1. The adage “Follow the money” was never more applicable than the relationship here. Be real.

    1. I read that Saudi Arabia just gave $2 billion to a former White House official to start his first equity fund, with a fee structure paying him $25 million a year.

  2. When a pariah has a lot of oil and buys your military products he turns to be a son of the sun

  3. “We were going to, in fact, make them pay the price, and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are,” Biden said at a 2019 Democratic debate.

    1. @BACKALLEY BURRITO It wasn’t our own that made those prices. Oil company price gouging is what you are witnessing.

  4. This guy. One min – we only engage with democratic countries. Next min – it’s always important for the president to engage with all leaders… No sense of irony. Smh

  5. How can we fix immigration if we don’t at least talk…stop covering for him..we were suppose to hard on Afganistsn but now that we need oil…not so much…don’t hear much those Yemen children..

  6. OMG!!! CNN doing actual journalism when it comes to Biden!! I see that taking down the breaking news ticker was not the only change, long may it last (yeah…I’m not holding my breath).

  7. I think, Africans and Malians can start watching CNN again, now that they’re staying professional.

  8. Name any animal on the planet Earth that survives by its virtue, morality, or decisions about “right and wrong”.Only humanity, but clearly the pressure is getting to people.

  9. Say what you want but Saudi Arabia has America by the bag and it’s Joe’s job to stop the squeezing.
    Everybody complains, nobody has a better idea to ease the pressure in the short term.
    You need systemic change and the filibuster makes it impossible.

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