1. @RG. Ha, and my LORD is LORD MITHRA, with LORD APOLLO in second place. Funny though…all these “lords” and NONE have EVER been seen or heard by anyone.!! HOW can peoples life be in balance when they put at its center..worshiping and obeying made up storybook gods and dudes.!! Eh. Amen(d).

  1. “This is not a random event…”
    Right, sunrise is not random either and at this point these shootings are more like clockwork than anything random.

    1. Yeeeah. I reeealy surprised the news anchor went and said that, considering these kinds of shoots ARE NORMAL over in the US.

  2. Every politician needs a background check, an IQ check, a humane person check, a sociopath or narcissist check before they serve in ANY office.

    1. @Idaho Native great question! Lautenberg Amendment actually says that convictions count. It doesnt include allegations. However, the red flag laws that you would likely support could probably mean that anyone accused, not yet convicted, of certain crimes might be somewhat restricted from owning or using weapons.
      At this point, what you’d support is what would answer the question. I have a whole set of issues with red flag laws, but until they’re properly proposed and can be analyzed, I don’t know the answer.

  3. Can’t go to school, the grocery store, movie theater, concert, church, the hospital. Am I forgetting somewhere!? What a wonderful day to be an American.

    1. @Karma Sucks 1. You are just cherry picking conditions such as how many shooting to occurs within a certain period without justifying the reasons for the conditions. 2. You blabbed about people singling out trump to hate, yet you did the same by singling out Biden with your 1st post.

    2. @Karma Sucks You must be absolutely insane to genuinely imagine that Trump being president made this problem disappear, and that Biden being president made it worse. I’d love to know the causal logic involved in that inane proposition, but I doubt there ever was any.

  4. The American people holds the key to end this problem. *If ALL Americans make this the MOST Important election issue, it can be solved overnight!* There is nothing politicians fear than losing their seat!!!

    1. @Daniel Deng ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way!’
      You are correct of course… ultimately it is down to the American people Daniel!

  5. Saying mass shooters signify mental health issues is like saying sociopaths need to improve their manners.

    1. @Thou Swell The numbers are interesting, total number of guns is up over decades as you’d expect, but the percentage of households with them has gone down at the same time, so fewer people with more firearms. These recent shooters weren’t among them, they were able to purchase new without delay legally.

    2. @Dr Beechas First off I doubt these people would learn how to use a bow and arrow, all those things you listed takes more effort to do them to aim and shoot 🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. @Bexx Piece nope. Denmark had a dude smoke 5 people with a compound bow last yr.

      You’ve definitely never once put 40 hours into shooting a gun or firing a bow and arrow.

    4. So you’re saying these people are irredeemable?
      That’s completely illogical.
      These people are a consequence of a society that refuses to help them because people like you stigmatize them.

      Italy has similar laws to America,
      The difference is they have a proper infrastructure for healthcare that is free, and mental health that is taken care of, and s working justice system

    5. Fact is that AR15 platforms have been around for 70 years whereas mass shootings have been around 20 years.

  6. Lucy Kafanov made a good point there, when she said “Yeah, could happen anywhere, it’s happening seemingly everywhere”.

    1. @John D You’re are seriously the worst at trolling. I mean, you could at least try to put some effort into it.

    2. @DAN that’s why I said ‘not in good faith’. He is very busy in the comment section of Youtube presenting those numbers he got from a ammosexual organisation who worked the parameters of a statistic heavily till they fit their narrative. Norway ended up on the top of the list because they treated the mass murder of 2011 as if it happened yearly…
      John D. should know that as this statistic has been heavily criticised by people knowledgable in the field… but he doesn’t care.
      Thank you for confronting him.

  7. Why do these people want to make it so hard for themselves and everyone around them. Like whyyyyy?

  8. As a mom with a daughter who is a RN in this hosptial. I am so done with all this mess. She is grateful to go home to her 7 year old son. Keep praying for your kids. I do everyday.
    Sorry for all who are left behind. Thanking God my child is alive and well.

    1. I am sorry i also am an RN I work in a school. Please tell your representative to stop the war on pain patients. This was preventable.

  9. And still Ted Cruz has the gall to say the US is the safest country in the world, I call BS on his statement 🙄.

    1. @Jose Temali Yes, except by every actual metric. You are safest in a conceptual manner that doesn’t actually protect anyone, but theoretically you’re just so incredibly safe. People in other countries might live longer and die violent deaths less, but they’re in a lot more danger, because you said so.

      Of course, the right to self-defence is a common law defence of absolute negation contingent on proportionality and necessity. You got it from Britain, and it doesn’t involve firearms, firearms are merely a particular tool. And you seem to ignore the proportionality and necessity elements quite often. In the English common law self defence and the defence of others are functionally concepts whereby killing is not criminal if it was necessary to prevent loss of life, and proportionate to the threat that existed.

      It’s almost never necessary to use firearms to defend yourself unless someone else has one, though it may appear expedient.

      I realise facts are a bit alien to your worldview, but there you have it.

  10. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 3/30/1953

    1. @Ed – Lmao since when has the government EVER tried to confiscate gun?? All them guns and you still scared 🤣

    2. a disease of success and success. The Lord Jesus also said don’t look back… the past. history records a lot. when someone succeeds in achieving what he aspires to. but does not demand the possibility that bad things can happen. make dangerous sins and terrible things happen. remembering a dark past, demanding revenge, feeling distress from someone’s actions, bullying, taking something that was never achieved before, poverty, inability, false hope, but all of that is not done with kindness. but by means of violence and crime. not focusing on the problem at hand, but diverting and blurring the problem and the future. Hitler is historical evidence that happened. as long as it is still very clean and tidy. it doesn’t look bad or bad. The past is well preserved. but the devil used him and made him written in history. all these forms of crime are more or less the same. only the amount is different. one life is precious in the eyes of God. Faith is like a seed. and bear fruit from a good tree You know what Nuclear is? what happens when it explodes? do you know the consequences? before it happened? that’s faith from God. not nuclear. it’s just a picture of the action and the things that will happen. rely on true goodness to a true truth? not a good word.
      He Albert Einstein never happy , but over half time just feel guilty in his forever life.

    1. @Jay Mass the term is call exposed. If unknown person with a gun suddenly start firing. I would very much prefer to be hidden and under cover then running around in an open area.

    2. @Smy was there a kid of his own in the school? Every parent outside the school (the ones being tackled🤔) were willing to go in.

  11. I really feel for every victim(directly or indirectly) of the numerous shootings Americans suffer, and I don’t want anybody to take this the wrong way, but I think people need to see this a lobbying problem more than a gun problem, and work from there.

    Talking about guns, quickly becomes a constitutional debate, which is more or less impossible to win in the US. Attack the lobbying laws (no voter is motivated to vote out of concern for lobbyists) and succeed and the incentives for Republican politicians becomes a lot smaller.

    The laws should reflect the will of the people and it is safe to say that they don’t right now. As long as Congress needs participation of both parties, it is not going to change, as the lobbyist will always find more republicans to take their “easy” money.

    1. @Mark Warren And you sound like a troll, my friend, bc your commentary is bs and completely unrelated to what I wrote.

  12. Very few mass murders are “random”, especially shootings. Nearly all such mass murder shootings have specific motivation, specific purpose, specific targets – even in cases where _the specific individuals_ that are killed are somewhat incidental. For example, when the primary target someone intend to harm, is an institution, a business, a work place, a school, a hospital, a place of worship, an ethnic/cultural/social/profession group and so on. Then the specific individuals killed may be incidental, but the purpose, motivation, intent and target is certainly not.

  13. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun…”

    I’d prefer if there was just no “bad guy with a gun” to stop. Clearly the “gun” is the one variable we could exercise any control over, we should start there…

    1. @Rio GC yeah i get what you are saying completely. i do agree with background checks, they are already mandatory by law as of 1993 i think? but the funny thing about this is that police patrol units are already equipped with ar15 patrol rifles so that they can defeat lvl4 body armour and compete with illegally used rifles. but my question would be how do you lower this level of aggression. if everyone owns ar15s, how do you get them off the civilians AND the criminals. because at the end of the day only the innocent people will be unarmed. rat poison doesnt work if the rats dont eat it yk? if ar15s were few and far between in the USA, then maybe this might work, but reality is they are in circulation, so the only thing you can do is level with it rather than encourage gun violence on unarmed civilians that you know cant defend themselves.

    2. @Freddie_sg I get what you saying but it’s been done, other countries dealt with their rat problem already, we can do the same. Yeah background checks are required but with many loopholes. I had a friend in CALIFORNIA who was a felon and bought a rifle at a gun show in CALIFORNIA!!. Let’s start with that and I do agree with ppl defending themselves but it wouldn’t matter much if everyone isn’t walking around with an AR15 🤷🏽‍♂️. I think the problem is how easy it is to obtain instead of the rifle itself. If we can prevent crazies from getting one then that’s a start in the right direction. I don’t think the “everyone has the right to own a gun” mentality works because let’s be honest, many ppl have no business owning one. this way of thinking created the problem, we made it so easy to get a gun to protect ourselves from crazy ppl that we made it easier for crazy ppl to get one. It’s a vicious circle what we doing..

    3. @News Now Adirondacks Redux may be so ,but in other Americas country s there is no shootings at schools.

  14. This is a shame, I really couldn’t keep track of all these shootings. I’m looking at the headline for the video and it says “Tulsa…” and I was literally struggling to figure out which shooting it was…. This is just disappointing this culture has gotten to this point ….

    1. Not while cnn is chasing ambulances. Except in chicago, atlanta, la, san fran, seattle, portland, ny, boston or detriot

    2. @Hakapelika Reporting the news isn’t chasing ambulances. A personal injury lawyer needs someone to act as a client, the media decides what to report and how irrespective to that kind of consideration.

      The fact that there is such a huge selection of mass casualty events to choose from might be what’s leading to your strange perspective. They don’t cover them all, they don’t cover very many of them. But they’re certainly covering them relatively more right now because yet again a school shooting has made it extremely salient in the minds of Americans, and that’s what happens.

      Believe it or not, the news tends to focus on things that people are concerned about in a given moment. It’s a saliency bias that all ‘news’ organisations have. They might run stories on things that don’t jump out at you, things that are long running issues, but they focus their attention on the things that do fundamentally jump out at people. Not least because news consumers are atrocious at paying attention to anything else.

      Note the enormous attention to the depp defamation lawsuit, which is literally a public, high cost disagreement between two celebrities. And it’s precisely the sort of thing people do pay attention to– however crude their understanding of the actual law–, and which is not remotely unimportant, unlike mass shootings.

  15. I wonder how the guys who sold the guns used here and at Buffalo and at Uvalde feel, knowing all those people wouldn’t have died, in all probability, had those gun sales never been made?

  16. “You can’t even go to a store. You can’t even go to school. Now you can’t even go to a doctor?” – She put it better than any of our politicians ever will.

    1. @Cowboy X How not to answer the question, also, having numerous gun laws does not make them stricter. Iceland has far far stricter gun laws than the US and many weapons which are freely available in the US are banned outright in Iceland. As for Iceland having the most armed population on the planet, that is also BS, the US does with 120.5 weapons per 100 people (Iceland has 31).

    2. @RocketJuan if a stranger walked up to you and started punching you in the face, what would you do? My guess is you would fight back, but I could be wrong.

    3. @Mark Warren That’s a misleading comparison. Punches generally aren’t lethal. Punches don’t travel 100 yards and hit a bystander unless maybe your an anime character. A poorly thrown punch can break your finger, at worst. There are 100 other important differences.

  17. As a longtime gun owner, I yearn for the old days of waiting periods, 21 to buy guns, serious background checks, no open carry, permit and training for concealed carry, no assault weapons. What has happened to this country?

    1. @DeadisBetter the person that always needs a gun because something may happen is the person that actually needs to grow the pair because they are a coward that needs to hide behind a gun

    2. Me too, the good old days of the 70’s when there were at least half a dozen trucks in the high school parking lot with guns in the rear window rack, and no one thought twice about it! We were tough back then, if 2 guys had a problem we would have a fist fight and that was that. Sorry to say but too many kids today are soft and weak!

  18. I lost my brother to a stranger with an assault weapon. I was telling my boss the other day my plan if someone comes in shooting. It’s not normal, I shouldn’t be worried about how to save my own life because I can’t let my mom lose another child. I don’t live in a dangerous area, I’m not afraid to walk down the street at night, but I’m afraid of getting caught up in a random mass shooting.

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