CNN speaks with witnesses in Russian war crimes investigation

CNN speaks with investigators and Ukrainian witnesses who testified about the brutality they witnessed by the Russian military for prosecutors building a case to charge Russia with war crimes. #CNN #News


  1. I am really heart-broken to see people died in Ukraine. My deep condolences to people who have lost their family in this war.

    1. and was your heart broken when President of Ukraine Parashenko and then President Zelensky shelled cities on their territory and on their citizens for 8 years ? Didn ‘t they show you that ? Hide your icy heart , find that warm and alive one and put it back in place – you ‘re blind

  2. Heartbreaking 😱 Thanks for showing actual people who is suffering so much for nothing.
    God bless brave Ukraine 🇺🇦 and give russian aggressors 🪆 what they’ve deserved 🤬

  3. The first casualty of war is “Truth”, glad that there are courageous people who will come out, to tell the truth.

    1. @Iain Herridge
      Have you seen the new POTUS tryn’ string one sentence together… *Yikes*
      WW3 here we come.

    2. @Jamtommy Meanwhile DEMENTED DONNIE is having breakdown after breakdown at his sad little rallies he really needs to get those cognitive issues looked at 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. We totally reject the suggestion conflict could go on for months!! These war crimes must be used against Putin as leverage to get him to behave on a human level and cease and desist. Slava Ukraine – you are doing all the right things 👏👏👏🇺🇦

    1. It’s not good journalism, true, but this is low-risk stuff.
      Extremely unlikely that Russia would spend very expensive, limited ordinance on such a target.
      Just not a target the Russian mindset is likely to prioritize.

  4. My heart goes to Ukraine people 🇺🇦❤️. Stay strong and fight for your country and freedom!
    I hope that all unjustified actions upon the innocent civilians, and animals of Ukraine will backfire on russians… We will never forget and the more they violate human rights and commit war crimes the more support to Ukraine will get.

    Slava Ukraine ❤️🙏🇺🇦🥇
    Lots of prays for you from Finland 🇫🇮&🇨🇭

  5. And of those children whose parents were murdered and then the children spirited away to be sold as adopted…

  6. For the older Ukrainians, re-living the horrors of their childhood has got to be the most heartbreaking and dispiriting feeling possible, the depth of their sorrow must be unbearable.

    1. My Mum and other elderly people, who survived the German invasion, say that the Germans were not as brutal as the russians and they did not commit such atrocities. The crimes russian orcs have been committing are so cruel and violent that it is difficult to imagine anything like that in the 21st century.

    2. Ukraine does not need our sorrow.
      It needs our action, to make sure our countries do what needs to be done to stop this bloodshed.
      Weapons and sanctions are what actually prevents more crimes against civilians being committed; words of compassion are ineffective.

    3. @lambertar my grandmother and other women her age told me the same thing, they said German army will only take Partisan, they also said Germans never raped a woman in my country they said other solders,Italians, Bulgarians, Russian and others were tormenting civilians and raping any women…my grandmother was 16 year old and she had to put animal soil, garlic and ashes on herself and not to wash, she use to tell me it was good idea to repel Russian solders…I spoke to many women who said same thing about German army I checked and seems to be true, the Germans were not allowed to rape or they will get shot …and also I spoke to old women from different parts of my country…

  7. A huge but vital and essential job. Well done to all these amazing people dealing with such pain, loss and trauma. We too, are traumatised from here for uou and appreciate the posts sharing what is happening – we must get those displaced back to their homeland!!

  8. With deepest Respect and Admiration for the People of Ukraine !!!! Fighting the Fight, for all of Europe !!! SLAVA UKRAINE !!!! Perth, Australia

    1. I thought that elderly people are wise people , but not everyone is visible – THANK KIN GURU

  9. Hearing the man’s mind frame ready to defend his family with the pitchfork …and the woman with the special needs son shot on sight…I can’t imagine. This is such important work. Thankful to the volunteers conducting the interviews.

  10. My heart goes out to all Ukranians. I am devestated by people who deny these autrocities. Shame on you. You know who you are. How can you be so blind to such war crimes on helpless people.

  11. Praying for the mental/emotional healing as well as the physical healing of those who have endured this trauma. Hard to fathom. There will be justice. God will one day bring justice whether that’s today or later. But it will come.

  12. Keep going…Attorney General! You are doing the hard work that will bring a very large amount of JUSTICE for a mental/emotional peace…thank you for doing what you have to do under the duress of war. Your bravery should be honored.

  13. Stay safe Jake and News team! Thanks for sending us what is going on ! Stay strong Ukraine 🇺🇦 🌻🌻

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