‘These People Aren’t Worth $15 An Hour’: Labor Shortage Means Worker Power

“Another way to say ‘labor shortage’ is to say ‘worker power,’” says Chris Hayes on why the American recovery is empowering workers. 

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  1. Maybe some business owners should go take a part time job on off days like they think you should.

    1. @Munchie RedEyes that’s doesn’t mean you know anything about economics you just have money to stock brokers

    2. Or live at that income level for a couple of months without adding any money they have saved.

  2. Is easier for them to blame unfilled jobs on unemployment benefits than on their slave wages.

    1. @William Springer they don’t get cash, they get food, shelter and clothes for their wages.

    2. @Eve L. can’t find a job unless you take the poison. that’s why nobody is filling these positions. ***-(-What a shame that our country is supplying these bioweapons to 3rd world countries and forcing them on innocent children. It’s criminal what’s happening! The only reason the borders are open is b/c they want to chip everyone around the globe and they know that people trying to escape their own country’s evil would take the vaccine for a chance to live in ours. Little do they know that it’s no better here anymore.)***—


    3. Yup, it sure is. That way, instead of admitting how long wages have been stagnant, they can just say people don’t want to work, that they prefer doing nothing.

    4. Lucky – when the federal benefits and the state unemployment dries up, what are these people going to do?

    1. @H K S – Tell me. What skills do you have and how much do you expect me to pay for them? By the hour?

    2. @Polar Opposite – I’ve been asking the skills/wage question for two months now and no one has answered.
      I hear you. Only mental health therapy is going to fix this situation.

    3. @Scott Harrison yes small businesses are hurting, so if they can’t make money, that is Capitalism, let them be gobbled up by the big chains

  3. Geez, it’s almost as if people are sick and tired of being taken advantage of….. AND …. LET’S THINK….🤔. WE LOST A LOT OF WORKERS ALSO!!! 600,000+😥😥

    1. Supply and demand, basic business isn’t it. I’m reminded of a documentary I saw on the BBC about the plagues in the 1340s. As I remember it, one of the points made was that because so many people were lost it brought an end to serfdom.

    2. @Homer Wolfe – It will be a matter of 3 months when the Federal benefits and the state unemployment runs out and people will be begging for their old job back.
      Let me ask you something. What skills do you have and how much is that skill worth? hourly wage.

    3. @Linda Renee Try studying the easily available science. The CDC & JHH provide much information. When dealing with very large groups of people there will be conflicting anecdotal evidence. Yes maybe confusing but also to be expected.

  4. I rather pay extra for my food at a restaurant and not tip, that way owners have to pay their workers a living wage

    1. @Political Counterpoint why do I have to tip restaurants and not McDonald’s Burger King or Taco Bell when they are giving me food and sometimes they work way harder

    2. @3guys1girlandfetus Trust me McDonald’s employees don’t work way harder then a server in a real restaurant. Fast food restaurants are a totally different model then your conventional restaurant. Fast food restaurants are more of a entry level job, for example a high school student or a college student working their way through school, it’s not meant to be a career long term job unless you want to get into management. As we raise the minimum wage those entry level jobs will disappear and be replaced with automation. It’s already happening and I look at this as a negative because kids need to have opportunities working for businesses like this to give them some extra cash as well as the learning experience that will help them later in life.

    3. @Political Counterpoint income disparity has risen, and income is no where close to productivity as compared to higher echelons in the companies
      In other words, workers work harder for less pay

    4. I have years of first hand experience with this topic. Maybe a minimum living wage will be equivalent to the wages and benefits of a starting federal employee on the GS scale. And include working conditions, vacation, time off, and job protection.

    5. @Political Counterpoint What survey are you citing? Are people being offered a jobs package similar to the ones public service employees receive? Have you ever supported yourself and your family by working in the restaurant industry? Or do think you know what’s going on? Or do you lack experience or a well founded point of view?
      Trifling snippets are not the bricks upon which a society’s business road are built.

  5. Gee, I wonder why we can’t find someone to work this entry work position paying 8$ an hour requiring 19 years of experience

    1. @Hulda Liljeblad WHATS A Tounge / tongue , better to write native language . why do you people who are so into what happens in the usa . i could care less what happens in eUROPE . BORING PEOPLE

    1. @J Barnhart funny. my realtor didn’t say a thing about a tip when I bought my house, nor did any of the car salesmen I bought cars from. BECAUSE THEIR COMMISSION WAS PART OF THE NEGOTIATED PRICE.

    2. @Eric Staples Working an 8 hr shift, I’ll bet…not.
      If you’re selling $100 worth of food an hour, good for you. Tough to do, I’d like to watch. Wouldn’t want do it.
      Does that include tipping out…?
      Does that include a paycheck, or tips only.
      The reason you “don’t know” is because you don’t have any experience…

    3. @Ken Brown Oh, and I know more about real estate than you do too. Was he an agent, or a salesperson? Either way, he gets NO salary, an agent gets profits from the business…ALL sales through that agency.
      The salesperson? Just “tips”, the AGENT decides how much.

    4. @J Barnhart I wasn’t asked to give any money to any assistants, either.
      seems to me all you know more about is creating word salads to try to justify the idea of businesses making their customers pay their employees instead of the business paying them.

  6. Well if wages kept up with the cost of living no one would be bothered by a 5% increase in the cost of a burrito.

    1. thing is no jab, no job. they want us all to take it so we are chhipped and easy to control with one flick of a switch, just like a computer. gates said it himself, he wants to install and operating. system.. in . the body.

    2. @Emily Schueller not if the CEOs wages were also at the same rate they were (about 20x the wage of the lowest wage of the company, instead of a minimum of 300x like it is today)

    3. Emily Schuler, I think most people going from $7.25 an hour to $15 per hour would be willing to accept a 5% cost increase, don’t you?

  7. Isn’t that called Capitalism? Funny how that is not understood when the “CEO” of a company has to pay more to an employee.

    1. @Pat Doyle So your definition is what. the best? lol Corporatism:A concept of a political economic system in which economic decisions are achieved through negotiation between centralized corporate bodies representing interest groups. In particular, under corporatism wages are determined through collective negotiations between the representatives of employers and workers. An example of a corporatist system is the New Deal in the US in 1933–45. The idea of corporatism as collectivism and social justice without elimination of private property was formulated as an alternative to socialism. STFU

    2. @Pat Doyle also you fail to add you talk of the perversion of “corporatism” by the state. In that instance it is no longer corporatism. Corporatism can be broken down into a simple methodology: big government helps big corporation, which, in turn, helps big government. It is the implementation of coercive power by these greedy ruling classes that rob the other non-criminal parties of their freedom.

      History is the undeniable witness to the fact that such activity has led to conflict, collapse and war. All those opposed to war and other ramifications of corrupt party interactions, take a stand against government-assisted corporatism which has been highlighted by the resergence of an empowered labor market after covid job losses.

    3. @Michael O’Connell wasting your time with pat doyle. He/she is nothing more than a conflicted SJW. Unfortunately with SJWs there is nothing outside of therapy that can be done to make things right. I gave rights to him/her that are afforded by the government. I heard crickets, which only confirms my SJW diagnosis.

    4. @Charles L Jones
      Yeah, credit cards are the new “company store”. Put people in debt they can often never escape.

  8. That extra cost could come out of the executive salaries, but…that would be fiscally responsible and that’s not what American business is about.

    1. most of these restaurants are run by local enterprisers who barely make 70K a year from the business and they are working in it! Where’s the money coming from? I swear you people are so fcking ignorant. It’s Joe Biden’s fault and you blame it on Republicans?

    1. @Humberto Vazquez shame on the business owners that would pay you a dime for every 2 $’s he makes.

    2. @Humberto Vazquez good for them I know my time is more valuable then the small amount they offer not including the favoritism, politics, nepotism and I could go on and on for why participating in a job is a bad investment

    3. @Jason Borunda Good for you if you are a millionaire and do not need money to feed a family. People in need of food, will do anything for a meal.

    4. @Humberto Vazquez or u could use ur brain and figure out that u don’t need a job or an employer u have a brain and u have two hands

    1. “Guess we should cut CEOs salary”
      That’s none of your business and if you do, you’re a Nazi!
      SHEESH!! Every time you call Trump or Republicans a Nazi I laugh. You’re too ignorant to know why.

    2. @Scott Harrison Nazis were right wing authoritarians. They believed in empowering the corporations that were already in power in germany.

      How does cutting a ceos salary make you a nazi? Please explain. Are they ENTITLED to some kind of livable wage or something? Anyway, eat the rich.

    3. @that one guy no I’m not proving your point. You’re just idiotic I guess. I don’t think I can dumb it down any further for you. Good luck with the rest of middle school!

    4. @that one guy minimum wage rose with productivity until the late 60s, it grew the same percent. Why do you think things were so cheap back then? It never grew with inflation and is now dwarfed by it. Just look at the statistics. Instead you’re here fighting to keep your boss rich.

  9. It should be noted that this is free market economics at work: when demand outstrips supply, prices/wages should go up.

    1. Please take a microeconomics course on supply and demand to further your understanding. It’s not that simple.

    2. @Hayle Seyton – When the federal handouts go away and the state unemployment runs out, the supply will increase. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    3. @Jacques Gauthier – Wow! How many Leftist Conspiracy Theories can you fit in two paragraphs?

    4. @Chris Dupree the guys who control all the wealth aren’t going to invite you to their yacht parties for defending them on social media.
      Nice try though!
      Even if people were staying on unemployment rather than take a dead end job, who can blame them.
      Business owners do not have a divine right to workers. They have to make the job appealing to workers.
      Maybe you heard of the ice cream parlor that got no applications for a $7.75/hr job.
      But thousands of applications for $15.
      It’s not that people do not want to work. They are not longer willing to work a job that just pays enough to keep the lights on and no more.

    5. @NSV this ain’t about being invited to yacht parties! It’s about keeping foolish people from falling for flat out Marxist ideals because they feel “oppressed”! Its a dangerous rhetoric MSM is pushing and guess what?! They are NOT a part of this supposed oppressed workers class that they are fooling you into believing they are championing! Your proof of the ice cream parlor job claim is Ludacris to say the least! Are you seriously so foolish to think that a job at an ice cream parlor is one that should pay you enough to have everything you want?

    1. we have the same saying in Romania. Used to be applicable on Ceausescu’s time. Not anymore fortunately

  10. Chipotle is too greedy to take that 4% out of the investors pockets, they’re going to make the customers pay. This isn’t about minimum wage being too high, its about the people at the top are too greedy.

    1. The boards only requirement is to make money for stockholders. Employees are no more important than bricks and mortar. They are simply a cost of doing business. Supply and demand dictates the price of everything. Including labor. But the more labor costs, the more is expected in that labor’s effort. They weed themselves out and nothing really changes.

    2. Chipotle is off my list permanently, though there isn’t one in my community. I’d love to see a list of these businesses that won’t pay their workers decent living wages, are raising their prices and crying about lost profit. I’d boycott all of them.

  11. Remember Katie Porter challenge to the CEO about the entry level wage to his bank for adults would not cover the outgoings for a normal family.

    1. @Star Scream maybe try caring about your fellow human being… its called empathy you sociopath.

      You literally just looked at a situation where a mother is working a full time job and trying to be a good mother, but the bank won’t pay her enough to make ends meet and your responce is to blame to mother… maybe the father was killed or went to serve in the military, maybe he was a fireman and died saving a family from a building? You assumed she slept around and then decided to carry the kid to term all by herself even when she already couldn’t pay bills. You immediately sided with the corporation in a hypothetical neutral situation about a suffering mother and child. Even though there is also a trend of decreasing birth rates making conservatives freak out as well… its almost like their related… like people realize they can’t afford kids right now.

    2. @BadWeatherGaming Agreed! I cringe wondering what star scream would have told my sister when my brother in law died leaving her with two little kids.

    3. @Sheryl Howard should have planned better or have a guy on the side, then he would complain about red pills and mgtow, lol
      Sorry for your sister’s loss, hope all is well, I was a single father of two, and it is tough.

    4. Those at the top don’t care. They just want to be able to buy another yacht and/or jet.

  12. They don’t finish the sentence: “They can’t find employees”……. now finish the sentence; “for the crappy wages that they are offering”.

    1. @Heritage Karma Republicans won’t like that if you say it to all of the men and white that can’t find mining jobs, jobs in factories, etc. It’s also BS kiddo

    2. @Cooper-Luna Yen
      Really? Where did you get this BS? Is this much lauded self esteem madness you’re talking about? Work is work, period. You offer your labor in exchange for a wage times the number of hours you work less SS, taxes, etc. It’s that simple! No one cares about dignity, period! Do you make enough money to pay your bills? That’s the bottom line of having a job.

    3. Heritage Karma, do you work for $7.25 per hour? If not STFU, your “skills” don’t mean any more than anyone else.

    4. Bill Lawrence, I’ll ask you the same question do you make more than $7.25 an hour? Young “boys” have more energy, recover faster and probably work faster than you.

  13. While it isn’t alot Chipotle has no reason to raise prices. They have more than Enough to pay there employees without it. Greed is the only reason

    1. @R2Mintus that is an unreasonable request, you could do the exact same with a prospering business.. tell them to hire help they dont need.. 10 man company? hire 200 more and see if you profit… a lemonade stand doesnt require more then a single person (yourself) to do it.. if you do well and your brand of lemonade is amazing and people come from all over daily for it, you will make more then the $15/hr + overhead + supplies, and you could then start hiring people and opening up chains.. but if you dont have that kind of traffic, you just dont do it.. simple.

    2. I will never go there to eat now. Yes, I also can make my own burritos, with out preservatives, at home. I also would not have to worry about one of their bouts of salmonella that they are “so “ famous for.

    3. @R2Mintus I like how you have no legitimate argument to my point so you look for the most drastic example you can so it seems like your saying something, when in reality your just mad I’m right.

    4. @Sandra Pittman this is because money saved in following proper procedure or insuring quality is more profit. Their greed does not just effect the workers but all of us.

    5. @Tears_Of_Asariel you are assuming that he wants to work. He’d rather sit back and rake in the money paying the help as little as possible. Greedy CEO

  14. Guess what happens when people make more money? They can afford “luxuries” like a burrito from Chipotle…

    1. @Iris There are worse fates than Chipotle, as fast food goes, but if you have a local place you like, by all means help them flourish!

    2. @Stefan Jakubowski and you won’t get top quality and most likely the company won’t thrive and everyone will lose their job. I get your point. Yes CEO pay is outrageous especially in comparison to other employees.

    3. Go to a restaurant the staff can’t afford to eat at themselves, and you’re just asking for spit in your soup.

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