1. The opposing argument is: the Baby will have the Right to Breath, a Right to Life; Opposite to the Liberal/Democratic viewpoint.

    1. But not the right to healthcare, education or to be hunted and executed in their elementary schools (without charges or a trial/due process).

  2. Didn’t they just rule that it should be up to each state to vote and decide? That it’s not up to the Supreme Court to make a choice like that based on the constitution?
    Also, the timing of the allowed abortions is a big part of it – like right up until after birth…if doctors are involved in ending life right before or after birth then that should be universally morally unacceptable. Especially with all of the money and uses involved in using fetal tissue for things like research, facials, etc. Why doesn’t anyone talk about THAT part of the situation??

    1. Have you read the States laws or proposed legislation? Some of it is ridiculously not scientifically or medically correct.
      Look up Georgia’s, Alabama’s and Texas’s

    1. No Pro Life is Pro Birth. Pro Choice means you support the choice of the women to do what they want with their bodily autonomy.

    2. @A.J Deets I don’t believe notions of autonomy extend to snuffing out another life
      Safe sex, contraception and abstinence are available.

    3. @Paul Connor The fact that you care THIS much about a fetus that hasn’t even exited its mother’s womb yet is honestly quite sad, Paul. I’d recommend seeing a shrink.

    4. @P^2 So somebody can’t have a different opinion to yours, in this case an opinion shared by billions of adults without you citing mental health issues!
      You were a foetus in the womb once blessed with the gift of life, your mother chose to have you.
      I assume you would not want that to have been otherwise.

    1. Finally I’ve found someone else saying it lol. Being pro life also means pro women. It’s not just the male offspring we want saved

    2. @Dymon Beats Ayo you barking at the wrong tree lol They almost got to me when I was yet to be born, I’m on your team brother.

  3. This is only the beginning, friends


  4. There are many opinions in this matter: all respectable. This is a decision that impacts woman, so they are the ones that should have the largest influence in this issue. But there is a small problem, we do not even know what a woman is in 2022!!!

  5. There is no vote box for November.

    What they want is their way! The right to do whatever they want whenever they want however they want.

    Let’s say we go to Vote…

    As long as they get what they want the vote is fair…they don’t don’t get what they want

    All of a sudden your every kind “Phobia” in their book.

    Grow up…. And face the one thing that’s scares the heck out of you


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