Why the Obamacare fight is a political zombie

The Supreme Court has knocked out yet another Republican effort to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, but that doesn’t mean the political fight over Obamacare is finished. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains the history of the animosity over Obama’s namesake health care law.


Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Affordable Care Act, leaving it in place

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Lie of the Year: 'If you like your health care plan, you can keep it'

Trump wrongly says end of mandate is 'essentially' Obamacare repeal

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    1. @Richard MacLean Don’t forget you soyboys cried when he said he wanted to stop flights into the US……So who was it again?

    2. You obviously don’t work so of course you’re completely clueless to the cost. Also, please explain your stupid comment….How does it kill millions when NOBODY IN AMERICA IS DENIED CARE!

    3. @adamf663 Look buddy your vacation is over now! You going to have to leave moms house and get a job. Time to pay your way then you’ll understand whose screwing who!

  1. This fight will never end because a lot of americans can’t see the difference between being social and socialism….

    1. @hotboy757 please provide an example where limiting ones choices has benefited them?

      Look at the cell phone business. Competition brought pricing down to almost nothing. Look at content providers? Why do you think we break up monopolies? Doesn’t it make you wonder when the government breaks up private business yet wants to be the only medical provider?? How did this work for our public educational system?

    2. @Mr Anderson Define socialism, and explain the billions of Federal assistance given to corporations since the 1950s

    3. @Ryan Rogers socialized health care does not limit your options any more than not socialized health care. There are dozens of countries, one right above you, with excellent socialized healthcare and whose citizens live longer healthier lives as a result. Americans are so far behind in this arena it’s laughable.

    4. @ryan Rogers. The issue with your example is that a cellphone isn’t a human right, it isn’t in the government’s interest if you have a cellphone but it is if you have no healthcare and can’t work and pay tax. They’re looking after their citizens which is a government responsibility. People don’t want cheaper they don’t want to have to pay on use and to become bankrupt with one hospital call. The US spends more on healthcare per person then any other developed country. The healthcare isn’t better quality otherwise life expectancy would be higher. Care to explain?

  2. My girlfriend broke up with me. She thinks i’m childish. So i calmed down. Took a deep breath. Went to her house. Rang the doorbell and then ran away

    1. I saw a television interview of one Republican woman who said: “I’m okay with the ACA, but I just wish they hadn’t called it Obamacare.” …not realizing that the GOP gave it that nickname in the first place.

  3. As long as we have monsters like Mitch McConnell in Congress, the fight will never end. One only has to look at his fight to destroy Social Security thus removing the safety net for senior citizens. All he cares about is saving billions for the already rich.

    1. We should make sure Kentucky howls in the loss of Federal projects for sending McConnel to the Senate.

    2. I live just north of Kentucky’s border with Ohio so I get Mitch McConnell’s campaign ads. There’s not many things I hate more than seeing the evil turtle’s ads lol

    3. I was amazed when the gop suggested people put 30K in savings to cover healthcare. That won’t help when the costs are 250K. They have never understood macroeconomics.

  4. Republicans, please show America your “better” health care plan. In two weeks. What? You don’t have a plan? No surprise there.

    1. Pay back. Hope you like it. We’ve been bullied, fabricated against us, racist against us and etc etc by democrats for 4 years and you don’t like this? More will be coming, watch. Too bad because you guys bullied us really bad for 4 years.

    2. @TurboFreak
      You’ll suck up what Federal aid you can get and damn anyone you think is getting a bigger slice. All you Republicans are Welfare Queens.

    3. Short memory you have! So Obama and Democrats tell people like you “health care costs will increase 100% if we don’t act”. The ACA is passed and it increases healthcare costs 300%. Then the Americans lose there 40 hour work week. The better plan was the one in place…..if it’s not broken don’t fix it! You obviously don’t pay for your healthcare less alone taxes.

  5. I love the Republicans who have directly benefited from the ACA yet still cry about how terrible it is. It’s great.

    1. LOL….nobody has benefited from the ACA. How is paying for healthcare that’s equivalent to a mortgage actually sensible or fair? See if it doesn’t affect you then you don’t care. PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE DUDE, GET A JOB!

    2. @Tommy Thompson What bullshit. The cost of healthcare insurance was already going through the roof before the ACA. If it is too expensive now, you can thank the gop for defunding it and removing the individual mandate. Republicans have *never* understood macroeconomics.

    3. @adamf663 Really how much was it before in comparison than what it is today? Microeconomics has nothing to do with the cost of the ACA. The measure was flawed from the beginning and meant to force the single payer system which is coming. Healthcare is more expensive than paying for a damn house. Come on MAN!

    4. In the U.K. we have universal healthcare and our cost per person is thousands of dollars less a year despite having a higher life expectancy. Go figure 🤷🏾

  6. Its because to the GOP, a black man gave them some more universal health care and they don’t like that fact.

  7. The conservative movement will fight any legislation that could deminish their oligarchic lords. Its money and power that’s it.

    1. and any time they claim a motivation other than the pursuit of personal power and money, they’re lying.

  8. Who would’ve thought healthcare was so complicated?
    It’s clearly too complicated for the average trumpublican to understand

  9. One of these days I want to hear about an argument where modern day republican party’s opposition to something is substantive and not based on corruption, greed, or stupidity.

  10. The Rich who are in the minority can afford not to buy in the Obama’s Health Care and argue against it, but what about the majority of Americans who desperately need Obama Health Care?

  11. Republicans: Repeal Obamacare!
    Everyone: And then what?
    Republicans: I don’t know. I never thought I’d get this far.

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