These owners had to close their iconic restaurants during the pandemic. Hear their stories 1

These owners had to close their iconic restaurants during the pandemic. Hear their stories


Stay at home orders fundamentally changed the restaurant business, forcing some owners to shutter stores they had worked passionately to bring to life.Hear their stories.

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  1. This brings Tears to my eyes the local restaurants in our neighborhoods share their culture with us this is a shame I have been wondering what can I do to help our local restaurants besides Patronizing

    1. @Ti Gq No doubt. They thumb their noses at regulations and then when flooding and freezing occur, they blame government! Some more of that Red State Reasoning: “We don’t need no gubba mint reg your lay shuns” and then blame government when the stuff the regulations (which they deliberately chose to ignore) are supposed to safeguard against happens to them!

    2. Covid is fake, genius, the democratic party is the serpent left antichrist network which is the devils legion, you’re the played out sucker.
      Its tragic

    3. All your sick people is the flu and whatever labmade bullshit they’re killing the old people with.. Cnn sissies pawned u out, really?

  2. People have put their everything into these businesses their whole life savings everything that they have it in this business

    1. And the new plan is for us to be happy with nothing…. says the world economic forum..
      And Tony Fauci never abided the guidelines he created in the 90s , even not knowing anything about the virus contact tracing is to be performed immediately after knowing…. Tony Fauci knew about it in December and failed to abide by the guidelines he created …he waited 4 months and then told us in April people shouldn’t be wearing masks… now its triple masks or your dead… I’d stop trusting these idiots and start doing research because anyone born after 2001 doesn’t remember how Fauci stopped SARS, and it was immediately doing contact tracing in Florida where it started , And MERS same thing contact tracing immediately not 4 months later…

    2. @Benjamin Smith 99.9% survival rate. We’ve been played and what’s going on in Texas is a MAN MADE disaster as well. All part of the Global Reset/Plan

    3. @Dogs are Fun at least some people are awake ! Heck yeah Dogs are Fun , next is synthetic foods and even more destruction because people think solar panels are saving the world , but have no clue about how mining works and that just copper alone youd have to dig a mile down just to strike a vein, and if a quarry is a mile deep it has to be 3 to 5 miles wide …Great Reset

  3. If Trump had went into “warp-speed” at its inception,[Trumps Kung Flu] Me and mine would all be vaccinated, masked, distanced, and sanitized at Disneyland right now, because it’s my “birthday”. “BUT NOOOOO”! [sigh]

    1. You do realize that most drugs take 2 to 3 years to get approved and this took about 6 months to move out. So, yeah, “warp speed” before Biden.

    2. @SsgKevin USA Ret the reason it took 6 months is they have been working on this type of vaccine for years. It had NOTHING to do trump,

  4. So the diversion of small business support to “suffering churches” wasn’t worth it as it left the small businesses stranded?
    Who would have thunk that a deliberately bad support policy by the government has devastating effects on local businesses?

  5. I only feel for the small businesses in this regard. Those super upscale, bullshit restaurants are getting what they deserve.

  6. Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title of King? And the Pride Land was overrun by hyenas? And all the lions lost everything they had built and maintained? Just asking. No reason.

  7. Wonder if all the resturant closings even made a difference since the virus still spread like wildfire ecen with restuarants shut down

  8. Only “essential” businesses remain open. Translation: Big Donors are essential. Small business didn’t realize they had to “pay to play”. End of story.

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