These Dogs Are Trained To Detect Covid Infection At Miami Airport

Rachel Maddow reports on a new program at Miami International Airport that uses dogs trained to sniff out Covid infection as a preliminary check of airport staff arriving to work. 
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  1. I love it ❤. I love dogs and all animals. So happy with all they are able to do. Let’s treat dogs and all animals with love and care.

    1. @Sheila Davidson I just imagined dogs going around barking at diabetics lol. I know what you mean though. Dogs that signal at abnormal blood sugar

    1. That would suggest that you didn’t train her well enough, and likely indulged her instead, that’s why _you’re_ working _for her_ and she’s not working for her rewards.

    1. @Andrew Li actually humans taught them that. In the wild, in a wolf pack their domesticated nature would have to adapt – they would have to become fighters to survive.

  2. Frikkin dogs are the best. Better than most humans. My best buddy is actually staring at me now with his keen interest in my wonderment about this post.
    Good Boy!!! ❤️🐕

    1. @cc Rider 🇬🇧 American beef is given weight enhancing hormones. Can’t do humans eating it any good. It’s illegal in the EU and still is in UK but dozy Boris will let it into the country given half a chance.

  3. Dogs without any such training naturally use their sense of smell to detect any health problems, including skin problems, as part of their regular self grooming process.

    1. Completely different,on humans they find skin cancers, etc that admit scents like other diseases do, didn’t know a virus had a scent?

    2. My neighbor’s dog jammed her nose into my abdomen so hard it hurt, right over my tumor. I was already diagnosed and scheduled for surgery in a couple of days, but it was still amazing.

    3. Some dogs can smell an impending seizure, so there must be minute changes in the body that are detected by the olfactory glands – the same probably goes for COVID virus, especially because the droplets inside the masks are coming from an infected person.

  4. Dog can smell sugar high and low levels in diebetic. Cancer high blood pressure. Seizures. Hormones change before periods and pregnancy in a close relationship with owner. 🐕👍🇬🇧

  5. Philippines already has a training center for dogs sniffing covid positive people since Oct 2020, but until now not used or implemented for public areas but for airports.

  6. Dogs: take pandemic seriously, and start working at covid test locations
    Republican humans: taking de-wormer for horses.

  7. The first man who spoke in this report ,clearly knows nothing of a dog’s capabilities and was trying be belittle their efforts. He’s a fool.

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