This is what it’s like to work in an Amazon warehouse

Tyler Hamilton has worked at the Amazon warehouse in Shakopee, Minnesota for four years. He shares the good and the bad about the fast-paced job. #CNN #News #Business


    1. The jobs are brain dead. Computers do the thinking. This would be depressing to people who have a brain to do their own thinking instead of the computers. AND then you have to dodge a machine that could maim or even kill you. I’d be crying.

    2. Try working in a steel factory grinding welds for 60 hours a week for $12.50. I’ve seen grown men go home with stiches.

    3. @M JEF It’s why americans are worked to death literally for corp greed and production.. THIS is why so many people dread returning to work being lil more than “grunts” ..cogs in a wheel and why so many people are busting azz working for themselves..

    1. @Jay 88 bro don’t even waste your time trying to talk to idiots like that! He obviously has problems!

    1. But he still works there. And he got promoted. So overall, he’s happy there. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy it there (I wouldn’t) should simply find another job. There are lots of employers in my area, complaining that they don’t have enough help and also don’t have enough applicants for available jobs.

  1. You shouldn’t have to go find a place at work to cry that’s slavery and being thought of as non human.

    1. These people are being dehumanized treated like disposable interchangeable BOTS.
      Amazon should be reformed or be closed down

  2. As a Amazon driver, our job isn’t as half as bad compared to the warehouse workers. No one is constantly micro-managing you, you have 10 hours to finish your route and you get help. The only thing that sucks is loading your truck. I hope things improve for the warehouse workers

    1. @Reason wrong. The biggest reason I make $23 an hour is because Amazon can’t find enough workers anymore. My warehouse in MN is the second highest-paid Amazon warehouse in the country. Too many people have quit over the years, and there’s no one left for them to hire.

      A night shift pay differential and 1 promotion are also factors.

    2. @Reason We Amazon workers aren’t just “bitching”, we’re trying to change things. And part of that is pressuring the company in different ways, like speaking to the public through the press. Some people like yourself tend to assume that’s only “bitching” though. We put in the work.

    3. @Tyler Hamilton: So why don’t you find a better job? It can’t be THAT bad if you’re still willing to do it.

    4. I’m so disgusted about these slave-like working conditions that I’ve just terminated my (prime) account, and I’m also ditching my kindle, just having bought a new e-reader from a different co. Bezos’ type of greed is just appaling.

  3. “Welcome my son
    Welcome to the machine
    Where have you been?
    It’s alright we know where you’ve been…”
    Pink Floyd

    1. Comfortably Numb !!!! Slavery not over just a different application that includes 99% of us!!??

    2. The future is managed, and your freedom’s a joke
      You don’t know the difference as you put on the yoke
      The less that you know, more you fall into place
      A cog in the wheel, there is no soul in your face

  4. This is what it looks like when a billionaire never thinks he has enough and ithinks that he is so important that he can make the lives of other people miserable. Dehumanize them use them as interchangeable disposable bots.


    1. @S Medrano Jeff Besos is great, and changed this country for the better. Plus if Jeff Besos did not think of Amazon someone else would have. Amazon gives hundreds of thousands of people well paying jobs ( starts at $15 more then any small business will pay), and gave even more people jobs during the uncertaint times of COVID-19, people which would other wise be out of work, un-able to pay rent. Sure, they don’t treat there employees like kings, and they do pose as competition to Walmart and target, but without Amazon online delivery would not be as quick as it is today.

    2. It’s much more complicated than that. Also Amazon pays there employees well and gives them good benefits, un-like other employers

    3. @wild goose

      Jeff BEZOS has no heart .You can get fired for having one bad day.
      For taking more than 8 minutes for a bathroom break.

      Human beings get sick they get tired.
      THERE is no job security for HUMANS AT AMAZON

  5. As if we didn’t see this micromanagerial use of computers coming! What a terrible place to work! The only good thing about this sort of thing is that unions will come back into vogue real soon!

    1. @Melanin Magdalene Simply because corporations gained too much power and see where things have gone down hill ever since. When things get bad enough in the work environment many folks will welcome unions back!

    2. No! Unions cant back, they will destroy us. The idea of “work unions” was created by ignorant factory workers in the early to mid 19 century because they thought there pay was too low. At first they were made illegal, but than stupid Roosevelt came along and everything went hay-wire. Then all of the factories, large employers, were fed up and went to other countries like China to use SLAVE LABOR. Now we really just have history repeating itself. There is no law saying that Amazon has to stay in the U.S.

    3. @Bodhisattva and look where those laws have gotten the world today. The same exact thing but worse has moved to other countries like China, and left many Americans without jobs! This can be linked directly to the huge economic growth of China as a country over the last few decades. Just because 15 years ago we were taught in school that “work unions” were a good thing does not make it true.

  6. Now I know why more than 75000 people signed the petition to keep Jeff Bezos in space. 😛

    1. High turnover rate is good indicator of how horrible a company is performing. Either people didn’t like the job, stayed for a temporary amount of time or the employer/boss treated them horribly.

    2. @Comeback CODPlayer so true. I once went thru a month of training at a company and 4 some reason the day b4 we started actual work they let it slip that there turnover rate was ungodly. I should have quit that day. It was a call center and the worst job I ever had.

  7. The fact that he lost weight, and then has to focus more on feeding and fueling, kind of negates a paycheck. Those days off are just to recover and heal. They’re workers, not athletes. Their bodies shouldn’t be screaming at them as loudly as their mental states.

    1. I once had a job at a makeup company packing plant that involved 3 12-hour shift days a week with constant pallet jack use on one-ton bulk totes, flipping pallets and steel barrels, preparing tubes and bottles for use, stacking-wrapping-shipping cases, RF scanning all of it, 12 -15 mile walks a day (while wearing steel toed boots) and coping with horrible line coordinators. Of course you have to eat right to survive it! You can’t make a job like that not strenuous, though.

    2. They’re workers, not Robots… they shouldn’t NEED to be plugged in and re-charged… they should simply be able to LIVE!

    3. @eltorocal work is in the name workers so that is what you are there for and that is what you are being paid for. If it’s too hard of “work“ then you can go find a job making less money and doing a lot less. No one is forcing anyone to work there. But they like the wages but not the work associated with them. GTFOH it’s like college graduates thinking they’re going to make as much as an experienced worker because they got a piece of paper. LOL learn some work ethics, get promoted and make your own life easier

    4. @DomiNate America Today “word salad” often?
      Hey, You’re an imbecile… and You have No Clue. I’ve run my own business for 20+ yrs. and I don’t and Never Have treated my guys in that manner. NEVER!.

      What are you, eleven?

  8. Sometimes the US seems like it a lawless country, especially in what concerns workers’ rights. Given the chance, they setup factories where people are treated like it’s 1900.

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