Winnipeg Mayor Bowman outlines his concerns with Premier Pallister’s vaccination cards

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman reacts to Brian Pallister's announcement about vaccine cards and explains his concerns.

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  1. I’d rather carry a pass card than die from Covid. I want to be sure that everyone will be safe. You can’t tell just by looking at someone.

    1. google ” *University of Guelph Confirms mRNAVaccinesAre Highly Pathogenic* ” (remove spaces)

    2. @gnrlive 1978 just how many accounts do you have?… are you unemployed? … you claimed to have reported me to YouTube for being a “FakeNewsChannel”, and made fun of me for only having 20 subs–which have now gone up to 52… I haven’t heard anything from YouTube… do you want to try calling them again?

  2. Anyone who accepts this is putting their family and friends on box cars, circa 1940.

    1. @Drizzt actually it’s not hence why it’s being done on lots of places. Weather you like it or not

  3. the vaxxes are not deadly ? and more , WHY we should get vaxxinated with Poisons ?
    WHY you want to vaxxinate the kids with Poisons ?

  4. Brian Pallister is the worst Premier we’ve had in generations; Brian Bowman is the worst mayor we’ve had in generations.

    1. @gnrlive 1978 is this Goertzen’s sock account? Come out of your little truck and say that, tough guy… hahahaha

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