1. Since when has it been a fundamental right to take the life of another human being because it is inconvenient to you?

    1. @Lou K And consent can be revoked at any point. Especially since this is happening in a country with a mortality rate for mothers that’s higher than some of the third world. But hey, so long as it falls out of the incubator it’s marryable and taxable so of course conservatives won’t mind.

    2. @GULO GULO don’t bother to ask him that, anyone else who challenges his “logic” has gotten crickets as a response. Lol

  2. Now this decision has been placed where it belongs, with the state legislature. Elected officials can make their decisions, not an appointed super legislative group.

    1. @Lil’ Tater That’s not how bodily autonomy works. I don’t have the right to hook myself up to someone else’s body to force them to sustain me for nine months even if I’d die otherwise

    2. @Lil’ Tater right? Anyone who who forces a baby into the world should automatically be charged with child endangerment and child cruelty.

  3. A fetus relies on it’s mothers body to survive. A baby relies on it’s parent (likely it’s mothers) to survive. What are we really talking about?

    1. @Mazkebar No, third world countries are overpopulated. Canada and the USA are just fine. This would simply mean limiting immigration.

    2. @Mazkebar This should not be seen as a solution to over population. That’s the wrong angle of attack on this issue.

    3. @Mazkebar You are so caring that you want life to end to save life. Absolute mush for brains

    1. @Little Chicago: You make ’em, You own ’em! That’s how ownership works, thief. 1 Cor. 6:9, 10.

    1. @Lil Dragon Vaccines should be a choice just as terminating a pregnancy should be a choice.

  4. Fundamental right … has the father the fundamental right to opt out and walk away without recourse? I don’t think so. Why should the mother have the “right” to just terminate an inconvenient life?

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