1. They f—d up big time but saying “you’re fired because you followed our orders and in hindsight we don’t like our orders” doesn’t fly

  1. They changed their story 16 times why would we believe them? Why are they not answer any more question.

  2. Trooper’s testimony will show that earlier response could have saved teacher’s life and maybe some children’s lives too. There is no scenario where a gunman barricades themself in a room full of souls after already killing and shooting at officers that would indicate there is time to negotiate. Chief must be held accountable and putting him in custody is what the victims need to see while authorities figure out this mess. Every day that the chief is free shows that the system is broken. Does qualified immunity even apply?

  3. Negotiation makes no sense. It is a bullshit strategy in this situation. The constant dodging and excuse-making is infuriating. This is a the result of lack of knowledge and lack of responsibility. How could that trooper claim to have been Irma as she died and now sit here talking about how wonderful she was, how hard she fought, while these clowns did NOTHING. It’s insulting and disrespectful.

  4. “if we made mistakes, we’ll own ‘em.”
    well, there is another mistake.
    there is no if about it.

    1. “Mistake? Mistake ?” Cowardly negligence and disregard for human life is what I’d call it!!!!

    2. They will never own mistakes. Escaping consequences is the way “elected” officials live their lives.

    3. As a Republican he surely will own his cowardice in hell for an eternity but as for while he walks this earth nothing of any real value will happen to him or any of these people involved with this cover up

  5. So basically that teacher Eva Mireles was wounded but still alive for an hour… she may have been saved if they went in there sooner. How many of the children were still alive while they waited outside? This is such a failure by the “good guys with guns.”

    1. That must have added to the pain and horror those kids experienced. Thinking help was right there and they sat waiting for an hour for something to happen.

    2. And the officer telling children to yell help if in danger and the child who did and was immediately shot.. that officer was responsible for the child death also

  6. “Uvalde mayor vows to own mistakes”. Does that include an apology to Beto O’Rourke for his rant against him?

    1. This mayor of Uvalde need to resign. He secretly sworn in the chief of police and now says I feel for the parents. BS!?

  7. “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”
    “La forma de corregir los errores es encender la luz de la verdad sobre ellos”.
    -Ida B Wells (1862-1931, Planet Earth)

    1. Indeed!!! ( BUT!!! ) one and all of said factions must know and recognize ( GOD OUR CREATOR )THE DEMOCRATIC HEATHENS KNOW THEIR HEART AND SOUL💰MONEY💰AND POWER.

  8. Then you are an ineffective mayor! How could you NOT know calls were coming through?! That is what people do, they all 911 in an emergency! That’s a no brainer.

  9. They treated an active shooter situation as if it was a hostage taking. Incompetence or criminal indifference?

  10. “Mistakes? Mistakes?” I’d call it cowardly negligence and total disregard for human life!!!!!!!

    1. The shock of this tragedy is comparable to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it shook the whole world, we all lost a certain innocence that day, you couldn’t describe it, but you could feel it. I don’t know any of the children that were murdered, but I sure feel the pain, and the innocence lost, does the government really have any answers?

    2. If a nurse was chrge of negligence that coz death to a pt then they..police shoul be accountable for negligence as well.

  11. Few words have ever felt so cold, heartless, insensitive and just wrong as hearing him say “When the families quit grieving…”
    Clearly they will all be in grief the rest of their lives.
    Just disgusting.

    This country is now in a permanent set of ‘too soon afterwards talk to about it.”

    1. Exactly!! They can’t even pretend to care .. it’s so fake and hollow… quit grieving! Unbelievable

    2. Yeah I thought I heard that part wrong and had to replay it. No more words to utter my disgust and anguish. I know those parents are in their homes screaming with pain and it’s just awful and senseless.

    3. It’s a sad state of affairs in ‘Murica. Too many tragedies piling up one after another and yet elected officials want people to just ‘stop grieving’ and move on to the next thing. It’s pathetic. There’s literally NO compassion or not enough of it in ‘Murica anymore.

  12. This was NOT a negotiator type of incident for one thing… It was NOT a hostage crisis… it was an erratic, emotional mass shooting, with children involved. They should have moved into the building to take out the shooter, immediately. Period.

    1. Check the time when Body Shield arrived.


      Time of Door breach and shooter taken down.


      So for 50+ minutes those 19 guys were standing in the hallway

      Shield came and within 8 minutes they went in.

      Ask yourself this question….

      They waited almost an hour for a Shield?

      Over 100 officers outside….

      No one had the Equipment Shield in their Car?

    2. @Irene Gonzalez you are correct but Texans can get rid of Ted Cruz that spoke at the convention and the governor in a recorded message there’s no difference if he has gone in person.

  13. Owning the mistakes won’t bring those poor babies or their brave teachers back!!! Those mistakes SHOULDNT have happened!! And how did he not talk to the police chief, if he was sworn into city council??!! Isn’t the mayor the one that swear the people in??!!’

  14. So the teacher laid there for over an hour bleeding out – in pain, but still hoping … and wondering why the police weren’t there for her and the kiddos???? What an unimaginable thing to be feeling. Imagine her heartbreak knowing her kids were dying all around her, and that NONE of the police in her town cared enough about her to help.

    1. I keep thinking of the little girl trapped in that room calling and waiting and calling and waiting, hearing the police out in the hallway, unable to understand why they wouldn’t come rescue them.

    2. That’s what it amounts too, but why? Why kids, why anyone why did the cops do this?

    3. Absolutely unimaginable. Unthinkable. The most heartbreaking thing. These were not mistakes. There has to be accountability to the fullest extent of the law. There is no other way forward and no other path to healing other than the truth and justice for the cowards that absolutely and unequivocally failed all those innocent lives. It’s truly truly sickening.

  15. I’m not holding my breath on accountability for these people in power. They’ll somehow get away with it. I’m disappointed that they’ll use the immunity clause and have no problem still serving even though it was negligence on their part.

  16. This is disgusting these people wont take the responsibility for their actions which to protect the citizens

  17. Had the police responded to the initial shooting of the grandmother, the accident, or the shooting at the funeral home, those children and teachers would be alive.
    There is no excuse.

  18. This is the guy who didn’t want to hear an outraged father demand action-a father who blamed the governor for the laws protecting shooters.

  19. The Mayor, The Police Chief, The on-site officers and any other top official that had direct correlation with this situation should be terminated and charges should be reviewed.

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