1. America has its own oil—we have the power to be self-sufficient and independent from any country—there is no reason for us to buy any thing from any other country

    1. @Cheryl de Rue I’ve been saying much the same thing. Russia would not have invaded Ukraine without China’s support. Putin anticipated the US/Western response and has made deals with the rest of the BRIC nations, China chief among them. China is the one country that gains the most from this. They will continue to do unfettered business with Russia and the west.

    2. @Cheryl de Rue believe what you want but when the Russian master plan relies on the Chinese hurting themselves to benefit Putin, that’s a bad plan. The Chinese will probably be there to help alright, by buying resources and the Russian economies future for pennies on the dollar. And Putin will gladly do it, because if he sells the motherland to the Chinese they’ll be incentivized to keep him in power. Putin already sold the economy to enrich himself and his oligarchs. The Chinese are in a win win situation. Russia is lose lose. Thank you for making it clear you haven’t even read any primary sources on any of this economic stuff though, you’re just repeating someone else’s talking points

    3. @Tin Man So, when did you lose your marbles? Was it recently? You should start looking for them.

  2. To have all the infrastructure and maintenance and shipping and not use it is more costly then the loss of income. It hurts.

  3. I’m glad he mention it not going to affect them, just goes to show he’s think about America as a whole!! Good reporting most politicians doesn’t think like that

  4. “I think you need to remember, when you talk about domestic oil production, there’s no guarantee that that stays in the United States. When we produce oil in the United States, that goes to the highest bidder.”
    I wish more people understood this. Transportation costs gives domestic oil a small advantage over foreign oil, but ultimately American oil just gets added to the global supply pile. It changes the supply/demand balance and drives prices lower globally. The effect is widespread, but small.
    Now, if Russia was an oil importer instead of exporter, we would be able to refuse to sell them oil. That’s the advantage of energy (or any other resource) independence. You’re in a better place if the global market turns against you. But as of now, the US is at exceptionally low risk of the global market turning against it. This is more a concern for authoritarian regimes, such as Russia and China.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis look what Trump said Nov. 2, 2020 about Biden and oil and Sept 25, 2018 at the UN meeting. He said this will happen. So your boy Biden and yourself are idiots. Like I said take some responsibility for your crappy vote. We are in this situation because of YOU and whoever voted for Biden.

    2. @Bidenisaloser
      Your infantile handle tells us all that you haven’t matured since kindergarten.
      If things were so sweet and rosy under Trump why didn’t he get reelected gramps?
      Forbes and others have said that Obama gave us more than ten years of positive economic growth, which Trump in sailed in on.
      As well as Obama enacted the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which pulled us out of the recession.
      As well as our 401Ks tripled in value during Obama’s presidency.
      What did Trump do to stimulate our economy?
      Still waiting for his health care and infrastructure plans.
      Spent 1.9 trillion plus interest for the wealthy who didn’t need a tax break.
      Your argument has no valid or legitimate substance.
      Just another old retiree ranting about nonsensical gibberish.
      What country are you from gramps?

    3. @Bidenisaloser you.are.under.informed resulting in low.information resulting in nonsense conclusions based on false premises

    4. @Bidenisaloser 2009, the US defecit was high. Obama cut taxes (Yes. He did that) that targeted mainly the middle class, and increased spending in order to address the great recession. As we came out of the recession, the deficit shrunk every year under Obama except 2016, which saw a small increase.
      Trump then took office with a strong economy, and increased the deficit every year of his presidency, mainly due to his tax cuts, which primarily benefitted the extremely wealthy. The only year there was a clear reason to do so was 2020 when the pandemic hit. 2021 (Biden) saw a decrease in the defecit.
      Tax cuts and government stimulus are tools needed to get our economy out of tough times. We need to use the good times to help get our debt in order.
      It’s clear that Obama and Biden understand this, and adapt their policy to the occasion. It’s also clear that Trump either doesn’t know this, or doesn’t care, and is content to leave it up to his successor to clean up after him.

  5. Moratorium’s can be placed back on American oil stay domestic if it is necessary to be energy independent; republicans will not fight such legislation! Now that Russian oil has been cut, they might as well cut off all the others and do what is necessary to become 100% energy independent including cutting American oil off from the global economy so the games that OPEC and Russia play doesn’t effect the price of oil back home!

  6. Good thing I never sold my 2002 Camry from college. Good MPG and it’s helping on gas rather than driving my V8 truck.
    Regardless, this is another reason why working remote will appeal to more people now.

  7. I can’t claim to know why they did this, and I agree it’s not that big of a deal until Europe and some others do the same, but I at least like it from a consistency standpoint. You can’t call out everything Russia is doing (which is horrible btw) and then be like “oh but buying oil gas and coal is still cool”. I know it was a very small amount in the grand scheme of things, but you still have to make it official.

    1. @dog ville McDonald’s are to close all of their restaurants in Russia and still paying the employees.

    2. @D Howard I feel sorry for the Russian people. and the Ukraine people. They both have corrupt oligarchs stealing them blind. Imagine working at a McDonalds and having it close. They must be very worried about their financial status. The everyday ordinary average people in Russia and Ukraine will suffer terribly from this war. A war that did not need to happen at all.

  8. Energy independence is the ultimate power. We should NEVER choose to do business with countries with these corrupt or cruel leaders.

    1. Soon Americans won’t be able to pay the bills and will be going to bed hungry thanks democrats.

    2. @Joe Yamaoyaji sure the right has plenty of trash like lindsey Graham, do you really think the average American is going to care left or right when they are about to really suffer and joe biden is up there saying just take because we are fighting for democracy around the world!

  9. Okay, but just to clarify – there are many of us who understand that there are consequences of our policies ‘at the pump’; and elsewhere. If there are those who need help w/transportation rebates, itc., do it.

  10. In Pennsylvania, more than half of the price of a gallon of gas is sales tax. In California it is even higher. America needs to suspend these taxes until oil stabilizes.

    1. @squidweirdo Yes, and do you think kicking the world dependency on materials from countries like Russia is a good idea for the planet?

    2. Thats never gonna happen. These state governments are even more greedy than the federal government.

    3. biden should get a state of emergency for the economy/national security/energy security, and put a cap on profits for oil companies and a cap on federa/local tax on gas. would drop gas to like 1.50 in 2 days flat. lol

  11. I’m now “riden with Biden”

    -no seriously, I can’t afford gas anymore. I really need a ride

  12. Hey I can say I was not a fan of Biden before this stuff popped off but since he has done ok. Keep it up big man.

  13. ‘We need to invest in clean, independent energy and not fund one dictator over another’ – to paraphrase

    YES YES YES! I am hoping this is the catalyst towards clean renewable energy sources, for the sake of our planet

    1. The grid is not able to carry the amount of electricity it takes
      It’s bleeding electricity everywhere
      Causing fires from bad wires
      Take two decades to replace

    2. Conspiracy News Networks (CNN) “the Mayor said”; “Ukrainian officials said”; “US officials said” ; “Russian officials said.” Conspiracy theories and heresay evidence. The court finds the defendant “Vlad Rittenhouse Putin” not guilty. Court dismissed.

    3. @Teratology You forgot to say….. They said you are a good little sheep….. Better get back to the flock before the shepherd gets angry…..

    4. But people are struggling today. If the technology hasn’t matured yet or increasing capacity would take months or years, then that’ all time during which people are on their own. For example, at least some of the national net zero emissions targets are aiming for 2050. So it seems like carbon reduction is something where they gave themselves decades for the technology to catch up to aspirations.

  14. As long as there are no term limits, we’ll have members of government doing just enough to not get fired.

  15. No, here’s what needs to happen. The multi trillion dollar gasoline companies need to temporarily lower the new higher prices. These companies.always charge the.highest while lobbying for future gains with their heads receiving multi million dollar bonuses yearly. Thus hiding their off shore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes. They can easily afford to help Americans in their time of need and still not go to their retirement broke. It would be the patriotic thing to do.

    1. @Richard Conner oh no. Your hopes of going green is lost with the backlash against Russia. Most of you resources to go green.. Mother nature didn’t eventually spread them out.. she put alot of what we need to go green in countries that is stubborn to do business with US.. and russia were the only ones they were listening to do business with us.

    2. @Richard Conner plus.. natural gas is called bridge energy. And that’s the biggest inside joke that they are fooling you folks with.. again.. where you find oil… you find natural gas. And what are you gonna do with the by product of oil.. burn it off like they did when the natural gas was a worthless by product for fracking for oil lol? Bury barrels of it lol? Hell no.. natural gas will be the excuse to get more oil and make even more plastics.

    3. @David Hodkinson I did not choose to drive up oil prices because a 4% supplier of oil to America has been stopped.Thats the oil industries favorite card to play…GREED.

    4. @Richard Conner I’m surprised people hasn’t caught on with the opensecrets org website and see all who these oil giants paid the most in campaign contributions. Chervon gave more to Biden than Trump. Shell energy wasn’t even trying to hide it.. even threw a big wade of cash to Bernie Sanders. I tried to tell my fellow oil field peeps.. we as peons and grunts.. yeah we may support trump.. but those who are at the top in our business.. lol not so much. I was there for the Russian dump panic.. it was hilarious.. I swear we were close to having to put up the suicide nets for the business/investor end of the week long deflation event. Lol big oil was actually paying peeps not to buy oil.. production was nearly cut down to zero.. and I was basically a facility guard for that week lucky to see only one truck a day. Got alot of Nintendo switch time in that week. Basically paid a couple of grand to play Nintendo switch.

    5. If that Russian oil dump event lasted longer… oh yeah.. domestic would have been pretty much dead in the US. Really never recovered while I was there… but oh boy.. with these prices now.. you best believe they will be jumping out of that wheel chair and running laps in no time like you just witness the holy power of Jesus Christ heal a paraplegic.

  16. The USA has been held back by the oil industry, had they not blocked steps to make America energy independent years past, denied climate change, they would be far more independent now, with less pain.

    1. Really, the USA has been held back by corrupt career politicians who have been backed by the oil companies since the 1920s

  17. I totally agree! No money funnelled to Russia for anything!
    As far as being energy independent, we started trying with Carter, but every time we gained momentum the cost of a barrel dropped so crazy so that we would stop pursuing independence. We need to start being independent now, and get off oil and gass as much as possible.

  18. Am beginning to like CNN again because of their honest report about how American leaders failed to curb Putin excesses in the past.

  19. Excess oil produced in the United States, after domestic supply was met, doesn’t have to go to China. The government could put in place restrictions on exports to only include NATO countries for example. That way the industry would regulate itself to only produce what it can sell.

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