The Washington Post: US Military Leaders Anticipated Collapse Of Afghan Security Forces 1

The Washington Post: US Military Leaders Anticipated Collapse Of Afghan Security Forces

Washington Post investigative reporter Craig Whitlock joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss his reporting that the U.S. military anticipated the collapse of the Afghan security forces, an institution he says was "rotten to the core". Whitlock adding the White House, State Department and Pentagon "did not have much faith" that the Afghan security forces could endure without U.S. help.
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  1. In hindsight, the mistake seems clear: the Afghanis most motivated to defend against the Taliban are the women, so the army and police forces should have been mostly women.

    1. Martin – ‘Chaos in Kabul because tRump negotiated to have Pakistan release Mullah Baradar, co-founder of Afghan’s Taliban, from prison in 2018. Baradar is now Afghan’s president.”

    1. @Bob Jones Mr. president was smart enough to say the Buck Stops here/ but the enough blame can go around.

  2. Gosh, how could we possibly foresee that the Afghan military might not be willing to fight to the death for thieving commanders and a corrupt government?
    It’s a mystery that can never be solved.

  3. does the average American realize the Afghanistan invasion/occupation cost them $300,000,000 EVERYDAY FOR 20 YEARS…while they cheered “Usa, Usa,”

    think where the US would be now, if roads, bridges, medicare, schools etc were built, instead of wars..??!!

    1. WE GET IT, OK PROFESSOR? I wonder if YOUR government has neglected to tell it’s citizenry anything, ever? Hmmm….. You sound very special and should write a book to fill everyone in. But you make your profound, glib declarations on YouTube comments, an American platform upon which you entertain yourself for free. Ironic. Lol.

  4. America has spent the last 4 years drumming it into the heads of everyone in Afghanistan that they definitely don’t want to be anything like the Americans.

  5. The way she plugged his book and congratulates him there in the end.. is really all you have to know about MSNBC and the way they think about the world around them. What a terrible reporter she is.

    1. So….were gonna bring on a guy who researched and wrote a whole book about this to give us some insight, but never mention the fact.
      Yeah, that would make sense…

  6. There was never going to be a good time to pull out of Afghanistan , so no matter the president presiding at the time they are the scapegoat

    1. This was one of the reason the Vietnam war dragged on for so long. No president wanted to admit defeat.

    2. @Robert van Ruyssevelt Thankfully Biden didn’t have to admit defeat. The orange traitor did that when he unilaterally surrendered to the Taliban and released 5000 of their soldiers.

  7. What does everyone want us to do take on Afghanistan’s enemies forever . If we are we should make it a state and let them start paying taxes .

  8. If US officials have known about the corruption in Afghanistan for some time, why wasn’t anything done about it?

  9. Why spend several hundreds of billions of USD on the US military every year? We should cut the military spending by 90% and come in line with the rest of the world. Wars do not bring PEACE in the 21st century!

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