What Xi Jinping was like as a young Communist official visiting the US 1

What Xi Jinping was like as a young Communist official visiting the US


In a conversation with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, former Ambassador to China Terry Branstad describes meeting Xi Jinping in the 1980s as the Iowa governor when Xi was a young Communist official.

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    1. sorry. Covid 19 is still widespread in America, not China. perhaps America should spend 50years to fix it. btw, you can cover up the pandemic, just like CUOMO, that is another quick fix in less than 50 years

  1. Lol, strange EU and the rest of the world are ignoring what USA is saying, except USA, they belive everyone are with them

    1. Ya, it was actually, because of the EU that Trump got rid of the sanctions on Russia. They are Russia’s largest trading partner for many years now. Biden said recently he isn’t going to do anything about China. India might have to, which would pull in the Commonwealth, and effectively the rest of NATO. It’s very hard to predict how things will really go though.

  2. US spent too much time on discussing on other countries’ government rather than its own government. Today’s US is more and more like a third world country. The poor is getting poorer, the rich is getting richer.

  3. This is so sad! They pulled out this poor man and made him read a talking points script for an agenda. He looks lost, and I genuinely feel bad for him.

  4. In short, some people deliberately decided to embrace Big Snake..
    The other people were just silent watchers.
    So , pls just dont be surprised…when Snake bite you..

  5. It doesn’t matter what he was like back then. Xi is / was a man of ambition and ruthlessness but kept it within him till he became the most powerful man in China. Then he slowly showed his true colours

  6. Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title of King? And the Pride Land was overrun by hyenas? And all the lions lost everything they had built and maintained? Just asking. No reason.

  7. During the same period of time, the US also become less democratic where half of the nations believe a despotic leader owned the GOP party and all dissension apart from Trump’s nationalist agenda is censored.

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