The U.S. Vaccine Rollout Is Better Than You Think | All In | MSNBC 1

The U.S. Vaccine Rollout Is Better Than You Think | All In | MSNBC


President Biden has one job. And he’s doing it. Aired on 02/15/2021.
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The U.S. Vaccine Rollout Is Better Than You Think | All In | MSNBC


  1. Yes, just this evening, I got a call from my mega medical center explaining the procedures of what to expect when I get a call that vaccines are available in my area. Not perfect but better than two weeks ago.

    1. Got my 1st shot yesterday here in Denver and my health clinic notified me on their website which I’m connected to. Didn’t feel the shot at all, and today I have a little sore arm. Go back March7 for #2 and that’s exactly the day 1 yr ago I started self-isolation. Freedom is 3 short weeks away… Good luck and I hope you are notified soon.

    1. @Jean Knitter Yes, but not the plan you think of. Go watch the Chris Cuomo clip where he talks about Trump associates saying “We want them infected.” That tells you the plan was to infect the country, not inoculate the country. Biden changed that plan. Get your facts straight before making such an unproven claim.

  2. Keep the jab or take it yourself. Safer with covid then with that gene therapy. What does it mean to be human.

  3. Yawn. Where is covid? I’m still waiting since 2020 March. This is a pandemic? More like a joke for the 1% lol

  4. Question since you all seem like smart people.
    Which is the bigger accomplishment mobilizing the private sector to produce a vaccine in 12 months or distributing the vaccine?

    1. If it was Trump’s plan, he certainly didn’t tell his own people. Maybe he’s just waiting for the right time to release it, like his taxes & his healthcare plan??

  5. Sylvanas Windrunner
    Sylvanas: “Join us willingly or be made to serve!”
    Anduin: “I thought you believed in free doge, Sylvanas.”
    Sylvanas: “We’ve never had free doge, little lion. But that is about to change.”

  6. “”better than you think”?? Ah, that explains why so many people’s appointments are being cancelled due to UNAVAILABILITY. Good job, joe.

  7. I’m getting all my teeth taken out in two days , and I can’t afford any medicine or pain relief , I never got one relief check , because these crazy people don’t care

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