1. Increasing numbers of rural (i.e. “lower class”) Russian sons will be “trickled” home in boxes, in hopes of minimizing/obfuscating the impact on the blindly loyal lower-class citizenry.
    White, Slavic, Aryans will be kept to a minimum… particularly the children of “Nowy Muscowy”; Siberian Buryats and Muslim Dagestans have been bearing the brunt of the casualties… as the only was out of their poverty. Krasnodar region, Samara, Novosibirsk, Burata are classic examples… which may explain why Ukrainian washing machines, refrigerators, toilets and womens underwear(??) are such prized war booty.

    1. It`s astounding that those soldiers actually expected to get those washer,dryers and refrigerators home or even across the border. What the heck kind of military do they have one would ask but it seems like a stupid question now.

  2. 🇦🇺 stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦Our Hearts💙💛 and Prayers🙏 go out to all Soldiers fighting for Ukraine. 🌻The people,President Zelenskyy and Residents of Ukraine 🇺🇦💙💛🇺🇦SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦🙏🌻

  3. God Bless the heroes of Ukraine who are standing firm, strong, and determined to prevail against Poutine Hitler Fuhrer, the Ruzzian Zwastika oppressor.

    1. @gifted_ ruler God Bless the heroes of Ukraine who are standing firm, strong, and determined to prevail.

  4. As I repeatedly say, NATO has not moved east, it is the East that has moved west.

    Questions for the Russian people and for all those who support Putin/Russia. (People from the Middle East and Africa).

    If Russia is a “good guy/great country” and the West are bad guys, then why do the Eastern countries (former states/countries of the Soviet Union) want to be part of NATO?

    1. Демобилизованный французский военный, автор книги «Вставай и иди благодаря науке», отправился на Украину с гуманитарной миссией и провёл там три недели. По возвращении он принял непростое решение, которое может стоить ему жизни или, как минимум, создать много проблем: он решил донести до французов информацию о преступлениях, свидетелем которых стал на Украине.

      Вот цитаты из его интервью👇

      Адриен Боке: «Я полностью беру ответственность за то, что скажу. Будучи на Украине, я стал свидетелем военных преступлений. Все они были совершены украинской армией. Но во Франции мы не говорим об этом!

      Когда я вернулся во Францию с Украины, я был шокирован: телеканалы приглашают в качестве экспертов людей, которые не были на Украине и не знают ничего о том, что там сейчас творится. Однако, они осмеливаются рассуждать об этих событиях. Между тем, что я слышу с телеэкрана и тем, что я видел своими глазами, – пропасть.

      Бойцы «Азова» повсюду. С неонацистскими нашивками. Меня шокирует то, что Европа снабжает оружием неонацистов. На их форме повсюду вышита символика эсесовцев. Они не только не скрывают своих взглядов. Они их афишируют. Я работал с этими людьми и лечил их. Они открыто говорят о том, что готовы уничтожать чернокожих и евреев.

      Будучи там, я ничего не мог сделать. Только наблюдать и снимать видео. Я располагаю этими кадрами и буду использовать их в качестве свидетельства преступлений Украины.

      Я стал свидетелем того, как украинские военные простреливали колени пленным русским солдатам и стреляли в голову служащим в звании выше офицерского.

      Я лично видел американских кинооператоров, осуществлявших фальшивую киносъёмку с места событий, устраивающих инсценировки.

      Все разрушенные гражданские здания, выдаваемые Украиной за бомбардировки по мирному населению, – ни что иное как результат неточной стрельбы украинцев по военным объектам.

      ВСУ по ночам прячут боеприпасы в жилых домах, даже не ставя в известность жителей. Это называется использованием людей в качестве щита.

      Буча – это инсценировка. Тела погибших были перемещены из других мест и намеренно размещены таким образом, чтобы произвести шокирующую съёмку».

      Полная версия интервью на французском языке по ссылке:


  5. Moscow’s actions in Ukraine as well as Finland and Sweden formally joining NATO could eventually give Russia a fate similar to one faced by Yugoslavia throughout the 1990s or worse.

  6. Gelendzhik Palace (or one of his completed properties) – that is the Golden Bridge of Sun Tzu for Putin to retreat.
    He sees himself as a political Chess Grandmaster who has won many battles. But in this match he underestimated his opponents, the Ukrainians, and made mistakes like overestimating his own Russian army.
    Now he is losing he can act like a child to throw over the Chess Board and cause a Nuclear war OR gracefully accept defeat by tipping over his King – that means naming his successor and retiring safely to one of his Palaces.
    Thats his psychology and Gelendzhik Palace is his way out!!

  7. Calling up the reserve doesn’t solve the problem of the Russian army. The first month of the war cost many of Russia best units, because of poor planning and lack of logistics. It would take months for the reserve forces to be trained into fighting form. Reserved vehicles have to be retrofitted which takes months.

    1. @Evola’s Sunglasses epic withdrawal and retreat from Kyiv oblast last month after Russia failed to hold the land

  8. Shirley Chisholm:
    “Unless we start to fight and defeat the enemies in our own country, poverty and racism, and make our talk of equality and opportunity ring true, we are exposed in the eyes of the world as hypocrites when we talk about making people free.”

  9. Absolutely astonishing how modern civilization is neither modern nor civilized, at times. Yet this, isn’t even liken to cave era or all that uncommon. Some people are still within the ability to be cool.
    There is still hope.

    1. @Evola’s Sunglasses I would, but I’m watching a documentary about neo-nazis in Russia!

  10. “As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,”
    — Bill Taylor, Acting U.S. ambassador in Ukraine, text message, Sept. 9, 2019

  11. That’s not what happened at all. Russia shelled the pipeline in Ukraine and started fiddling with the gas flow in Luhansk, that made Ukraine shut down the pipeline to prevent a possible blow up, it was an engineering decision. Russia says it caused a reduction of 25% on the amount of gas delivered every day, Ukraine said it is a 33% reduction. Once more, Russia is military disorganised and they shot themselves in the foot, as it will bring 25% to 33% less revenue.

  12. I certainly have only history book knowledge of battles and wars, so I essentially have no hard earned reason to think I have any useful ideas. I would like to share my thoughts, even so.

    Putin gaining any way to twist this whole enterprise into a victory will be a disaster for Europe. I hate to sound so extreme. The ability to defeat Russian attacks, into it’s border regions, is what has to be the upper most concern. These types of incursions are expensive on so many levels for everyone. It is expensive to just try to clean up after the fact. I would beg NATO, the EU, and any other nation trying to assist Ukraine, that if you do not totally defeat THIS Russia, there will be many reasons to regret it very soon. No one wants to humiliate anyone. I get the sense that providing an off-ramp for Putin and HIS Russia, is built into all remedies, peace negotiations, and ongoing talks. Everyone’s well will run dry eventually and the prolongation of this conflict will wear away at many good intentions. I only ask that you think in terms of paralyzing defeat. Why? The lesson this Putin needs to learn is about playing hardball at anytime over any foreign relations events that he, Putin, deems dangerous for Russian security and progress. These areas of his leadership are terribly off course and ungrounded. He has inherited a bubble mentality on top of all basic human concerns for a man his age and condition.

    He doesn’t believe we have any good intentions( meaning all of NATO). He will lose quite a bit if there is a huge public display of defeat that none of the media reports can cover up and tamper with. Ukraine must cripple this Russia. There will be no peace in Europe in the future if we don’t force his troops to have to surrender. That might actually be easier than it seems. He doubles down, he destroys more and more of Ukraine, and his people will only believe a white flag surrender of their own Russian soldiers. That will sadly be the only way to break through the propaganda Putin shoves onto his people.

    While he accuses everyone of diabolical Nazism, we are trying to be fair minded, careful and deliberate. Those two different ideological approaches to PEACE, have no point of intersection or common terrain. Please, at least consider the playbook at the back of all this chaos. His playbook never changes. His playbook must be destroyed for all to see. Humans need reassurance. Food, clothing, shelter, and prosperous futures belong to the Russians too. As long as Putin and his playbook continue to warp the truth about real hope, there will be more mental health problems and more “Putinas” to try to rule by war and fear of war for everyone…including China.

    Just concerned and worried for the global family.

  13. Putin admitted today “I know we’ve been a bit disorganized lately” he said, “so effective immediately we’re moving our forces from the front to the back, the back to the middle, the middle to front, the front the side, the side to the rim, the rim to the flank and the flank to the fringe. With these strategic changes” he said “we expect to win by Tuesday.”

    1. @Michael Scarlino Toilet stolen from Ukraine ie foreign object but seems OK to make beer or vodka in😂

    2. @Michael Scarlino he doesn’t have Parkinson’s. He’s just shaking with fear

  14. When You see all the embassy’s in Europe rejoining especially Germany among others is just great!
    Putin is taking his chance and this type of history is some time to live in.

  15. “Just calm down by imagining that Ukraine is some African, Middle Eastern country or Palestine, and imagine Russia is USA.”

  16. Q: Why don’t aircraft get used much in the Ukraine war?
    A: TOO DANGEROUS, (The Ukraine are monarchies backed and the Russian allies are Dictatorial backed) all the strings everywhere hanging down from ANY of the “governments” involved!

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