1. @Michael Finnigan No, John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit even before being born and he kept in his mother’s womb when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting. Also Numbers 5 is not a law about abortion, nor is it abortion.

    2. @Michael Finnigan Miscarrying is not a form of abortion. Abortion is murder and God does not make laws that allow people to murder, nor does He Himself murder.

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  2. “What if Popeye’s run out of Chicken” is on a Post-it note in Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office.

  3. The main issue isn’t, legality or inlegality. It’s the in between. Too much debate on a topic that simply requires more than legal/illegal confirmation will result in circuits.

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    1. Well, they did predict violence, so they finally got one fact right… right? I mean, never mind that it was a pro-abortion advocate who was the violent one… and their prediction was the exact opposite…😂

  6. Have a goal, change your routine, get more active, sleep more/less, conquer stress,
    It’s Your Life, So Live It!

    1. women WILL die of ectopic pregnancies if they are not an exception. that’s just one example.

  7. I have been pro-life throughout my adult life and I still believe that abortion as a form of birth control is not morally correct. However I’ve had three ectopic pregnancies and my pro-life stance that I was taught as a Christian added an extra layer of guilt to the loss of these pregnancies. It took me months to get over taking methotrexate injections to end the first ectopic pregnancy. I felt like I had aborted my baby. It wasn’t until a friend told me that a woman we went to college with had died of an ectopic pregnancy that I snapped out of my guilt and thoughts that I should have died for this baby. I wasn’t thinking logically, because this was my third lost pregnancy. I had two other ectopic pregnancies after this. My husband and I decided to adopt after this and it surprised how many Christians viewed adoption and foster care as a ministry opportunity for infertile couples only. They were unwilling to step up to help with the foster care crisis in the US or world orphan care. I am still pro-life when making decisions about my own health and family planning, but I am not for the overturning of Roe vs Wade.

    1. thank you for your reasoned stance, it’s horrible what you went through. no one should feel guilt over something they have no control over.

  8. Roe vs Wade is NOT the end of abortion rights, the end is if the Women stop fighting for their rights.
    Just like any other right that is currently under attack.
    This isn’t a matter if “the correct vote” it’s a matter of what are YOU willing to do to legally achieve your goal to preserve the rights ALL should have.

  9. Are men forced to give up their organs, tissue or bodily fluid to save the life of their already born children? The answer is no. It’s about equal rights. Women should be able to control their own body like men do.

  10. All people who think women should have equal rights to body autonomy like men do need to get out there and vote for politicians that agree. I don’t care if you have to vote against your party. If you vote against this by voting for people who want to torture women to save the life of another just shows you don’t think women should have equal rights.

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