'This is insane': GOP Arizona county official slams sham audit 1

‘This is insane’: GOP Arizona county official slams sham audit


Republican Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer says the so-called forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election occurring in his county is "insane just from a competence standpoint."
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  1. What’s the difference between a Northern Arizona diploma and toilet paper ? 

     About $50,000 per sheet.

    1. @Harbinger of Bullshit: So, do you actually support white supremacy or are you merely doing nothing more than trolling for your `shits & giggles`¿?

    2. @GollyGeeWillLickers S live-streamed? Can you see what’s going on? Are reporters allowed in? How about some actual oversight

    1. @Leo The Nomad Cyfir has been a government tech operation for decades. The most trusted of firms. Mind you, CNN watcher, that a COPY of the data was taken to Montana. This facility has been used by our government for a very long time, trusted by the Pentagon, FBI and other agencies. 100% legit.

    2. @HS Not to mention they whined about the voting machines, the same ones they had ZERO complaints or concerns about when they “won”.

    3. @Leo The Nomad Oh I am lying, huh? He has his operation with all of his equipment in Montana. Gee, I guess you’ve never heard of a home office or work from home? Keep watching CNN, stay in the dark, you deserve it.

  2. I never seen someone try to get a job back that they didn’t do anyway. If I golfed over 100 times instead of doing my job….I suck at my job and I’m clearly not happy with it? Is this elder abuse of Trump? Are his kids just ramping up some dude with dementia at this point? He just wants golf and to say racist things at his golf course.

    1. @shane3214 you already have been set up Karen.
      Try to do another insurrection traitor. Maybe Der Führer Dumbass will march with y’all and bail you out. .lol NOT!! Seriously, PLEASE attack America’s institutions again.

  3. If ballots are thrown out. Then wouldn’t that whole ballot be no good. That’s including all repubs voted in on this illegal ballot.why is this not being addressed.

  4. Just imagine the Democrats doing this and Tucker asking the question with a furrowed brow “And now the ballots are at someones house?”

    1. @Joshua A side note to you sparky if you are talking about ballots there is NO info on them do you even vote??

    2. Sorry fools the owner of the company wrote an op ed supporting wild conspiracy theories, he said there was election fraud before the contract was awarded, and he said he expected more business from other states if he found fraud. He also issued blue pens to counters in direct violation of Arizona election law. The company should have never been awarded the contract, there was a financial motive for finding a result, and they should have been disqualified once the election law was broken. The worst part no subsequent check is valid because of the break in the chain of custody. DHS has also declared that the voting machines cannot be used in any other elections. If the Arizona legislature wanted an independent, objective audit, they wouldn’t have used this company this was about agenda, not fraud.

    3. @Jeannette Ellis when you stop watching Sucker Liarson, Faux News, OANN, Newsmax and believing the Mango Manatee will be “reinstated” in August.
      Maybe indicted, but NEVER REINSTATED !!!!

    4. @MorpheusΩne Thank you! Not sure what to call it. The free and fair audit was certified many months ago and then another recount took place. Call it a sham audit, a “so-called” audit, or a fraudit…it is a goddamned travesty to our Democratic voting process! The judge should never have allowed these wackadoodles to have access to the ballots. They have now been corrupted and aren’t worth the bamboo paper the ballots were printed on. Was that before or after the Italian chickens ate and then shat them out? I get confused!

  5. I’m afraid they’re going to manufacture some “fraud” causing the Quacks, oops I meant Q followers, to attempt another insurrection.

    1. You can’t manufacture fraud…either it exists, or it doesn’t. I’m sensing that you actually fear that fraud will be uncovered. Let me allay your fear…there WILL be fraud uncovered, and plenty of it!

    1. If “something” is found, there will be “joy” in the Muddville of the GOP which went “hunting.” If nothing is found, there will be joy in the Muddville of the GOP: the excuse for the “nothing found” will be that the finding of “nothing” in and of itself is proof of conspiracy.
      Make no mistake: “something” or “nothing” will both be used by the GOP and the Trumpites to justify the dog and pony circus side show as a legitimate exercise to combat “voter fraud.”

  6. This “audit” should never have been allowed to happen. Its so sick. I am shocked that they are this many delusional people in this country. Scary as hell.

    1. So about 80 m people voted for Trump and around 70% or 50-60m people think there were problems with the election. Do we not deserve answers.

    2. @Zennbubba Not ‘about 80 million’ , just under 75 million. Biden got just over 81 million. You don’t need answers, because there are no credible doubts. Just people who make up stuff and then demand it gets investigated. The whole world knows this, except a certain number of gullibles in the US. Are you one of them?

  7. Why haven’t any voters sued? I work elections. We must have hours of training and take oaths. This is insane.

    1. What’s insane are people being afraid of an audit… don’t hear a peep when the feds come to audit your taxes or business but the people must not dare get the truth about our elections lol

    2. @C. Cadon one real audit will do… not a recount which is all the states have done that they keep claiming were audits. None of our votes have counted in a very long time, the establishment picks the winner. Think the people voted for bush or the government ? Think the people voted for barrack in his second term or the government? The democrat voters didn’t want Biden as the nominee they wanted Bernie, but that’s not what the government wanted lol everyone needs to get the dem voters v republican voters out of their heads- that’s what the politicians use so we don’t figure out how rigged the elections actually are. Think people keep voting for pelosi and McConnell? Hell no I bet they were voted out years ago

  8. “You’re only fooling yourself when trying to convince a fool, let them live their lives in foolishness, in hopes that they’ll see the light.”

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