1. Norway and Sweden deal very well with these temperatures and their wind mills run in winter. By the way, how do the Canadians and Russians transport natural gas in winter?

    1. I’m in rural Alaska. I don’t have problems with fuel oil or propane in the cold.
      Propane stays liquid at -43.6°F and I need only gas, so any temp above that and my generator and stove work just fine. Fuel oil to the furnace hasn’t been a problem unless the tank is empty, an all to common problem.

    2. Texas doesn’t see the cold like this so those kind protections they have in northern climates – including northern US states – do not exist in Texas. Lines are freezing because they are not protected and are not dug deep enough. Complicating this is Texas had cut themselves off the grid in the US so while they don’t ship power out, they also can’t ship power in. So they did this to themselves.

  2. Instead of focusing on fixing the problem, their politicians are rushing infront of TV’s to lie. Blaming a green new deal that doesn’t even exist won’t safe someone who depends on power to use their ventilators for oxygen tonight. Wtf is wrong with the world!?

    1. Oh, and what’s saving those people on ventilators is the plastic made from oil and the back up generators running off fossil fuel.

    1. Hell yeah people let’s go green!! See wtf happens when solar panels get covered in ice and snow and wind turbines get iced up and stop. Yeah so excited to go green

    2. Christian Edwards – You think Biden can stop oil drilling with an executive order? And it just instantly stopped?

      Biden had nothing to do with it, and you obviously don’t understand even the basics of how these things work.

    1. Unfortunately Perry hasn’t been quiet. Says Texans should be happy to endure 3 daya without power in order to stay away from gov’t regulation of our power grid. Gross.

    2. i just saw them interview perry and all i could think of wast him not remembering that third thing… then i also remembered when he was appointed sec of energy and didn’t realize he was in charge of nuclear power. perry is someone who should never chime in on anything important, or anything for that matter. he’s as dumb as the day is long.

  3. I live in Canada – we experienced a week of -50f (-45C) weather. Nothing froze and shut down. Why? Maintained infrastructure and the basic competence of government regulation. You know, civil society and a recognition that this is 2021 and not the 1400s. But, if you’re stuck in below freezing temps in your house, you can stay warmer by building an indoor tent and having everyone in your home stay together in the small space (body heat). If you have an actual tent, awesome – set that up. If not, make a “fort” out of sheets. Build a little fire outside (not inside) and heat rocks or bricks in it. Put that into a pot and bring it into your little tent with you.

    1. @Jake Stockton This is not a competition. Stop putting others down that are lirerally trying to help while you spew division. Ur disgusting and are probably a Trump touting republican. Stfu if u don’t have anything productive or helpful to say. PS: Rush Limbaugh died today and Trump Hotel demolished. Now, go cry in ur corner

    2. I also remember when Ontario was paying double suddenly for Hydro bills, and a Toronto MP said “Canadians are just living such lavish lifestyles with heat, and should do what you said”. He also compared our climate to the island of Malta in the same statement.
      Hydro claimed the spike was due to a loss of finances from cold weather/tree damage……Due to a lack of preventative maintenance.

    1. @First Last Joe’s America? typical. Give Trump credit for Obama’s economy then wash his hands of all crime and incompetence.

    2. @First Last Obama did everything for the economy. Trump only did what Putin told him to. He’s a puppet, just like you are. You’re so way down the ladder…

    3. @imark It is not the responsibility of the government to take care of cold people. Cold people need to take care of themselves.

    1. I am living in Texas, and I am experiencing power outages. However, it has been lasting for twice a day maybe for a few hours at a time. So I’m good in Dallas,

    1. @John Blay right, thank you. The people who actually work on the machines would actually know. I don’t care what party you’re with you sir have a brain too.

    2. @Christian Edwards after 40 years of building plants around the world, worker bees know the reasons & its usually about saving a buck and not designing for a “ what if”.

    3. @John Blay yeah they don’t add in those fail safe systems, or cut corners. Or a combination of ill planning.

    1. only in texas, with all that oil money would they choose not to winterize based on cost, just in case a worst case scenario visits… poor leadership, as they are tasked with planning for disasters like this.

    1. @The Gauch Federal Regulations require insulated infrastructure. You know, in states like Wisconsin, North Dakota, Utah, Idaho, New York, Montana, or Maryland where they experience below-freezing temperatures every year but this doesn’t happen.
      Every state except Texas has this regulation, but none of them, except Texas, have this problem.

    2. @Tanner when is the last time Texas had below freezing temps
      Like this……

      So every warm weather state has insulated infrastructure????

      What would be an example of that?

    1. @lonny W
      so profits matter more than anything? you can pollute the environment, use child labor, pay starvation wages, etc. as long as the business makes money.
      we could bring back all the jobs from china, if only we could treat employees like they do in china.

    1. @Master Blaster actually Trump is an elite. But not liked by the globalists. They don’t like how he says too much and that’s why the news outlets hate him because they can’t control him while he was president and if they can’t control the president they can’t control us. I’m sure he has his place but the globalists are much worse than you can imagine.

    2. @Master Blaster That’s his opinion and he’s allowed to have it. You don’t have to like it or agree with it. Hmm what is Biden doing right now on how to handle this crisis? Oh I know he’s at Camp David playing mario kart. Smh

    3. Yeah. I’m like, I don’t care who did what. Just freaking fix it. This is so horrible. God help us all in Jesus name. Amen.

    4. @#BidenIsIllegitimate Wow. Your picture is pretty evil looking. You don’t have to like the way someone think, but you shouldn’t wish for them to be killed. Smh.

    1. @The Unspoken Ah I’m in Texas. SMH. And I don’t share that insight. So, don’t speak bad things on all of us. That will probably happen to you. Be careful of what you speak. Me and my son have been without electricity since yesterday morning, and it is absolutely horrible. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Watch your freaking mouth. Smh.

    2. @Master Blaster AL gore famously wrote a book saying global warming would stop all snow by 2000. So now it’s climate change!

    3. @Jake Stockton December 10, 1898
      Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory as a result of the Treaty of Paris, signed on December 10, 1898. According to the terms of the treaty to end the Spanish-American War, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the U.S., along with the Philippines and Guam.

    1. Didn’t they just blame global warming? How is that different than California reducing forest management, and then getting large forest fires?

  4. key phrase to focus on: “private company that runs 90% of texas’ electric grid”… this is what happens when you put private companies in charge of utilities in a capitalist society.. profit is their driving factor, so costs get cut to increase profit and we get what happened this week

    1. Ya for another example of that in Ontario Canada the Liberals sold bulk shares of the government owned power grid to a private corporation. People’s bills went to $500+ monthly for about 2 years.

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