This is a long line of despair. | Gadi Schwartz | MSNBC 1

This is a long line of despair. | Gadi Schwartz | MSNBC


Gadi Schwartz has an emotional conversation with a family waiting in line at a Los Angeles food bank

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This is a long line of despair. | Gadi Schwartz | MSNBC


  1. President Biden’s administration will work towards permanently ending Hunger in the country. He is a caring leader who helps the poor.

    1. Yeah it’s almost like a global pandemic has upended the lives of formerly productive wage-earners or something. I mean who would’ve thunk it. Use your head Laura.

    2. @CommaCam Thank you. Or, maybe someone is giving another person a ride, someone’s business went under, any number of reasons. This pandemic has really brought out the humanity in many and the inhumanity in others.

  2. All of the food lines that I have seen, the majority of people aren’t very nice new or relatively new cars. I see nobody walking, nobody pulling a wagon or a cart. These folks seem to have enough money for gasoline which is increasing in price, for licensing, taxes and insurance which is going up. Perhaps increasing prices and taxes is the reason why people have no money for food.

    1. Try also the Trump tax cuts and the fact that many people have bosses like Louis DeJoy who sabotage the companies they run at the expense of their employees. Also, having a car does not necessarily mean one has a lot of money. Even a “cheap” used car can be a money pit because the present owner bought the previous owner’s automotive problems.

    2. @Jason Thompson I think you are deflecting. I really don’t care about the Trump tax cuts because a lot of middle Americans began earning more during our supercharged economy and benefited from the tax cuts. We recall that the WSJ reported that lower and middle income Americans received a higher percentage of wage increases than did upper class workers.
      Some of the government lockdowns have caused huge problems for former working Americans because of COVID-19 that swept the world. I would guess now that well over 2 million people have died as a result of this virus worldwide. What is most disturbing is that during the election Joe said he had a plan to get us out of this COVID-19 nightmare. Every month we blamed virus deaths on Trump and while deaths are going down because of the vaccines. People are still dying and these deaths will now be on Joe’s hands. You’ll need to put your plan in action now, between kids to school and return business to normal.

    3. @T. R. Campbell The lower income people may have made more on their paychecks but during tax season, their returns were a far cry from what they used to be. Well, those that got returns. Some ended up owing. Also, the tax “cuts” for lower income people were made to be temporary whereas those in the high income brackets got permanent cuts.

      As for COVID, could it have been handled better by the Democrats? Yes, it could have. However, a lot was not known about it. I don’t make excuses for Cuomo or any other Democrat that put themselves above the rules that their constituents were forced live with but some blame lies with Trump. He didn’t encourage social distancing or masks. Fox News and other far right outlets told people the virus was a hoax.

      Getting to the workers that lost jobs or were unemployed when the virus hit, I am actually one of those people. So, I am a lot more sympathetic toward them than you think. The small businesses that Trump supporters claim to champion were shafted by corrupt “small business” plans that instead sent $3.5 billion to the super wealthy Catholic Church, wealthy mega churches, and Kanye West.

      Finally, Biden (love him or hate him) DIDN’T promise an overnight answer to our virus woes. I don’t work for the pharmaceutical industry myself but even I know that once a vaccine is created, it takes months to properly distribute it to a nation of 300+ million. Adding to that are people who could care less about masks and social distancing.

    4. @Jason Thompson I believe the reason some begin to pay more in taxes is because they went into a higher tax bracket because they were earning much more. The move to put a time limit on allowing people to keep more of their money was absolutely stupid. I believe there was a move to continue the tax deductions for a lower income people and this was successful.
      I believe it’s critical for Joe to and a lot of these embargoes by various states on business openings. We must allow businesses to reopen, we must allow commerce to flourish, we must allow schools to reopen and we must allow kids to become educated. The Chinese communist have had schools in session for many months as they realize the value of education.
      Joe campaigned on the promise of re-opening business and re-opening schools. Joe was given an excellent foundation in order to return our supercharged economy to what it was prior to the virus strike in the world. I believe he needs to put his plan in action now and we need to work hard to ensure that Joe and his plan are implemented successfully.

  3. A big problem in my state is most homeless and disabled people do not have a vehicle and they only give out food at a couple of locations 1 or 2 days a month and a lot of people don’t have access to it and it’s a problem.

  4. A lot of these people have jobs and it’s still not enough. They are only a paycheck away from being homeless and living in their vehicles. These are the people that fall through the cracks and even though they work, they still live paycheck to paycheck . It’s scary that there a lot of people that are one day away from financial ruin if their hours get cut, if they are let go, or their starter or battery goes out.

  5. “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked an attempt by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to unanimously approve a House-passed bill to increase direct payments in the coronavirus relief package to $2,000…” December 29th 2020

    1. That was his whole job apparently. You could make 10,000 good comments beginning with “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked….”

  6. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven,

    Like so more people can see this.

  7. Millions are homeless & without a decent meal or opportunity. When do we the wealthiest country in the world- start acting like the land of opportunity & the wealthiest country? We already have all the resources , let’s use them humanely.

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