Idaho Suffering Tragic Mismatch Of Severe Covid Crisis And Misguided Political Leadership

Idaho State Rep. Ilana Rubel talks with Rachel Maddow about the extremity of the Covid crisis in Idaho that is forcing overcrowded hospitals to ration the care they can give while the political leadership is bent on eliminating mitigation measures that would help slow the rate of infection.Β 
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    1. Nurses above all else have been severely impacted by this pandemic. In ways that doctors don’t even deal with themselves.

    2. @Vicky P we’re not all staying unvaccinated because we refuse. I’ve had 3 medical issues that are holding me up. I’m quarantining and wearing a mask when it’s necessary to go shopping. I’m maintaining social distancing by using my cart.

  1. 1,500 people dying everyday. Remember when Trump said Covid was just a little flu? The most incompetent and dangerous President of the USA.

    1. 150k die everyday resulting in roughly 50+ Million per year. So what. That’s life.
      Yet over 100+ Million are born every year.
      Human race isn’t going away any time soon.

    2. @keepit kawaii It’s not over wtf?! That’s why biden is making vaccines MANDATORY and trump is ENCOURAGING them

    3. @raymondwise read your comment wrong lol. I was quoting trump..he said it was gonna be over by Easter 2020. We were all in lockdown by that point. I was poking fun at the fact that he lied about the severity of it and mislead the public.

    1. @Cheryl Jones πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

    2. @John Nielson Yeah and the legislators got into office by magic. Certainly they weren’t voted in by all of those nice and wonderful people were they? Get a clue. They didn’t get in there by accident. Rather you live here or not you have no ground to stand on in defending this disgraceful state. It is indeed a beautiful state and has some of the best fishing in the country. Too bad those beautiful fish and forests aren’t able to vote in decent human beings.

    3. @Laughs Trash You hit the nail dead center on the head with your comment. We have some of the worst statistics of any state in the country. 47th in education, 3rd in teen suicide, abortion laws just as rotten as Texas and I could go on and on.

    1. @Mick Swagger they haven’t been left! They had plenty of notice about what was happening months in advance in fact they knew in Feb 2020 when Trump surrendered to the taliban that the US was leaving! Most of these people chose to stay with their families. Why do you Trumpanzees pretend that you give a s**t about Muslim Americans in Afghanistan, you fool no one!! You lot would like nothing more than to see all Muslims “sent back to were they come from” as you like to refer to it.

    2. True but it does not help constantly misinforming people.i will unsubscribe from fox .pretty sure the big shots from fox are vaccinated .they should not be degrading the health care professionals .they are simply discusting . To many are caught up by bad info and dying because of it.

    1. @Ugh, the humanity! if you only watch this garbage it would appear so. You gotta have an open mind and learn both sides of the story before you make an statement

    2. Most people are clueless that the second wave a year ago also was only republican states . . The re-pubs intend to keep this virus around for three years . . . the first one would’ve been a Republican wave if it had started in those states . . it was only luck for America that the virus landed in Washington and New York . . Dem states . . the ‘No Spred States’

  2. The current leadership will never concede to admitting they made a mistake. How many people are going to die because their egos won’t allow them to admit they “F’d” up. The modern GOP proving that they love their constituents to death.

    1. Biden and Harris both said the vaccine would take years, and stated they would NEVER take the Trump vaccine. They have LITERALLY done nothing! Trump’s vaccine program was already going 1M a day before January 7th, and Pfizer / Moderna had already received their $3.9B to produce the rest. Biden-Harris have done _nothing._

    1. @RealTalk Barca Only used as a SINGLE dose if over 15kg weight for certain paracitic infections and NOT for Covid19.

    2. I love Rachel… she does a great job of explaining things and beautiful details so that the average everyday person can understand chain of events that are unfolding

    3. Ivor Gripes Oh sorry I got it mixed up with the other story that she lied about about people overdosing, On the stuff that Joe Rogan took
      so yeah I got the stories mixed up
      Either way she never apologise for lying about that

  3. Please give them what they want. Creat a hospital for covid patients, attended to by anti vax healthcare workers who give alternative treatments. end of story. take the fight out of the thing.

    1. @Mickey Andres Right – you must mean that guy that cheated his way in by getting the deep state to flip the voting machines – while delivering a tonne of hand scribbled ballets in the sandwich van?

    2. Most of us didn’t realize that the likes of Sean Hannity and Company have been creating this delusional world where they must go to war for a decade or more!

    3. This is just a continuation of the Trump era by the Republicans left in office from the state to federal level. Keep the so called 99% fighting one another. And its working. Vaccine/mask vs. anti-mask/anti-vaccine. Meanwhile every elected Republican has their vaccine, but will tell the public to not wear a mask or get a vaccine. And the stupid will fall for politicians telling them to put themselves and their families at deadly risk.

    1. “We know better than medical health experts!”… until they get sick and they swamp our hospitals gasping (they don’t have the breath to scream) “Save us, doctor!”

    1. Must be from consuming BOGUS POTUS-45’s Kool-Aid prescription – bleach, hydroxychloroquine, now ‘ivermectin’.

    1. @jacob freeman It was a Democrat President who got this country out of the Depression. Dems. Have nothing to do with housing prices anyway. Free Markets Capitalism.

    2. Property was already cheap, still wouldn’t go unless enough liberally minded people went to change their politics 2 0r 3 people should be enough to flip the state. lol

  4. These people are taking themselves out by their own ignorance. Wow.
    Their thoughts and views are wrapped is intense hatred,
    which blinds and destroys
    itself, inevitably.

    1. @Razian Amira Exactly, and who’s to say that your interpretation is any where near the correct one. Maybe everything you believe is completely wrong, because how do you know that it is? Did someone else tell you? Maybe you were tricked?
      Who decided God is a man?

    2. @Willliam Fish. I am not deciding anything, Jesus says it in the Bible. Second, just because some one says they belong to something, doesn’t mean they do. Many people have claimed to have served in the military, but then it turns out that they never served a day, and are in fact valor stealing. Same thing with some Christians, or any group for that matter. Hope this helps, God bless.

    3. @Rich Smith Have you read the original text as you may find you, by your own definition, could be a false Christian??

  5. There must be an underlying medical reason for this outbreak of stupidity. The rest of the world looks on in disbelief.

    1. @James Knott the northern part of the state houses the White supremacists and The Backwoods Clans(this is my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl). These people outnumber the educated and less willfully ignorant in the southern part of the state.

    2. @Brad Canning Americans do know and do vote. But corporate donors equates to money. And money equates to who wins primaries, and final elections. 50% of Americans get their “facts” from whatever source their confirmation bias points them to. And that bias usually entails some form of extremist religion.

    3. @dan koz
      Of course, you may die if you have serious health problems already.
      And you will die surely anyway in that case, if you get infected with CoVid19.
      But millions die because they don’t take the jab. Just figure the consequences, if a large part of the population willingly doesn’t take the jab.

    4. @Becky Johnson The vaccines protect you from DEATH! Something your limited intellect won’t let you understand. Ignorance is what we are born with, stupidity is the refusal or inability to learn, when there are facts available. Some people are just lazy, stopping their thought process, when the first thought they have, seems to be the easy way out.

    5. Kruchev promised that he would retaliate and destroy America without firing a shot. . . . The Chinese and Russians have been perfecting brainwashing for 60 years . . . ( successful Jonestown hi tech brainwashing ) and then Facebook and the smartphone came along to make it expotenially easier.

  6. Pathologist, huh? Sounds like he’s looking to make sure he’s never going to have to dig up any work in the future.

  7. It’s looking like so many magamorons are dying from deliberate stupidity that the national IQ average will climb by 10-20 points by the end of the year.

    1. @Bimmer Fan stop making assumptions. Republican allow people to make decisions for themselves rather than force people to do something.

    2. @Diego A really Desantis is deciding school can’t force students to wear masks,that women don’t have a choice over their body, if someone calls them out they should be impeached and all his other control over people in Florida. The people should vote on this not politicians. It is still your world don’t let him take it away.

    1. @ANGEL He will. An email came out warning physicians that their licenses will be suspended or revoked and their board certification may be revoked for spreading Covid vaccine misinformation and disinformation 2 days ago.

    2. @C B Yes. I was relieved to receive the email from the ABIM. The ABIM, ABP, and ABFP issued a joint statement in support of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) statement against vaccine disinformation. Are you also an internist?

      For those who are not familiar, The ABIM governs board certification. This is different from licensure. Licensure is a necessity to practice medicine and is handled on a state by state basis. Board certification on a national level and is PREFERRED by most employers and patients as a sign of excellence and implies a level of expertise.

      The pathologist mentioned in the video could potentially lose his license and thus his day job with the lab. He could still make a lot of money spreading vaccine disinformation though.

    3. The experts on TV are one and the same with the ones that announced WTC7 collapsing 26 minutes before it imploded. The ones paid to report news buy the factions who created both the virus and the vax.

  8. Remember: This is a red state. Many administrators don’t like the truth in this regard. They like populism as opposed to realism.

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