‘The tide of war has turned’: Ex-CIA director on Ukraine’s counteroffensive

The Ukrainian military says that as its forces advance in the southern region of Kherson, Russian units have suffered losses and are trying to evacuate their wounded and equipment to the nearest crossings across the Dnipro River. Former CIA Director Leon Panetta discusses the latest developments in Ukraine’s war with Russia. #CNN #News


  1. Ukrainian soldiers have certainly earned the world’s respect. They have been nothing short of amazing in the defense of their beloved homeland.

    1. Deserve of all to be admitted to NATO…especially since Russia has veto power at the UN Security Council.

    2. @adamsky 👈 Russian coward deserter that’s very angry that Putin is being humiliated by the Ukrainian military 🇺🇦

  2. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. @Massimo Well as Trump praised Putin and Biden has helped them defend their country, what do you think?

      Aalthough it is a bit of silly question. The political systems and concerns are totally different.

    1. 🤑WHY NOT SAY😆, “EHSHUA IS MY MESSIAH AND MASHIACH”💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💰💰💰💰 EHSHUA HAMELECH YUHOODAH!🚀🚀 YOU KNOW YOU KNOW YOU KNOW your welcome…..pray to ehshua to see if ehshua knows you……

  3. Huge respect to the valiant Ukrainian fighters…
    Fighting so bravely & tirelessly to defend the freedom & independence of their beloved country..
    Slava Ukraini..
    Stay strong Ukraine..

  4. Russia has gone from the 2nd most powerful military in the world to the 31st (according to the world military power index 2022) all in under a year 😄 way to go Putin. Thanks for exposing your countries true nature and your quality of men you have in your possession, all whom don’t want to fight for your cause. 🇺🇲🇺🇦

    1. @Darko Vasić oh, you mean a war where people dress in civilian clothes and hit and run like cowards? Yeah, it’s effective but cowardly. Russia lost to the Taliban too dumy

  5. As a soldier, I always felt that training was important, but morale and discipline are more important than training. Nobody can really train you for war as well as actually being at war, and being at war with people who have seen the elephant. You make value of this training if you have the discipline to respect and follow the advice of those that know war, and you will only have that discipline and respect if you believe in the war. An untrained soldier can become a trained soldier fast if they have the drive and attitude. Patton would say that you know exactly what to do when you put your hand into goo that used to be your friend’s head.

    1. That is why I was told in New York military academy when you have the advantage take it and go into the kill would be careful c 😭over your rear r and your flanks just like any of the war but this is going to be different the whole world is not going to let go on anymore

    2. That’s why Patton and Stonewall Jackson was so successful in their brief careers and it’s true warriors and success in the battlefield of hell

    3. People from allover the world travels to Ukraine and joins their fight for Ukraines independance, meanwhile in Russia people are fleeing Russia to avoid being sent to Ukraine and russian soldiers in Ukraine are deserting. Pretty much sums up this war and how it will end.

    1. Not really, the economics of trying to be a superpower off the back of an economy the size of Italy (and with similar levels of corruption to go with it!) mean you either fail, or you try to increase the size of your economy. The legacy of Soviet Communism made the internal path impossible, pointing to the acquisition of external assets the only viable option. However, when you’ve chewed those up, you run out of room, which is what happened to the USSR. Trying to repeat the exercise hoping for better results was an exercise in futility, particularly considering the costs of cleaning up the rusting tubs of history cluttering up the Kola Peninsula (most of their sub fleet, around 500 nuclear reactors, which will cost around 100 million each to dismantle). The days of the Federation are few now – Winter isn’t alone in coming, China may be riding on its heels. Tartars vs Mongols? Now that might make history – is a Central Asian Federation feasible?

    2. The crazy thing is, Putin had it made. He had killed all of his political enemies. He had Europe addicted to his fossil fuels and was taking in huge revenues from that. He had good relationships with China and India even. He could use all of those revenues and relationships to continue to bolster his military and his economy and keep the Russians happy. But now, due to his catastrophic land grab, that’s all gone.

    1. @Александр Ефремов 👈 deluded Russian who’s mad because Putin and his cowardly regime are being humiliated by Ukraine 🇺🇦

  6. The more supply routes Ukraine can disrupt before the mud comes the harder the winter will be on Russian forces. I’m so impressed with the Ukrainians.

    1. They can’t even supply boots to the new ‘mobilized’ troops. They are doing a reverse Napoleon on themselves.

    2. @Lasse madsen Ah, such solicitude for the feelings of darling Ursula von der Leyen, who the Germans offloaded on the EU after she did the same with their Army. Hopefully they’ve got the matter sorted. It’s truly heartbreaking.

  7. We give you prayers for everyday and every time to win over the war Ukraines!!
    And we give prayers for everyone who died and who are still dying for the Freedom 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼!!

  8. Love the Ukrainian people and admire their fighting spirit.
    Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦🇺🇸💯👍😍
    They won months ago in unity.

  9. Courage, indomitable spirit, resilience and ingenuity at its best with all Ukrainian soldiers and people. Wishing the safety and quick victory of all brave soldiers, kind people and precious animals of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava! Stay strong Ukraine and send Putin and all his Orcs to Hell where evil war criminals belong (with Hitler)!

    A 23 year old Irishman 🇮🇪 who reportedly died last week in the Kerson offensive fighting the unjustified invasion of a sovereign nation. He was from Dunboyne County Meath and died for justice and freedom for the whole world. Rest in peace young man🙏

    1. People from allover the world travels to Ukraine and joins their fight for Ukraines independance, meanwhile in Russia people are fleeing Russia to avoid being sent to Ukraine and russian soldiers in Ukraine are deserting. Pretty much sums up this war and how it will end.

    2. @Fat Man – He was a sniper with 17 confirmed kills and many more probable. Lots of dead Russians before he got his.

  11. Rest in peace to all the young men on both sides who have died in this war, and their families that are grieving for them.

    1. Such an unnecessary loss of life. It’s just unreal that in 2022 Putin is invading a sovereign country and putting both Russian and Ukrainian young men in peril !! Creating such grief and instability in both countries.

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