‘This city is my city’: Community mourns victims of vehicle attack | Vigil held in London, Ont.

Bilal Rahhal spoke at a vigil for the victims in Monday's van attack, urging Canadians to take a stand on Islamophobia.

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    1. It’s Trudeaus precious Muslims. The ultimate “victim class” according to his sick and twisted Marxist ideology. Everyone will be allowed to go out in mass for this, but if you want to assemble to protest your politicians you will be arrested, charged criminally, fined, dragged through the mud.

    2. @John Hendrixson You use Altright nonsense like “Twisted Marxists” you lose credibility. Grow up.

    3. @John Hendrixson NDP leader was worse. Never seen a Canadian political leader to be this hateful. Talk about division !

    4. @Thea Green you talk like pandemics are a myth. They existed before too you know? Keep sniffing on essential oil shill

    1. @Big Shoe Who said you ever had a choice in the matter? Who asked you to let anyone do anything? I think this was @Astorath the Grim ‘s point

    1. Nathaniel Veltman sounds incredibly jewish. Perhaps it is in relation to the ongoing war in Israel/Palestine.

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