1. She should have known better. Now the price will be paid. What a stupid CHOICE, with bad bad consequences.

  2. She took a substance across international lines where it is illegal. Sorry, but even if it wasn’t a war time she would be in the same situation

    1. @Iquey shouldn’t be a problem if it’s a little amount I’ve brought carts through airport security

    2. @Joseph Stalin international security checks are usually more intensive, not just pass you through and check some random bags like in country flights.

    3. @Carpenter Has she or her lawyer once said it was a plant or not a legit bust? I haven’t heard that. Are you asserting gay blacks should be above the law? Oh, let me guess….they are racist homophobic laws.

  3. Drugs are not tolerated in many countries. You should check the countries drug laws and gay laws before you go. You have to respect the laws of the country you are in.

    1. She’s gay, black and embarrassed the Russian players. Perhaps it was a plant? I know, not in good ol’ Russia for heaven’s sake.

  4. “It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day.” — Kamala Harris

    1. CNN is the WWE of news…fun to watch as long as you know it is just acting. Lets hope they get back to real journalism soon.

  5. Is this the same woman who was charged with domestic violence? I believe she pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and entered a 26-week domestic violence counseling program following her arrest on April 22 in Goodyear, Arizona. Exactly, an icon to whom?

    1. @Krusty Madrid Of course the Juice is an icon, a symbol to many. I don’t do idolatry. If you want to bow to the icons and idols of this world, don’t count on me to join you.

    2. @Tavernum maybe time to get another Icon. There must be better individuals to have as role models.
      Is Ray Lewis an Icon? Chris Brown? OJ Simpson? Ike Turner?
      Not in my world.
      All rich, all wife beaters.
      If you beat up your spouse, you are garbage, irrespective of your bank account or sexual orientation.
      The LGBTQ community can find another rich athlete if that’s what you feel makes an Icon.

  6. My Dad taught me to own up to my mistakes no matter how big or small that they may be.
    She needs to own up to her mistake and face the consequences.

    1. @Rose Petit Frere first of all nobody has compassion for roof. Literally nobody. Not sure where that came from. And the reason we had compassion for Kyle was bc he was being railroaded unjustly. He did nothing wrong. A jury of his peers agreed. That’s how it works In America. Maybe the reason nobody cares about Griner is bc she’s always got terrible things to say about her country, now she screws up and wants her country to save her. And now she’s at the mercy of Russia bc the weakling she helped vote in. He’s scared of Putin’s shadow lol plus he doesn’t give two shits.

    2. @Tenderloin Pride she knew about that law lol. And the real mistake was still being in Russia long after she was advised to leave

    3. @Black Queen what are you talking about? Are you high black queen lol? Enlighten me… what “facts of the case” did I even mention?

  7. Yes shes an icon. I tell my daughter to look at all of mrs griners mistakes and to not follow in her footsteps at all.

    1. What mistakes are you referring to? She seems to be making more money than most Americans her age. The only mistake she has made was going to Russia to make money doing what she loves.

    2. @John Trent Could be but if I was a betting man, I’d say it was a plant. Putin probably got tired of watching her stomp on his white girls.

  8. She had an illegal substance, if she really wanted her legal treatment she wouldn’t of broken the law

  9. The Phoenix Mercury HAVE TO get her back. The loss of 3 jersey sales can make or break a WNBA franchise.

  10. She’s an icon! She needs to own up to her mistakes.

    Her classy tats are certainly something to be duplicated.

  11. Icon? I literally have never heard of this woman in my life until now and I’m finding out that she may not be the most upstanding person. As a fellow American, however, I wish her a safe return.

    1. @Reed Griffin they also do not have free press that why he is ignorant. Opinions of ignorant ppl holds no weight.

  12. I’ve traveled to many countries, and they have strict laws! I was told in Cuba not to bring cigars back with me. If caught with cigars you could be fined or arrested. Don’t break the law period, they don’t play!🤦🏾

  13. She won’t have to worry about the American anthem being played for a long time. She got her wish in a way.

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