This country fears they may be Putin’s next target

CNN's Matt Rivers reports many citizens of the former Soviet state Georgia worry they could be Russian President Vladimir Putin's next target if he succeeds in Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. This is exactly what Hitler did. And by the time he was done being appeased by the Westin countries he was in Czechoslovakia.
    This woman said it one hundred percent right that ukrainians are not just fighting for their selves that fighting for everyone who is free and all those without.
    As long as there is one person on this planet who is not free democracy is in jeopardy

    1. @Audrey Daleski and Afghanistan. Of course Russia did the Afghanistan thing too, as did the British several times. History has proven it’s wise to stay out of Afghanistan and Ukraine.

  2. Could you imagine living in a country where one could be arrested just for having contrary beliefs to government policies.

    1. @Peoples Republic of Ninj Sometimes one person freedom impacts on anothers freedom. So with freedom comes with responsibility.

  3. Being a government should be strong and defensive. We are really proud and hopeful to be a part of Ukrainian country which we can protect our country from Russia invasion

  4. A six year old boy and a 9 year old boy were shot dead by the soldiers. The family was returning from a visit to a monastery when they saw a convoy of 20 military trucks on the road. They stopped the car and hid in the bushes nearby. The soldiers shoot non-stop with automatic rifles into the nearby trees and the bushes where the car was parked. It was not even a military target – just ordinary people. The two boys were hit and killed. Again, it’s not in Ukraine. It is in Burma and happened in Mon State near Shwe Youn Py‌a village (ရွေ‌ရောင်ပြကျေးရွာ) – BBC Burmese March 31 2022. The indiscriminate shootings are a daily occurrence in Burma. Russia has supplied numerous weapons and armoured vehicles to the military regime. In January 2022, a Russian cargo ship was seen unloading armoured vehicles and arms, at a Yangon port, for the military regime (BBC English Feb 1 2022 – “The Deadly Battles Tipped Myanmar into Civil War”). Russia has poured so many weapons into Burma for the military regime and countless lives had been lost by these arms, from little children to the very old ones. People of Burma fully support the people of Ukraine. They love and have much admiration for President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people. May President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the ruthless Russian invaders!

  5. When will we let the “Red Line” going to cause us to FULLY support Ukaine? This is going to be a stain on the future that won’t be erased for generations.

  6. I have been watching everything, I have become a student of the ongoing WAR in Ukraine and what led up to it, what is happening in European countries and NOW I understand their WORRY. I agree with them ! DEMOCRACY IS IN JEOPARDY and we better STAND UP and be COUNTED !
    BE STRONG ! “The only thing to fear is fear itself – Franklin D. Roosevelt. 💙💛

  7. It’s better to stop Putler in Ukraine rather than near Warsaw or Berlin.
    Give Ukraine those jets, tanks etc.
    #StandwithUkraine 🇺🇦💪

    1. @Kam how funny you are, there are no young people in Russia 😂 NATO is in no hurry because there are too many transgender people in Europe, and a man who feels like a woman cannot fight 😉

  8. That woman got a good point.. This man needs to be stopped cos there’s no other way… He’s got no heart wat so ever zero.. May God take control of him

  9. Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova all have the same situation. Russia has troops in parts of those countries to help ‘ protect russians’ who live there. As part of their surrender in Ukraine, part of Russians terms of defeat must be that they withdraw their troops from all parts of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

    1. @surely you joke, mein failüre still not enough some needs to call his nuke bluff or hes not gonna stop

  10. its hard to have neighborhood like russia, century after century, generation after generation, same history, they never change, for me they are not slavic anymore, good luck to everyone from poland

    1. Russians are an Asiatic people, that just happens to speak a Slavic language. Czechs are Slavs but in principle have the same mentality as people in western Europe, or even a better mentality, since Czechs seem more aware of what freedom is worth than people in England, France, Germany etc.

  11. Kids encouraged to snitch on their parents and teachers to the authorities.
    Rings bells; sure I’ve heard of something like this from history.
    Down with this sort of thing!

    1. Kids encouraged to snitch on their parents is a pure Soviet practice. Meet Pavlik Morozov. Pavel Trofimovich Morozov (Russian: Па́вел Трофи́мович Моро́зов; 14 November 1918 – 3 September 1932), better known by the diminutive Pavlik, was a Soviet youth praised by the Soviet press as a martyr. His story, dated to 1932, is that of a 13-year-old boy who denounced his father to the authorities and was in turn killed by his family. His story was a subject of reading, songs, plays, a symphonic poem, a full-length opera, and six biographies. The apotheotic cult had a huge impact on the moral norms of generations of children, who were encouraged to inform on their parents.[1]

  12. 1:22 “Georgians have a long, brutal history with Russia”? Ukraine has a long brutal history with Russia, as does Moldova, as does Chechnya, etc…. There’s a common thread here….

    1. The other common thread is nobody ever steps in to help. If the world always smacked down bullies like Putin they’d never attempt another invasion.

    2. How about Circassians that have been genocide and many of them have been shipped to the Ottoman Empire? How about the Ubick people? The last person spoke to the Ubick language died in 1991. Sorry…. I don’t know how to spell Ubik because this is not in English dictionary. In the Western world, nobody ever heard such people and language.

  13. It must be so exhausting and depressing to live in the past and shadow of the USSR. I feel for these people of Eastern Europe.

  14. The preconditions for Russia’s aggression against Georgia were laid in the 1990s, when the Moscow-backed separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia declared “independence” from Georgia. After the local wars, Russia imposed a truce on Georgia and placed its “peacekeepers” in the conflict zone. But Moscow did not adhere to the principle of neutrality, ignoring systematic ceasefire violations by South Ossetian “militia”. In addition, Russian passports were issued en masse to residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
    On the eve of the invasion of Georgia, Russia conducted large-scale military exercises Caucasus-2008. Increasing the intensity of provocations, Moscow was waiting for a good excuse for open aggression. Their excuse was the Georgian army’s attempt to put an end to the Ossetian shelling and the creeping occupation of the border territories.

    1. English bro. We discuss the Russian-Ukranian war in English here, I want to understand what you are saying but I don’t speak es spanoil

    2. It’s funny and sad alltogather, how well all events from 2008 reassemble events before Russia invited Ukriane…”protecting people’s republics”, military exercises prior the invasion…blaming the victim…

      But as Georgia was first target, Russia successfully dominate the narrative, managed to achieve it’s objectives more or less fast…

      So Germany and France Happily blamed Georgia of invading his own teritory…despite the fact that Russia was bringing it’s troops into abhkazia(part of georgia) prior to the active battle…

      And again, now it is quite clear, they did the same in Ukraine, but just failed to achieve anything…and now, Germany and France had no other option but to stand in line with other EU countries…after it became clear for everyone what was going on…

      Well, we Georgians weren’t that lucky…

  15. I lived in Tbilisi, Georgia for 3 months last year. Absolutely love that city and country. The people are amazing, the food, the culture and they have so much pride in their history… I am SO worried that the country i have grown to love will be leveled…

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