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  1. Condolences to the family.
    This is so hard to watch.
    I hope that the soldiers are caught and charged with war crimes.
    Absolutely diabolical.

    1. You’re not watching a movie Ingrid. Where the director says cut and everyone goes has a beer. This is kill or be killed. Those are the only 2 choices you have. Or should have in this situation if you want to return home alive. You’d be shocked I’m sure, if any of your relatives told you what they did when they were in a war. But I’m just as sure you’re delighted they’re around and in your life.

  2. Hard to even imagine a casual conversation that later turns into what this video shows a “knife behind your back”

  3. My Mennonite grand parents on both sides were tortured by Russians revolutionaries in the Ukraine..that was 100 years ago, but as a child, i saw the 3 bullet scars in my grandpa’s chest made while his mom and brother died before his eyes , lined against a wall and shot in their home. On my oma’s side is the story of my great grandfather’s fiegned execution behind his barn. The Russians stripped him down and took him behind the family barn and made him kneel down while they took a sword and raised it above his neck and brought it down broadsides while they laughed and he cried. As a peace loving people we were taught to never avenge these horrific crimes but there were thousands of them comitted against these quiet peace loving people. Pray for peace always…it is our best option always!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Mennonite people are lovely, we always buy sausage from a little shop nearby that they run. Very good stuff

    1. @D Sab yes because I’m confused how you came to that conclusion when they are clearly enemy combatants…

  4. How awful. And unnecessary. And inexcusable, like everything else Russia has been doing for a long time now.

  5. It’s not a potential war crime, it’s plain murder.There is no justification for what these Russian soldiers did.

  6. This one of the most inspiring moments in history. A smaller country driving back a larger and authoritarian corrupt country. Go Ukraine!

    1. We can only hope they’ve become intimately acquainted with a few artillery shells and are spread across some field right now.

    1. it is evil – let there be no doubt about that. But it isn’t ‘Russian’ evil… They just have a society where corruption is more obvious (capitalism crushing communism had a lot to do with the state of affairs in Russia presently – similarly the chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq will most likely lead to another hardliner).

    2. @corbeau No – sorry. No excuses for this. Would you say the same thing about the concentration camps in WW2 – it’s just their society and the fault of other countries? Germany was brutal even before WW1. Russia was brutal before the fall of communism.
      How many others did the Russians execute in this way?

  7. This is heart breaking. Those men weren’t any kind of a threat to those butchers. SLAVA UKRAINE!!!

    1. @BabyJake 777 So…not Nazis?

      It sounds like you’re saying this isn’t a “special military operation”

  8. Thank you very much!You helping Ukraine,we need truth to be shown to
    people, because Russian army does such atrocities and much worse and says IT IS NOT TRUE!
    God bless America!

  9. This is just what we are able to see about the Russian soldiers’ atrocities and inhumanity. Think about those cities under the Russian occupation, how those people are being treated? Most likely, they have been brutally tortured, raped and killed.

  10. This is hard evidence of a war crime being commited. May God blesses Ukrain and its soldiers and protects it from pure evil.

  11. This is why I don’t feel bad for Russian soldiers as their tanks are being blown up by Ukraine forces.

  12. I can’t even imagine what the Ukrainian people are going through under Russian occupied territory. God bless the Ukrainian army and hopefully they can expel the evil of what the Russian forces are, out of their lands sooner than later.

  13. The world needs to see this. The Russians should have learned the international rules in war. Their behaviors reflected the total disrespect for human life and the laws. The world community needs to hold Putin and the soldiers accountable for their crimes against the civilians.

  14. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, March 30 1953

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