'They Want It Done Quickly': White House Giving Priority To Police Reform Legislation | MSNBC 1

‘They Want It Done Quickly’: White House Giving Priority To Police Reform Legislation | MSNBC


Rep. Karen Bass talks about working on policing reform legislation with Republican Sen. Tim Scott, and shares her reaction to President Biden's address as it touched on themes of policing and racism.
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    1. A lot of Reps are walking away from the Uniparty as well. I won’t give a cent to the Republican Party anymore. I cut cable TV and donate to Constitutional Candidates with the money.

    2. I’ve never heard that statement before. That doesn’t mean I know all Democrats. But, in the Political Organizations I’m affiliated with no such thing has come up! But, I do know prominent Repugnants have left GQP & registered as Independent or Democrat!

  1. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Rudy Guiliani is now the second personal lawyer for t’rump that has been raided by the Feds.

    1. Don’t be distracted from the FACT that Rachel wants you to GIVE UP local community control of your police to a GLOBAL TRIBUNAL with you having NO VOICE.

    1. @bubbiesdad because his reform mounts to nothing like most Republican plans!! Need reform that works!!

    2. I think he’s an opportunist.

      Right now, black people are looked at as victims & he just wants to share the benefits of being a victim. He sided with the white folks because they have the power so he kissed their $sses to benefit himself. It’s all about money & power for him.

      I don’t trust any republican regardless of his/her skin color.

  2. Okay first off he’s a sellout secondly nobody’s asked him the question about the 200 some my bills sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk for 4 years and why he didn’t stand up and say we need to at least take a look at these bills that the house has passed come on people everybody’s afraid to criticize selling out his own people as far as I’m concerned he’s definitely not a rising star

    1. His own people! So you want him to vote a certain way because of the color of someone’s skin? Look in the mirror brother, You are the racist.

  3. Just think..democrats ha to own the media to get Trump out and force feed Joe to you talk about desperation. They define it

  4. Chauvin had his Knee on George Floyds Neck for 9min and 29 sec. However Trump had his Knee on the whole of America for Four years or more. Hopefully now Republicans will finally wake up and smell the rose’s. It’s a case of adapt and evolve or die as a political party. I would prefer the later.

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