking Crimea what 15 years ago . None of this would be in play and a lot of Ukraine would be well and thriving

    2. @Robert Smith

      Accept the fact that Crimea voted to return to Russia rather than be attacked for eight years by not sees as the Donbas region has been.

  12. This information that the US has promised to back Ukraine to the end makes me very proud. I am so thankful we have a President who understands what needs to be done.

    1. ​@zoom As you well know, this never happened. You make a very ineffective Russian troll.

  13. Crimea is Ukraine, I don’t see why that is viewed as being controversial by anyone. No countries have recognized Russia’s illegal seizure of that territory. I admire the Ukrainians for how they refuse to be passive in the face of Russian aggression.

  14. Patriotic – my salute to each Ukraine`s soldier who stood company and combating for the motherland. Slava Ukraine💐 👍

    1. @Praaz

      Crimea saw what the not see Ukr gov was up to and sure are glad they have not had 8 years of shelling by their former govt or velvet gloved ethnic cleansing as Donbas has suffered

    2. @AliShuktu

      Presently ukr is a totalitarian govt thst has banned ALK opposition except for the not see party

    3. @sojrnrR Donbas has been suffering due to illegal Russian occupation backing terrorist militia with weaponry and mercenaries.

  15. People do not remember that Ukraine has been fighting for 8 years. To think they will give up now is naive at best.

  16. To all those who keep yelling that “Ukraine should negotiate” / “Ukraine should go for peace”, etc please present a shred of evidence that this approach changed Russian behavior. Moldova and Georgia accepted loss of territory years ago with no change. Chechnya was destroyed as was Syria. If Ukraine could get peace and give them the Donbas I’d go for it (Russia cannot develop the gas there for numerous reasons) but it would have to be with guarantees and that will never happen.

    1. @Sergey Bebenin destroyed to defend the legitimate regime.Usa was the cause of the war in syria and the price of war is always destruction, dont be deceived, those with geopolitical clues knew it. I strongly opposed this ongoing war.

    2. @Ben Oge
      🤦‍♂️ Problem is that no matter where ruSSo fascist empire goes – there’s total annihilation of territory and local population. Something doesn’t add up, does it?
      Ukraine especially

  17. Ukraine needs our help. We promised to guarantee the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994. We must keep our promises. We must not betray Ukraine.

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