'There seems to be a confusion:' Erin O'Toole on Canada's vaccine targets 1

‘There seems to be a confusion:’ Erin O’Toole on Canada’s vaccine targets


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole discusses Canada's vaccine targets and ongoing delays with COVID-19 vaccine supplies.

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    1. @Linda Swan I think you mean If Trudeau was a strong leader, he could have invoked the emergency powers act to keep these things from happening. Because Trudeau is the Prime Minister, not OToole.

    2. @Linda Swan O’toole has no jurisdiction over provinces fool. If he could then why are you not asking why the actual PM did nothing??

  1. It’s amazing that we are dealing with a world wide pandemic but yet these companies aren’t sharing their formulas with others. Imagine how easy that would be. bunch of crap if you ask me Stay safe folks

    1. @Peter Jenner The prime minister is busy approving a contract with his buddy Brad Sorenson whom he made a backdoor deal with in *October,* saying as he signed the cheque, “Canada doesn’t have the ability to manufacture vaccines… but here’s $4.7 million… see you in January”

  2. This has been a catastrophic failure of leadership. In March of 2020, investments into domestic production of vaccines should have been a no brainer. Our leadership sheepishly washed their hands of it months later when asked about it and tried to blame it on the last guy. This is not about politics, it’s about saving lives and our economy. We need competent leadership now more than ever before.

    1. Liberal Strategy is very simple (no leadership skills required):
      1. Get elected at any cost
      2. Generously reward those who helped you get elected (using taxpayers’ money)
      3. Get re-elected at any cost
      4 Repeat

    2. It’s never had anything to do with the health and safety of citizens and everything to do with the economy. Destroying it that is. Change my mind. I see only what you all do,isn’t that what’s happening?

    3. @Edgar Foerster . React afterwards . Two words that sums up the Canadian Government
      Sadly any Canadian government. I do agree with you.

  3. So laughable every single one of them don’t have the slightest clue just running around like chicken littles with their heads cut off.Embarrassing and dangerously incompetent.

  4. If O’Tool wishes to be taken seriously the conservatives would park their arrogance and show cdns that they have interests in Canadian taxpaying citizens. Policies have little to with health protection and everything thing to do with facsist controls. The largest nation security threat to Canada (in Cdn history) begins with trudeau.

  5. How handy that neither one of them was “available”. In other words, they have no freaking answers for their abject failures when it comes to vaccines. Run and hide as always.

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