Hear these Trump supporters' hopes for the Arizona audit 1

Hear these Trump supporters’ hopes for the Arizona audit


CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports on parallels to the days leading up to the January 6 Capitol insurrection as anticipation grows around the end of the fraudulent Arizona election audit.

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  1. The reporter should have followed to those nutjobs with: “are you aware there is not, and never has been, a legal process for reinstating a former president?”

    1. This isn’t even worth a reply but you obviously don’t understand court processes, reasons for denial, court dismissals, short timeframes for gathering evidence. Anyone that has a shingle can file a lawsuit. Anyone can file a lawsuit. Do you even know how many Trump himself filed lawsuits? Vetch you don’t know. The number of lawsuits is just a talking point to sway people and distract. Have you ever had to go through a lawsuit? It takes forever. Not a month, not 3,4,5 months. GA has a very solid one going forward as we speak that the news will not even cover. And it is 9 months out.

  2. “How do you govern when you’ve lost..??” Well, you don’t Donald, that’s the whole point. You lost, therefore you don’t govern. It’s simple really….

    1. @Michael J. Eakin And yet the republican audit that recounted them showed little or no discrepancies.

  3. No one ever accused them of being intelligent racist hateful violent on American but definitely not intelligent

    1. @Alicia Thomas there was voter fraud. Like somehow this was the only election in the history or the world that had no fraud? Lol. The courts tossed the cases because of insufficient evidence not “no evidence.” The courts need to have a reason to hear the case, if they feel that a conviction isn’t possible they won’t hear the case. There is proof just not enough to overturn any election result. Biden won absolutely.
      Also taxes impact the poor the hardest because they are tho ones who have the most difficulty paying them. Rich people can absorb tax increases. This should be obvious.

    2. Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !…………

    1. @Katie F when you call out others intelligence, you should at least try to make your one sentence a proper one yoda.. Now to Q, run back to you should

    2. @Kernelpickle – The highest Trump got was in his later years with about 43.5% average approval rating. His rating took a nose dive on the “Trump shutdown”, that made him look like a fool, to everyone, even people on his side, down to about 38%. But it rebounded, after he reversed his insane decision.

    3. @Longhorn the market was flooded which is why gas was dirt cheap but now that are driving around prices have gone back up. Just look the data gas prices fell because of covid lockdowns and tje price started going back up once restrictions were being lifted

    4. @Bat Boy and the same polls said Hillary would win, and Biden would “in a landslide.” You need to find new material that doesn’t involve the Presidential polls that nobody actually paying attention even believes anymore.

    1. Maybe they are wack jobs. Nevertheless, just last week Secretary Clinton complained the 2016 election was stolen. There seems to be plenty of that perception to go around.

  4. “How do you govern when you lost!”
    You don’t instead you whine to whoever takes you call.

    1. Problem is, even the Law isn’t with them.

      The way the Constitution works, if Biden and Harris are ousted…
      The only thing that will happen is they get to say, “President Pelosi.”

  5. I was actually shocked these people went out in public without wearing their tin foil hat.

    1. Look what happened in March… nothing. At least the orange hype will match pumpkin color by then.

    1. I picked up on that too! His followers know what he’s saying and will try to act on their interpretation of his words. His speech on Jan. 6th was full of ‘code’ and ‘trigger’ words. He needs his lips super glued shut.

    1. @Mike Clark Mike Trump is like Hitler and he scary thats why Republicans jump when he says jump

  6. Trump: “how do you govern when you lost?” Trump answered his own question. You don’t govern now that YOU reside in FL !

  7. You know growing up and going to school for all those years I never believed people could be this stupid and delusional.

    1. @PIlotrcm
      …simply place the “Q” in front of any word, and it comes up looking Qstupid.

  8. “An unofficial bipartisan election analysis conducted…in Arizona’s Maricopa County concluded that Republicans disenchanted with then-President Donald Trump were responsible for his loss in the 2020 election.”

  9. When Don the Con stated publicly: “I love the poorly educated”, he was talking about Qanon.

  10. There’s one thing they definitely don’t want to see: the truth reaffirmed once again.

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