‘This is absolutely the right decision’: Alta. pauses reopening amid increase in COVID-19 cases

Infectious disease researcher Craig Jenne discusses Alberta extending COVID-19 health measures amid an increase in new cases.

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    1. @skate metal well 6’2 is quite tall 260 isn’t that fat for your height but is still fat unless your a bodybuilder. This guy is min 300lbs and probably less than 6 feet so he’s morbidly obese. The average age of the death of covid is about 82 while this guy would be very lucky to make it to 70 unless he makes some life changing health decisions.

    1. @eyeonlife If you still trust any “expert” on TV after the last year of those “experts” being continually wrong, then you have a level of naivete I cannot comprehend.

    2. Your fire break….is putting down the fork….no wonder ur scared…ur 35 and 100 pounds overweight🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Primmakin Sofis the problem was the morons not following guidelines not the “experts” as you say. Anyways. I’m just here enjoying the shoe and waiting for natural selection to do it’s thing.

  1. Other than crippling debt for our children, you know what else COVID restrictions cause? Obese, depressed, unemployed alcoholics. But no, that’s not that bad, is it?

    1. @G.T.O. Momma Statistics Canada should be releasing the complete mortality data for 2020 around the end of November. It will be interesting to compare those numbers to 2019.

  2. Testing is still needed. Nothing wrong with that. But I’m gonna be pissed if these measures start rolling back to last year.

    1. Testing is the entire problem, have you not been paying attention? Stop testing, no more cases SOLVED.

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