Book claims livid Trump was told Kushner decided on federal Covid-19 testing

Washington Post reporter Dan Diamond discusses a new book that outlines former President Donald Trump frustration with the Covid-19 testing rollout and repeatedly suggested sending Americans infected with Covid-19 to Guantanamo Bay.

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  1. “Donald Trump is a murderer. Trust me, I know. He killed me and used me as a toupee.”

    – A caterpillar

    1. @Death to Communism if Communism died who’d pay mango Mussolini’s legal bills? Think before you say stupid things man.

    2. @Death to Communism AMEN to that.. Democrats hate America and want to destroy it with their SOCIO/COMMUNISM B S .. They claim to be Christians, yet vote for and support ABORTION and SAME SEX MARRIAGE.. They use Blacks to promote themselves. They’re DISGUSTING..

  2. The Trump being President saga gets more insane by the day….Glad the World didn’t have to suffer from another term…

    1. @Tosh Media Tv That’s not exactly a balance perspective you’ve voiced. Donald Trump is covered by every news network. He has just as much media coverage on FOX news as what he does on CNN news. With this in mind and with taking in to account your stance here, I guess all news is fake news. Sooner or later though you’ll have to remove yourself from that somewhat deluded bubble you’re living in and see the world as it truly is. Sorry to be the one to enlighten you here but the world is really not filled-up with pretty little butterflies or colourful rainbows lol

    2. @Belly Dancer Em I know. I keeping thinking the same. Donald Trump is reminiscent to that of a fart which follows you in to your car lol

  3. It was all about _him_ looking bad. He doesn’t – and will never – give one flying F##k about anyone but himself.

    1. @Dr. Bunter Hiden thank you for proving my point… trumps hotels are nice and shiny but operate in the red and those are the ones that haven’t gone bankrupt….. yet

      It’s all a facade

    2. @Frank Latin Oh Frankie baby, you’ll never discredit CNN, no matter how hard you try. CNN is far bigger than you’ll ever be. Sweetie, just go back to OAN and Newsmax where you belong… and where every headline is about your beloved Trump.

    3. @Dr. Bunter Hiden “biden can’t even get 1000 likes”

      You’re right. He can’t even fill a town hall, can’t get his party to vote on an infrastructure bill, can’t pass a bipartisan 1/6 commission…

      But somehow United thousands of Americans, justices and judges to commit election fraud.. yeah I got a bridge to sell you

    4. Yeah that must be why his list of accomplishments blows away anybody since lincoln. The man has done more for the economy the country minorities veterans women’s rights animals rights and the rights of the American people than anyone in history. And the fact that you continue to ignore it and anyone like you continues to ignore it make you the biggest disgrace and embarrassment to this country.

  4. Trump’s first big failure in dealing with the public health crisis was to not come up with a quick, accurate test. Trump attempting to “play it down” was equally stupid. Trump’s failure to set a good example on masking and social distancing was proof Trump and his followers were all too stupid to be breathing. A crisis always reveals a leader and the pandemic revealed Trump’s total unfitness for high office.

    1. Thank God he did not serve in Nam. Can you imagine his cowardness in battle and then taking credit if battle had been won.

    2. @monkay spunker Don’t turn it around! Only one person downplayed the virus. And that was Trump. He is recorded on tape if you already forgot that.

    3. @Patricia Bajcer That was a great wording of what Biden (f)actually said about the China ban. It didn’t help in stopping there virus which was already in US snd was still coming in from Europe as well (the science part). It did help in pointing to china as the source ( the xenophobic part).

    4. You do realize, that even today, june 22nd, 2021 well into the Biden administration, we still do not have an accurate way to test for covid? the strips they give you will come back positive by sticking them in a bottle of coke. Why would you blame trump for something literally no one in the world has done? And why are you not blaming Fraudchi for creating the virus in the wuhan corona virus research lab? Trump didn’t cause the pandemic but leftards are more focused on hating trump than finding and convicting the man who killed the the 2 million people outside of America. Trump didn’t kill a single soul. The man who released covid-19 , a man made virus to the world is rightfully responsible for this biological attack on the world. Hating trump for another man’s actions is just wrong but when did fascist hate speech propaganda for 6 years towards trump care about truth or reason?

    1. @Nadia Silvershine why would any sensible person vote the guy who has been in politics for 47 years into the oval office? What made y’all think he’d figure it out now?

    2. @Mike Petty, How do you know the book when the media hasnt told you what book? Lmfao. And, You’re calling other people dumbass?

  5. He also said let old people die…

    He also said ingest bleach.

    He also said let everyone catch Covid-19.

    He also let 500K Americans die while wanting you to vote for him again.

    1. @egads2 no democrat is worse than Trump.

      I am not in any party. I am not allowed to vote in primaries. Please stop forcing me to defend democrats, all because you insist on spreading disinformation. It is wrong to compare Cuomo to Trump.

    2. @Evidencespeaks4u all of those that started at the west coast of Africa . He wanted them to be nuked when they started to form . Could have obliterated about 300 million Africans .

  6. “Trump thought it could be developed in under a year. He was right!.” Yeah and he was not right because he had ANY good reason for saying such a thing. He just said it because it sounded good and then the scientists of the world made it happen. NOT TRUMP. He had zero impact on making that happen.

    1. There was a delusional woman in an interview that said she wasn’t going to take the shot unless Dump himself had created it… WTF planet are these people on??? As if Dump is in a secret factory all by himself pouring this vaccine into little vials for all of us?? 🤣

    2. Absolutely correct, sir.
      Pfizer developed the first and best, the only needed vaccine without one cent or one opening from the US government. In fact, human trial wee already underway in Germany BEFORE he announced his operation dwarf speed grift. The MERKEL Vaccine is all the world needed and it had eff-all to do with Dump or the US in any way other than shareholders and board members of Pfizer who happened to be citizens. BioNtech, and $400m from the German government created the vaccine.

    3. @Martha Simons It normally takes several years at best to develop a protein-based vaccine. This was not one of those, it was new tech – and yes, SARS researchers already had a handle on it for the most part, model a tweak here or there, replicate the RNS, and get the testing started within a few months. A true modern miracle

    4. That is just ignorance and stupidity. Trump is not a doctor or a scientist. Trump appointed doctor’s and scientist. He pushed an executive order to make warp speed happen. Just because Trump wasn’t in the research labs doesn’t make it any less his project. I mean, you listen to cuck nation news where Biden took credit for the vaccine as President despite taking the vaccine during the trump administration. How can you believe anything the left wing media says when they brazenly lie and take credit for other’s actions?

  7. This is what you get when you have a real estate flim flam man running a country.

    EVERYTHING is about short term perception.

    1. @J B you’re lack of a GED is showing. Pelosi passed the bill for quoted reasons “New President” witch means she held the entire country’s well being hostage for political gain witch is extremely illegal. It’s actually called cuck nation news, not china nation news. And Biden publicly said he will condone the chinese genocide of the Weigers. Did I miss anything stated?

    1. @John Buck I think democrats are more likely to own up to mistakes and not commit egregious ones, where 45…well, he is anointed by God, right? He doesn’t make mistakes and therefore should take no responsibility for the sluggish response to the pandemic, losing the election because of ineptitude, the events of January 6th, his bankruptcies, infidelity (and with porn stars at that while his wife is mothering his four-month old son), fraudulent businesses, and the numerous occasions of sexual misconduct that have been alleged..none of it. Yeah, I will go with democrats and Biden on this one.

    2. @Adam Man Honest question for you. What specifically in the new laws prevents illegal votes? Let’s limit it to Florida, Texas, and Georgia since they have the most attention, unless there are laws being proposed in your state you’d like to discuss.

    3. @dan dansen Your country is still in the verge of self destruction because of all the poison being spude by Fox, Republicans and all those crazies! You folks have to go into your constituency office and file grieves on mass to force change. Sadly you all (some of you) voted those Republicans into office so that what you get liars, crazies and power hunger idiots who at this point are completely amoral! Good Luck!

  8. Just when you can’t think Trump could be more disgusting ,
    he says ” Here , hold my putter .”

    1. @Sari J Merrick If what you say about yourself was true you would not be here having this discussion with me .

    2. @Liberal in Oklahoma I will call out anyone that thinks brainwashing is the way to live . I watched the video to see if there was any evidence or any facts their clearly was not . I will do the same on Fox or any media . I think for myself and you have a problem with that because you don’t .

    3. @Sari J Merrick You have no idea what independent thinking is , since birth you have been brainwashed to think as others do or become an outsider and that keeps you in line , you are deep than you think .

    4. And the answer to “Here, hold my putter” is “Ick, no , there’s no telling where that has been.” Best wishes to you in Oklahoma.

  9. Trump gave everyone else pandemic responsibility so if things failed he could blame everyone else except himself

    1. @David Patton aww your little booty hurt cause your orange god is having a meltdown and the world laughs at him???

    2. But this plan backfired too. trump lost because he let HUMAN BEINGS DIE AND GET INFECTED WITHOUT TELL us.. I got tested for covid19 on January 28, 2020. I asked what wrongs
      The doctor looked like an astronaut! He said he is testing for viruses. He knew about the coronavirus. Sent me back to nursing I was in about 11/2 months. The nurse gave my meds to an AIDE to bring to me! I walked out of that place on February 2, 2020. I didn’t get covid19 and vaccinated. Oh yeah while I was in the hospital for 3 days during that time of testing no one could find me in the hospital. They kept telling my family that I wasn’t there!! No lie
      And this story has n6ended for me either.. getting all my damn records

    3. @Mick Barron Trump….I have hated that man since I was a kid back in the 1960’s. BTW, this is why he really did lose the election, because there are a lot of people of my generation who can’t stand him and we never could. The man is nothing but a parasite.

  10. Donald Trump 2016: I alone can fix this.
    Donald Trump 2020: No, I take no responsibility at all.

    1. @Don nawzd so you’re saying Jared got things done… Please provide examples. Currently we have… Oh wait, he didn’t achieve a thing.

  11. The pandemic was Trump’s chance to win over the public and score millions of more votes. Instead, he played it down, ignored it, and held super spreader events. Now over 600,000 Americans are dead.

    1. Care so much about Covid but don’t care at all about aborting black babies. You can’t make this stuff up 😆

    2. That’s probably not the whole truth…

      If we look at the excess deaths from Dec. 2019 until today, sure, 600,000. BUT since more people were more vigilant very few people caught and died from the flu. Take the average yearly death of flu (discounting pandemic years) deduct the actual number of people who died of flu, then add THAT number to the 600,000 and we end up with about 960,000 dead Americans on his watch. Granted, perhaps 100,000 *could* have died under the best circumstances, (Biden, Obama, anyone competent) but that still leaves over *THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION PREVENTABLE DEATHS* so far…

    1. Please go see whatever doctor hasn’t been closed down b/c of Joe Biden in order to see if you have a brain tumor or not

    2. @Tosh Media Tv where is the evidence it’s the other way around the Republican are trying to steal the election in 2022 and other elections

    1. Let me get this straight: You voted for Biden (an incompetent, senile, career politician, making millions off of voters) because Trump is selfish???

    2. @Chris Albert That’s why I refused to vote for OBIDEN…He’s a STUMBLING BUMBLING FOOL who is supported by other STUMBLING BUMBLING FOOLS ..

    3. @megalosauru YOU should know all about the Democrat’s KKKlan.. Hell, your RACIST DEMOCRAT party BIRTHED it..Bet you still have your White Robes and Hood in your closet and are just itching to wear it again, just like OBIDEN – Remember – If you don’t know to vote for me, YOU AIN’T BLACK… That’s an order from their MASTA .. MASTA JOE ..

  12. Perhaps instead of going over and over Trumps obvious “f” up of most things, Covid an absolute disaster on his watch…the wide world knows this and rightly is disgusted..why not focus energy and discussion on how to right this wrong…we know who was in charge,and we know who upset so many,many lives…stop bringing his wretched name into play..only fuling the fire while mankind still weeps

    1. The poor people who still believe in him need to know EVERYTHING! Something somewhere will wake them up! And when did being conscious of the TRUTH become a bad thing? Apparently being “WOKE” is a bad thing to them because the truth WILL set us all free from Trump

    2. Of course, a real president is working on precisely that – how to never let it happen again – BUT – dump had all the tools at his disposal and refused to use them.
      With due respect, his foul name will be muttered until he has been held accountable, then Trump

    3. You raised an important question. On one hand, this disgraced former president does not actually deserve one iota of our time, energy or attention (& I’m trying to be like Stephen Colbert and not even mention his wretched name). On the other, we have to keep an eye on him, because he continues to do everything he can to turn Americans against each other and destroy our country from within solely to make himself seem important. (He even proposed having another civil war – wasn’t the first one, with its primitive weapons and commitment to spare civilians, bad enough???) Everyone, please see this individual for what he is, find a way to keep a close eye on him without egging him on, and stop him before he stops US!

    1. Actually, he inherited his wealth and would have considerably more now if he had just left it in index funds.

  13. This man wasn’t a true business owner and somehow people voted for him to be president. This man seems to only be a money launderer and puts his name on some buildings and then collects a paycheck. He literally built like one big building in NYC decades ago yet too many in the public have refused to look at the facts. I can’t wait for us to move on from this disaster.

    1. Too true. A few times long ago I would kick myself for not being as successful as some “business” operator that got themselves in the news for doing great in the same field I was in. Within weeks the law and a few credit collectors were all over them. Turned out they made money by not paying their suppliers and then moving on to another city (what a genius concept) but like numb nuts they still had the ego that couldn’t keep them from getting found out. One screwed over supplier even wrote in to thank the paper because this was the lead they needed to find him.

    2. Yes, Trump also ripped off the City of New York, not repaying millions in municipal loans to renovate his first project in NYC.

    3. With that said, where is hot dog eating champion Obama’s “big building” in NYC? How about Biden Tower? maybe because he had actual business skills? maybe because cuck nation news will say he’s “not that rich” and blast him about his personal jet parked for his presidential term? maybe because its painfully obvious but you rather listen to cuck nation news like an indoctrinated left wing fascist sheep. All Hail Biden am I right?

    1. The media are not supporters of Trump, anyone can type on YouTube “CNN staffer caught on tape admitting network tried to get Trump out of office”.

    1. Same with the media, anyone can type on YouTube “CNN staffer caught on tape admitting network tried to get Trump out of office”.

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