1. Like Trump that achieved nothing?
      Destroyed every relation with every country and didn’t build any!

    2. @Jack Hainings Trump is right about China. As democracies we should work together. China is the enemy to democracy and freedom.

    3. @Croatian Sensation By breaking agreements, by withdrawing from the Iran deal, by withdrawing from the nuclear treaties, by calling foreign leaders names. Seriously, do they not get any news in Croatia?

  1. His question of what could be done is easy . Justin could offer to go to China and take the Michaels place. He likes their political system and justice system, so he would be right at home.

    1. antonia: Do you think China is stupid? In order to convince someone you are strong, you have to actually be strong.

    1. bushy: Not at all. There is nothing he can do because China doesn’t consider Canada of any consequence. You can also believe in fairy tales if you like

    1. syzzyxf: Sure, we’ll send our one ship over there to take on their entire armed forces. Try to think before you write.

  2. Your guest sounded like an anti-CCP activist rather than a so-called “Senior Fellow”! She is cute though, I give her that.

    1. Ken: I bet you have hundreds of things in your home from China. You’ve already done the damage Pal.

  3. “The judicial system is separate from the political system” – I know one Indigenous former liberal part member who would disagree with that 😎

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