The Truth Behind GOP Shift In Vaccine Messaging 1

The Truth Behind GOP Shift In Vaccine Messaging


Despite first stoking fears instead of sharing facts regarding coronavirus, some Republican leaders changed their tune to encourage Covid vaccinations as red states see surges in cases and hospitalizations among unvaccinated Americans. And as the Delta variant spreads rapidly, it remains to be seen if Republicans can untangle the web of lies politicizing the vaccines. Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor and legal correspondent for Slate and host of the Amicus podcast, joins American Voices with Alicia Menendez

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The Truth Behind GOP Shift In Vaccine Messaging


  1. Even with cheating and voter suppression, you still need a few voters left so that you can perpetrate the madness.

    1. @vroque jordan proven cases of it in Pennsylvania regarding Republicans voting through their dead relatives. Look it up.

    2. @Censorship Is real “That’s the whole voter suppression no sense we been hearing from democrats. ”
      not just democrats.
      republicans have said on multiple occasions the reason they push vote voter ID laws is to suppress certain votes.

    3. @Jason R “define “defund the police” and what it means…”
      it means they are no longer allowed to throw parties.

      oh, wait, you said defunD the police.


  2. Republicans suddenly realize that most of their followers above 60 and killing your voters is probably not the best way to stay in office

    1. @William Yahwehson Fetuses & embryos. Not babies. Your religion is yours. The rest of the world operates on science.

    2. @Mossy horn Hunter First, they’re embryos & fetuses, not babies, medically speaking. Secondly, I’m not aware of any medical procedure that requires proof of voting record. Thirdly, so what? Fully sentient creatures of all types are disposed of daily by human activity, what’s so special about our own?

    3. @YouTube Censorship Sux And the evil Dems have managed to get the entire globe on board lying and fabricating deaths to sway an American election?

      Tell me you think you’re the center of the universe without saying you’re the center of the universe.

    4. Study: Recovered COVID-19 Patients Possess Robust Immunity To Virus
      JULY 26, 2021 By Shawn Fleetwood
      A newly released study conducted by Emory University suggests recovered COVID-19 patients possess long-term immunity to the respiratory virus months after infection.

      Published in Cell Reports Medicine, the comprehensive study analyzed 254 individuals with mostly mild to moderate symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection over an eight-month period and found that patients possessed “durable broad-based immune responses” to the virus after recovering from an infection.

    5. @teh marok why is it that you phuqtards insist that a person is a bot or paid shill based on a join date? I would have my original account from 2008 if it wasn’t for pansies hitting that report button just because they don’t agree with you. I got banned at least 8 times last year and this is my 3rd account this year. I admit though that there is a list of words that will get you banned. There’s another list that will auot delete your comment after posting it. The latest phrase that will auto delete is the two words BACK and WET. If you reverse them you will get auto deleted. If you want an immediate ban call someone a frigate or a nagger and you will be banned. Of course you have to figure out the real words for yourself.

  3. There’s no reason to believe the Republicans’ new pro-vaxx stance is motivated by concern for voters in red states. It shows concern for red voters in swing states and swing districts.

    1. @Bianca Culpo as of yesterday 5000 more dead.. Many cities are making masks mandatory and smart governors and business owners are making vaccines mandatory. Travel bans are next. Because ANTI vaccers.

    2. @Brother Mine The action is central, the motivation is secondary. First/second degree is motivation and murder is the central crime. Of course, all the left does is talk and they virtue signal instead of doing anything of merit to help people. But that’s what it means to be a liberal- give lip service to issues and then keep fighting for the status quo. I’m sure the phrase ‘a man should be judged by his actions and not his words’ probably sounds like russian propaganda to you

    3. The only red voters they REALLY care about are the donors. That’s how we got here. It wasn’t until they realized they need the brainwashed minions alive long enough to rig the next election (or launch a Civil War if they lose again) they had to change their tune. Hard to hang Mike Pence from a hospital bed hooked up to a ventilator.

  4. Boy I can’t wait until the GOP starts banning driving people to the polls and the Republicans with Long COVID, who can’t walk more than a few feet, are stuck at home on election day.

    1. Transporting someone to the polls is at least as “bad” as giving them food or water while waiting in line! Can’t have busloads of inner-city folks transported to the sole polling station in white suburbia to cast their votes!

    2. What’s funny is if these repubs with long covid request for mail-in ballots – the very thing they oppose!!!

    3. Only political operatives or organizations are banned from driving voters to polls. Family and friends are allowed to drive you to polls

    4. @Tom Jeffreys mail in ballots are not the same as absentee ballots which are acceptable. Please learn the difference and the truth

    5. @Tom Jeffreys you’re confusing requesting mail in ballots with sending ballots to everyone on the voter registration list who did NOT request a ballot.

    1. Proving an id on everything for voting is not making it harder just making it harder for dems to commit fraud

    2. Democrats letting 10-million illegals into the country each year makes it easy to catch Covid. But you don’t care about that do you?

    1. @William Diaz Trump did not say to inject anyone with bleach. That’s the way MSM twists narratives.

    2. Trump was saying this back in the late spring of 2020, when forever hot Miami was also a hot spot for the virus. Idiocy at it’s finest.

    3. “Why are they telling people to get a shot when it goes away with the heat?”
      If it were the flu, maybe. But that virus was making a swing down in through Australia in THIER SUMMER & also through a countrywide forest fire from the East Coast to the West Coast and it was NOT reduced because of Death Valley summer heat in January…so what piddly heat are you talking about in N.A.? It has been and still is in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., India Russia(just to show heat or snow will not slow it down); skin color or nationality does not bother it either as it sees HUMAN BEAN…good enough.

    1. @Brian Ward …… mmmmm…
      We are definitely loosing ground to inflation , last year I paid 2.10 per gallon of gas . This year I pay 3.19. Last year tenderloin was 6.99 per pound, this year it’s 14.99. There is no way the average family’s salaries have kept up. We are quickly moving toward another housing crash do to the same situation we had in 2008. Revisit these comments in a year and see if they are accurate. Unfortunately I’m sure they will be.
      It’s coming and it’s only a matter of time.
      Not really sure about the GDP affecting the cost of living directly, it has a bearing on it , but if it goes up shouldn’t the cost of living go down ?
      Example, the Country is not dependent on foreign oil, therefore we can charge less than the standard OPEC price.
      Your dollars go further, therefore your cost of living is reduced. In this case the GDP (oil production) has reduced your cost of living.
      Like I said, revisit these comments in a year

    1. @Bradley The Builder
      Prove it.
      How about the Trumpist that murdered his wife so he could cast her mail in ballot for Donny?

    2. @Bradley The Builder Funny. Only the few documented cases of that are republican voters. But don’t let facts get in the way

    3. @Jerome Lund Trumpos have a child like mentality. It’s the “the floor is lava” approach. They just don’t get it that in reality we need proof that the lava actually exists before we avoid touching the floor. Same with voter fraud. They want us all to play the game and get all bent outta shape when a judge says “prove it or get out”. Now all the lawyers who peddled that crap are getting disbarred. Reality.

  5. It may still take a bit of time, but I think these vaccine skeptics are soon going to be stampeding the vaccination providers to try to save their lives. Experience is sadly the only teacher for a lot of people.

    1. @evan doe I’m not the one having trouble with facts. Interesting you have not actually addressed anything else from my comment. Logic escapes you. Try again.

    2. @evan doe Still no intelligent response to my comment. It is fine to admit you are not capable of one.

    3. Viruses morph all the time. Why are people so uneducated on this. The truth is easy to find, it’s just not on Fox News!

    1. Who would’ve thought playing to crazy people’s fears and making them even more paranoid could backfire.

  6. GOP FINALLY begins encouraging responsible behavior when they realize they are only hurting THEIR voted base. Self interest to the bitter end.

    1. Steve Austin the now famous Pfizer/Biontec vaccine was made by an immigrant married couple from Turkey in Germany (BioNtec!).. with absolutely no help from Trump!

      Trump got vaccinated in JANUARY!

    2. @Steve Austin Time to study up on actual communism, friend. And newsflash: most of the people who refuse the vaccine don’t trust anything Biden and Harris say, so your argument that they are responsible for vaccine mistrust is nonsensical.

    3. @Steve Austin that’s rich calling Democrats communist when the GOP and Trump have blatantly used Russia and it’s former states to manipulate elections for many years. all while clearly living and behaving in a fascist manner and voting socialist livelihoods for themselves.

    1. @NEAR TERM EXTINCTION – HUMAN Do you think there are enough issuers of death certificates to account for the amount of death, which is 1/6th of 2019’s deaths or about the population of Wyoming, that we see in 2020 as the number of deaths is 1/6th more than 2019’s? Keep in mind, they would need to match a birth certificate so you are claiming that a death certificate issuer fraudulently issued a death certificate, which implies the person is living. Please, explain to me where all these people are with no ability to spend through credit, and the person would almost need to never be on any camera as recognition could find them? Otherwise, the fraud is found. It is also amazing how many people would have to be in on it to close down accounts for the people who are dead.

  7. Republicans finally had the “lightbulb” moment that they’re killing off their base by telling them not to get vaccinated so now they’re telling their base to get vaccinated.

    1. A couple of Republicans are deciding to tell people to get vaccinated and that makes you think that the entire Republican party is changing their stance on vaccinations? You’re kinda slow huh!? Choice is key here.

    1. While he himself got vaccinated. If he hadn’t, he would have crowed about it, but getting it and lying about not getting it is apparently one line that he will not cross. Go figure.

    2. These “commentators have a set of moral codes they ” Have to follow otherwise they open the station owner “Murrdoch” to class action law suits as well as the commentator being kicked off the air for “bogus claims”

  8. I honestly think the GQP thinking was” “Well, the high Covid deaths made Trump look bad; so, if we get the death rate even higher, that’ll make Biden look bad.”

    1. @Cypress Stick TBH that sounds more like our side’s (not) thinking. Maybe now that we have the never Trumpo RINOs on our side, perhaps that’s changed for ever. God I hope so.

    1. Yep. Same as in prison… After the fact… everyone is innocent and all seem to find God. Hummmm Sounds fishy to me.

    2. No one is alive to “care what you have now figured out – dude” That kind of matters if you want to be an “influencer in your group”

    3. @BunzeeBear Your comment implies that those “influencers” thought through the process and didn’t wait until the end when everyone was dead to say “oops!” They’re just not that smart.

    1. We got plenty of names for this Trump Plague.
      We can pull different names from the GOP to use in the names of variants.

    2. It is alphabetical-so “EXTERMINATOR” comes to the forefront.(or “Edna” or “Edith”) You already know what “F” represents-no one wants to get there.

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