1. We must say the names of the senators and house members than won on the same ballot that T**** lost on. We must ask them continuously to explain their wins?

    1. Why don’t you just concentrate on being responsible enough to avoid the problem altogether 😉

  2. Oh, SE, Lindsey has been “out” for so much longer than that. We all know, even if he pretends otherwise. #LadyG

  3. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Republicans and Democrats. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. Exactly! We have to vote the oligarchy aka the Democrats out ASAP. We need our Constitutional Republic back

  4. lindsey just doing what he ‘s told to do , because he’s been up for sale to the highest bidder .

  5. Lindsey Graham, his specialties include Double Talk, Fake Outrage, being able to speak outta both sides of his mouth and the same time. And the Ever Popular;
    Flip Flopper.

  6. Yeah he says that but yeah he’s also on a tape in Georgia saying and doing the exact opposite. Hypocrite yes co-conspirator to treason absolutely the evidence is overwhelming.

  7. Is Graham never to be called out for his flagrant duplicity, for his regularly artful public performances? Graham’s antics indicate he thinks ‘what a bunch of asses the American people are.’ He counts on his political future’s continuity, relying on the apparent foolishness of his constituents.
    And indeed, one must ask if he isn’t right? Graham keeps being returned to office by the very people he mocks with every twist and turn he makes; there’s been no end of his gyrations in the last six years yet nobody from his state publicly calls him out.

  8. Graham needs to be asked frequently about Trump’s dementia – and whether he or his buddy is getting worse faster.


  9. Ms Cupp, I can only hope we are in the same reeducation camp after The Donald returns. At least there will be some intelligent discussion available.

  10. Jan 6 th. Broke the heart of most Americans. Men were killed, hurt and damaged. My Lord what is the matter with this man? I wished someone would play the tapes to Graham,the things he said through the years. Shame on all of them.

  11. “There are more flip flops with Lindsey Graham than there are on Myrtle Beach.”
    – Jamie Harrison

  12. I blame the so called ‘leaders’ of the GOP. Had they unified and said no to the insanity, Trump and maga would be gone.

  13. Trumpanzees in 2020: “Biden’s 78. That’s way too old to be president.”
    Trumpanzees in 2022: “78-year-old Trump for president in 2024!”

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